BYU vs. Gonzaga... nothing new to talk about

So that was a pretty blah first half, BYU looking like themselves, Gonzaga not really playing that great but still up by 10. The officials crappy as always.

I’ve seen this so many times this season it pains me to talk about it.

BYU is playing better and Gonzaga is playing about the same… not very good.

The refs are doing better but they still miss all kinds of fouls against Gonzaga. The Zags are frustrated and playing really bad. BYU has a chance here but we will see.

Haws… at least he is coming on strong now. Where was he vs. LMU?.

I feel sorry for Dastrup, he looks lost out there but it is no wonder… Gonzaga’s bench is outscoring BYU’s bench 20-0 now. When you focus on 2 or 3 players doing all of the scoring it is hard to win games where things don’t go like you want them to. This is what happens when you don’t develop a TEAM.

In the end the officiating, especially the little guy, will kill any chance BYU has to win.

With a minute to go, no whistle for Childs on a couple of shots underneath. Okay, let’s see how the last minute plays out, BYU down four.

Well, I told you so. TJ gets his arm grabbed on a drive to the basket and it’s game over. They just don’t get a call when it matters.

I’m furious. We played like crap, luckily so did they. At least it wasn’t a horrible loss.

  • don’t give up corner threes. One of the best shots on the court.
  • green light the bigs, let them miss
  • good on Rose for calling out the refs
  • jumping on a guys back to get a rebound is presumably still a foul
  • Zach is still not a stretch 4 and yo plays better at the 4, not the 5.
  • we need better 3 point shooting from everyone to compete. We are still an underdog athletically. Spacing is a pillar of good basketball.
  • so is player and ball movement…
  • teams are scouting us well and we’re predictable.

I’m forgetting some things.

I don’t think either team played like crap. We are well into the season and teams have learned how to jam up everyone. USD almost beat SM. It’s necessary that we have Childs, Bryant and Haws playing and shooting well at the end of this season. If one is off, it’s hard to win.
Worthington did what he has to do but has to do this each game. When subs come in, they have to contribute. Hardnett Just has to play well and shoot better too.

Neither team played even close to their best game that’s for sure.

Yeah, like BYU jammed up LMU. No, some teams haven’t learned much of anything.

Nobody cares about almost. BYU came closer to beating SM than USD did.

Yep, that is what you get when you paint yourself into a corner. You don’t seem to care or acknowledge that I said Dastrup has the skills to do the same. He was a 4 star, top 100 recruit. I don’t want to hear the crap about him not doing stuff in practice either… it’s crap. The coaches have been killing him all season long… they can’t expect anything from him at this point and I told you they couldn’t. The only thing they can exspect now is to lose to teams like LMU and not finish games like last night.

I agree with Worthington, he played an admirable game and was basically at his ceiling last night. But regardless he did a good job overall.

BYU had zero points from the bench players. Gonzaga had 22. Dastrup played 5 minutes… no excuses for that nonsense. Rose put him in to see if he would be hot and when he missed a shot he got yanked. Someone needs to explain to Rose that this is what you get and how it goes, because he doesn’t seem to get it…

Its all Coaching in this lost…well, some one sided reffing.

Did anyone notice that Rose played his studs too long and then took both Childs and Bryant out at the same time?

So here’s the low down on the game.

1-Rose got outcoached again. Poor substitutions at the wrong times. I’ve been harping on this all year, you can get away with stick men (Haws and Seljaas) in most WCC games because the WCC is such a weak league but you can’t do it with you play P5 teams or a Few team. Seljaas got a total of 7 minutes in this game. Rose does not develop teams or talent for the big stage.

2- Our bench gave up 0 points. Nixon gets a pass because he has rust from his injury but Dastrup…all on coaching. you don’t develop your talent and you need them in big games and they will not come through. BY the way, Dastrup got 3 rebounds in 5 minutes of play, just sayin

3-Eli had his worst game of the year, That is all on Few, he made sure that Eli was targeted and harassed every moment. Few is not a good coach, he is a great coach.

4-Haws had himself a great game, almost became a giant killer but the WCC refs made sure of that.

5-Get me outta this rec league. Tonight they would not make a call and when they did, it was soooo one sided. In the LM lose, I still can’t get over the “Non Decapitation Foul” and later, the whistle on Bryant charge, run to the monitor, huddle up and then state, “no call, play ball” never seen that one before. In the zag game the reffing really handicapped Bryant by calling charges on him and neutralizing what he does so well.

6-Hardnett plays his tail off, guarding their best night after night. tough kid but he has mental lapses after the ball goes up or gets passed and a good coach exploits that.

7- Every one of our starters logged 35 or more minutes while Few subbed freely all night. Result, Zags are freash. When Rose does sub, he takes Yo and Bry out at the same time…and our lead evaporated. Few got starter minutes out of Hachimura and Kipert and he got starter points out of both, 15 and 7. Rose got zilch.

8- Turnovers on the road, 12 to Zags 6. not good.

I approve this message.

