BYU vs. ECU... here we go

First drive of the game was going along pretty good…

until Mangum had to pass the ball. All the time in the world and the guy just can’t make the throws he needs to. If you have that much time to throw, you should be able to get 8-10 yards. What in the world happened to this guy?

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Yes. Protection is there. Make something happen.

Well at least he got it done that time. He was falling backward when he threw it but nonetheless a score is a score. Apparently that is BYU’s 10th touchdown of the year, tied for last in the FBS? Wow, hard to believe.

That’s a credit to Simon. Not so much to Mangum…

This is frustrating…We’re winning, but it feels like we’re getting lucky.

The defense does a really good job of allowing the receivers to get to the first down marker and then tackling them after they make the catch. That’s solid… LOL.

When the QB is obviously trying to do it all himself, it might be a good idea to focus on him with the 4th and goal play…

That’s next level bend but don’t break. The key is to not let them score too quickly…

Tolatau’ is a fun player to watch. He makes some moves not a lot of 250 pounders can make.

Mangum, on the other hand, just doesn’t make the easy throws and he isn’t very mobile.

I see the Utes got blown out by Arizona State today. That’s really too bad…

Why didn’t that fumble at the goal line of the QB get looked at? He fumbled before his knees hit. Should not have been a touchdown.

Sitake should have said something if he thought it was a fumble. I never saw anything that showed his knee not down or whatever. Just saw it, there is a possibility that he fumbled before his knee was down. Not sure why they didn’t look at it.

The defense is bending again… hopefully they don’t break and lose the lead.

I can’t figure out what happened…This isn’t the same player from 2 years ago. Ula is great…he’ll be even better once he’s conditioned and sticks to his fundamentals…

They will. Bad defense again

Go back and watch the field level shot. Ball out before he was in the ground.

broke the goal post… and BYU is down once again. I don’t know, I have a hard time seeing how they will win this game. ECU is a pretty bad team this year, I’m afraid BYU is worse.

We were favored…We consistently play BELOW the level of our competition. This is a new low…

We have receivers that can’t catch. And, why do we keep trying to run to the right side?

I think maybe they should just keep running the ball… to any side.

Don’t let Mangum throw it, just run it into the end zone.

Oh well, bad idea… ECU knew it was coming.

Just don’t be predictable about it.

I know for a fact Mangum can hand off.

Don’t run it to the right!!! They are weak on the left. Uggg!!!

That play is on the other side of the sheet…he can’t find it.

Frustrating! How about a bootleg option. It’s so frustrating!!!
Pass defense is bad especially on 3rd down.