BYU vs. Gonzaga... a very winnable game, but once again who knows?

I hope Sundance will post his comments that were left out in the cold when he posted about the game tonight. Just remember that you have to post in a specific category or it will be locked. I don’t know why there is even an option to post “outside” of a category, but that’s how it works.

Anyhow, I have no idea what will happen because this game is all mental. If BYU can catch Gonzaga like a deer in the headlights of Jimmer driving a monster truck then they can win this game. If not, then who knows what will happen.

Thanks for the tip and yes who knows which BYU will show up but I’m literally betting BYU does :wink:

I’m not sure how winnable it is but we have the talent to do it if it’s deployed correctly. Still, this is a great team and they won’t make this easy. Then again we’ve beat better zags teams with less. Even if we played the right way, we’re probably winning this 25% of the time.

Tillie is a lot more talented than this. I would like him better in the NBA where he can develop in a more natural roll. Perkins and Williams have the tools too.

One other thing. Beating this team needs to be the goal of our team strategy. It’s obvious we need 2 or three more 6 6 three add D guys. Melson is blowing by guys. We’ve got to recruit that.

Can anyone please explain why Seljaas Is in instead of Nixon. In the 2nd half alone he has been exposed for 10 points. Another of those moves I just dont understand. No offense and a huge defensive liability

Once again, we just lose focus and start missing shots.
Missing a ton of 3 point shots in the second half. We were close but we simply missed way too many shots. On the other hand, how do you stay with these teams that shoot Jimmer type 3 pointers from 40 feet and make them. Back breakers. And I think we let it get to us.

On another note, what is it that we don’t see when we make terrible passes? When we aren’t open don’t pass it!

As we practice for the tournament, play Dastrup and get all over him when he’s out of position on defense. If he can get it play him over Nixon and Worthington.

Well, he wasn’t the main problem. When you look at the game and the stats, we played a decent game. Here are points to clear up before the WCC tournament:

  1. 3 more 3’s made by Bryant. He’s capable
  2. We make some very difficult shot attemps and shoot a terrible percentage
  3. We need to shoot a better percentage with free throws
  4. Eliminate the really bad passes

The 2 Reasons we lost was:

  1. Bryant had 3 open 3’s he usually makes
  2. Missed 5 too many free throws

Seljaas was and continues to be a major defensive liability. He is being played out of position and he has neither the size, strength, and quickness to match up down low. Gonzaga was much better at executing their offense, better coached, and played better as a team. They weren’t nearly this good at the beginning of the year. That’s what a well coached team does-grow and get better as the year goes on.

No idea. I’d love to use him at the 2 in back up but he can’t shoot. Rose plays him as a ‘stetch 4’ but he can’t hit anything. I’m at a loss there. He made some nice hustle plays but other than that, I’m done with that guy for the season. pay for a shooting coach and make these guys put in the work. It’s a moot point until then.

Yup. Run any system you want and it will fall apart if you can’t hit threes. They’ll just collapse to the paint and drape themselves over Yo.

The same way you guard anyone else who can do that. You press them with an athelitic 6’6" long wing who can move his feet. A lot of teams have players like that, we don’t. I want three of them. To be able to really switch on the perimeter would be gold. We just don’t have a player who can do that. Eli is the closest. Possibly bergerson if he grows into his body but we haven’t seen him enough.

Looks like they’re forcing the play instead of going to a counter. That’s a coaching issue, need to add in a few tweaks. The offense is good but simplistic. Spacing also helps here.

I watched him exclusively tonight when he came in. Didn’t watch the ball at all. His positioning tonight was excellent. He missed a three but it was open and looked good, and I’m more than happy with that. He put in a lot more energy rebounding as well. Sometimes our other bigs forget they need to box out and just try to outjump everybody. And this on a night where Yo, Nixon, even worthington looked disinterested on the defensive end or just covered the wrong guy. Yo put in good work on the offensive end, but he looked lazy in stretches. Dissappointing.

To be fair, Yo is not a center, He’s a four even if he did great work tonight. (likewise with zach. Not a 4)

I get your point, but zach is a huge issue. Spacing collapses if he can’t hit. If bryant hits, maybe it doesn’t matter but we felt it tonight.

Defensive aspects need to be on that list.

All in all, we need more long athletic wings going forward to contend with a team like this. You can get lucky from three but to really do what needs to be done we need a guy who can sit on perkins and melson etc.