Rose must learn and adapt.

Remember Mark Jackson coaching the warriors? He forgot more about basketball than I’ll ever know. But he had the death lineup all along and could never figure out how to use his team correctly because he thought he knew the ‘right way’ to play basketball. There is no right way or perfect strategy. There is only adaptation.

I’m not saying to play like the warriors. I’m saying Rose needs to adapt like Steve Kerr to the situation and objective and not get hung up on what you know like Mark Jackson. I’m not sure why he does it but he defaults to gaurd centric philosophies focusing on a dominant scorer.

We have to adapt.

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yup I wonder how Schroyer would do?

Shroyer is not LDS so can’t be the HC unless he converts. Pope=heir apparent if Rose quits before Pope gets a big job someplace else for more money. He is doing a great job at UVU making it a relevant D1 program.

Change the dang thing. Head coaches just have to live the honor code.

I watched as Bronco fed us the 5 more important things then football bs. I honestly believed that he would site scripture to prove a point, then he heads to Va and a big $$$ payday. In my head I thought that he would not relate to black inner city kids with his up tight LDS rhetoric. Then I hear that he is dropping F bombs. Rose drops F bombs.
I in no way am judging either coach. I am a firm believer in freedom of expression and I hang with some salty people.

What I am saying is that we should be able to hire non LDS coaches as we can hire non LDS assistant coaches and that I believe that Rose plateaued years ago. Coaching is tough, it ages you and that is without cancer. I love Rose and what he has done through the years but we can do better. WE have the Marriott, we have ESPN. We have history, We have a national fan base. We can do better.

Man we can hire Non LDS professors to teach kids! But the basketball coach has to be a member?

The more i think about this, the more sense you make. Treat BYU athletics like the business it is.

I could be wrong and I’m ok with that, this is how I see it?

The refs were pro-Zaga in the women’s game on Saturday too. Too many foul calls against the BYU women and not enough calls of a lot of Gonzaga fouls. Gonzaga has the best women’s team that I have seen play our ladies this season. But our ladies couln’t ever stay with the Zag women.

I liked your post. I agree, Pope is the heir apparent for the BYU men’s BBall team, if he doen’t get another higher paying job at some other place than UVU. Rose is a good man but past his prime as a HC.

You said Childs and Bryant rested at the same time and our “lead” evaporated? We never lead. We were always behind and finally caught them with a couple of minutes left or so.

You people are really nuts when it comes to talent. Talent is way overrated. Focus is what makes the difference. Dastrup simply doesn’t have it. 3 rebounds when the ball comes right to you after you stand and watch others fighting for the ball? Dastrup gets plenty of opportunity in practice and he must do the same lack of focus in practice as he does in games.

To the point of Dastrup not getting play time. Sejlass has gotten a lot of play time and how is that working out? Haws too? Yes, he had a good game but he’s up and down and yet a top 100. Too much is applied to being a top 100. The difference in high school and college is night and day. You don’t just get to walk on and start. You have to fight and focus better than your competition. Someone needs to tell Dastrup that. Focus!

I remember such quotes about JoPa and Coach K too. But they both turned things around.

For that matter Stan Watts had some early heights that he came close to surpassing later…

It is possible you are right I just don’t know how to tell what the future holds to determine whether better things are in store.

Do you think that BYU is going to let its BB program torpedo with all the money invested in the Marriott and now the brand new bball building? Rose is not going anywhere so long as he keeps the program above 22 or so wins a year.

It is just that we could do so much better. We get good enough nationally ranked players to compete with top 25 ranked teams and we always (except Jimmer years) underperform. So in answer to your Coach K, JoPa question. you are talking about legendary coaches who have unlimited budgets. Rose is a better then average recruiter with a worse then average coaching record and a very limited budget…and a very big H Code.

This is a Jim Hawks reasoning pattern. If we just get…How do we get anything? We have a great school, great practice facilities and everything needed including a winning coach. When will people understand that players have to want to be at BYU and live up to the standards. You just don’t get. I’m sure Rose goes after the best he can.

I’ll say it again: many, MANY top players don’t want to play in our crappy league in high school gyms. And we play in a league where one team pays the bills, and the league treats BYU as the interloper that I hope we are. WCC doesn’t want BYU to be its flagship program, and on that I agree with what Hawks has posted for years. So come to BYU and play in high school gyms against some of the worst competition in the country with the deck stacked against you by the league to even get to the Dance. I’d love to recruit against us for any legit program. If Holmoe will get us out of this bleeping league into any other, BYU hoops will rise again.

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just a bit of recalibration is needed.
He is one of the top ten coaches with current winning percentage in all the NCAA Division 1…not even close to average let alone worse than average.

if you limit it to just the WCC year he is still in the top quarter of all current bball coaches.

If you limit it to just BYU bball coaches he’s number one in anything close to the modern era for winning percentage and only the Hall of Fame Stan Watts is ahead of him in overall wins…

I don’t much like the WCC years…but worse than average? He would have been long gone if true.