They had 6 guys in double figures. We need that.

Seljass does pretty darn good for what he’s asked to do. He stuffed that big dude and called for a terrible foul call. Dastrup has the same problem getting out of position. Childs was telling him a couple of times to slide back down and get back into position. I think a lot of that has to do with physical strength development.

I agree that Gonzaga runs their offense better. But, we ended up with less turnovers. But, our turnovers are from passes that I can’t figure out what we don’t see. Defenders completely in position to pick off a pass. I don’t get it.

Even with this and ridiculous 3 point shots from Gonzaga, if Bryant hits 3 more of his open 3’s and we make 5 more FTs we are tied and in the game at the end. So, why does it feel like they out played us?

I agree with what you wrote. Although, Dastrup gets lost on defense. Childs had to tell him to back down into the paint a couple of time. But, I agree it’s time to play him more. He made a good move and made a shot and Rose clapped for him. Nixon also helps us. Looks like we are playing San Diego. Try something different.

Their offense moves so well without the ball and they make the simple pass. Other than that, glancing at the stat sheet, rebounds and points off turnovers. The dunks didn’t help.

Agreed. This is not a good match up.

Rose went to him with 6 and a half left and it was pretty much over. I really do think he’s our 5. Worthington just didn’t get it done. It breaks my heart because I love that kid…Nixon is definitely worth his minutes.

I’m pretty frustrated by this one. Not that we lost. This is the number 6 team. It felt like some guys were apathetic and also that Rose was grasping at straws looking for something to work.

I don’t know. Lots of hard decisions ahead.

I wouldn’t change much except giving Dastrup the start. Our wins are depended upon our shooting percentage and especially from the 3 point line. Everything else is what it is.

Oh I was unclear. I meant after the season. But yes, start dastrup and see if we can get shots to fall. Happy to see hardnet shoot more freely.

With everyone else missing shots, Gonzaga was able to clamp down on him in the 2nd half. Do we play SD or SCU? 3 teams tied for 4th

I watched the first half and then had to go to the ward chili cook off. That is what you do when you are the bishop. Doesn’t sound like I missed anything so whatever.

So Dastrup got some minutes tonight? What was the point? He isn’t ready for this time in the season, why give him any minutes? He didn’t play the first half so why play him in the second?

As far as the tournament goes, just keep playing the same guys that have played most this season… let Nixon, Seljaas, Cannon and whoever play. No point in getting Dasrup minutes… waste of time.

He acquited himself well. Wish he came in a lot earlier but we already discussed that.

It’s funny. The entire arena lit up as soon as he got up to check in.

But yeah, the first half was much better to watch.

I don’t understand the tie breakers but Greg said it was SD…

I have an idea…Rose will play Childs and Bryant the entire game and not rest them once, they will gas out, fade in the 2nd half.

Few rested Williams and Perkins 3 different times, mostly before tv timeouts just like they do it in the pros with stars.

Rose rested Eli the final 2 minutes of the game when the scrubs came in. Childs as well. Seljaas got most of the bench minutes and got a whooping 4 points, was worked over pretty will by Tillie, Williams and anyone else he defended.
Few ran a high pic using Williams on Haws or Hardnett, if did not matter if it was Perkins or Melson. they would wipe off Haws or Hardnett, Haws just quit, Hardnett would get a charge on the pic. Williams would just roll to the hoop with Childs stuck guarding the Perkins. Ally oop- Dunk time after time.

So easy to scout for BYU…yawn. Run at out stick men. Run a pic on our only defender, get him out of place in no man’s land, easy lay up.

Few does not care who he plays, he wants his guys to execute what they practice, Did you see him get on Tillie on his last two stupid fouls? He lets his kids know they are playing for something at all times. Rose…will run a play after a timeout but the rest of the time, reacting. At some point you have to impose your will.

And yet, Dastrup sits. What would this team look like if Dastrup got Worthlesston’s minutes and actually played with the starters, with starter minutes. I heard everyone cheer when Dastrup finally got in. It’s like Rose deliberately pokes everyone in the eye.



Shuuuuush, don’t tell Rose, you may wake him

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Yawn, because I am Rose and I say so.

Disagree. Shake things up a bit because SD isn’t ready for any changes that might get us a few more baskets. There’s more strategy at this point that can help. Of course a few more 3’s and better free throw shooting and it’s a new ballgame :wink: Or, have we peaked :slight_smile: