BYU vs. Gonzaga Round 3

Well, the Cougars lost rounds 1 and 2 but they get a third shot at the Zags.

First 5 minutes, still can’t believe Childs hits that shot but it goes in and that is all that matters.

I don’t like the officiating so far. Hall lets Williams hook on an up and under move with no call and then the next time down he calls a foul on BYU for a tacky play underneath and Williams gets an and one chance.

It’s the same old crap as always.

I love our effort. Great job, good shot selection, but yes the refs are letting Gonzaga color outside the lines.

Yo had a great block on Tillie at the rim. That was very impressive.

Canon needs to knock that three down. We need it for this game.

So quick to blow the whistle on BYU, so slow to call a foul on Gonzaga. First foul on Gonzaga is called 12 minutes into the game and that is it. BYU whistled on ticky tack stuff.

Same story different chapter.

I wonder what the psychology behind giving all Stars a different treatment? It happens all the time even at the NBA level. So what’s the deal? Is it a play style thing? I’d love to see research on how refs function.

It is starting to slip away. So Gonzaga committed all of 2 fouls in the first half. A team that good has got to be a final four quality group. It just bugs me when the foul is called on BYU, how dramatic the official is when making the call but when Gonzaga commits a foul it is just a routine whistle with no drama.

To me it shows that the officials LIKE making calls on BYU.

Prediction here - The calls will continue to go Gonzaga’s way as long as the game is close, but if and when they get a decent lead (9 points is approaching that) the calls will go against Gonzaga more often, regardless of who is commiting more or less fouls. I have seen it over and over, I predict we will see it again.

It is what it is. They are letting them play. Our problem and why we fell behind is two fold. Gonzaga has 6 offensive rebounds leading to 6 more shot attemps. Second, our shooting except for Childs is what happens when you play the guards 40 minutes and turn around and play the next night. Worthington needs to sit and Dastrup needs a shot. We need more scoring opportunities from others to take the pressure off Bryant and Haws. We were with them and it got away :unamused:

36% shooting and not rebounding is why we are behind. Stay focused on what we can do and not on the referees.

Agree with you somewhat… The facts of the game are true as you state them. No offensive rebounding hurts. I just believe there are other things that affect the game, the flow and momentum, etc. That is where officials can have a huge impact. I don’t think the impact right now is that significant. I assure you it will be if BYU mounts a comeback. That is when you would see the officials take over.

I wish Worthington were a smarter player, but he just gets by on hustle and Rose is going with him whether we like it or not. Too bad because Dastrup could have been a difference maker at this point in the season just like he was earlier. He didn’t get the opportunity this year, most players would leave if they were in his shoes.

I don’t see Nixon playing, why? No offensive rebound? Yoeli need to shoot more 3’s. You know I don’t see how those refs making all those calls against us. It is starting to be SO BORING AND NOT LIKING SPORTS ANYMORE.

For the life of me I can’t understand why the officials are so afraid to blow a whistle on Gonzaga. I guess Haws drive to the basket was a no call charge because he certainly didn’t get fouled by either one of the Gonzaga players on that drive.


Not a big enough lead yet, still have to overrule the jump ball call and make a poor foul call. I hate the wcc and I despise these officials. This league and this game are both lame.

We will get calls when the game is completely out of control.

Or… maybe not.

I guess Bryant didn’t get fouled on that drive. Seriously, it is amazing. 2 fouls the entire game.

They are what they are…

We need to get lucky now. Huge dead steak for us. We’re tired.

I will say this. We need to play a balanced offense next year or we will see this again. Emulate the zags and St Mary’s. There are other tweaks but we can’t play hero ball and win consistently.

Are you not dumbfounded by the inability of the officials to call a foul on Gonzaga?

It is really pretty incredible.

We’re tired. We have no hope if we can’t hit a high volume of threes.

It disgusts me that Rose put Dastrup in the game.

And they call a foul on him after his first missed shot. Dave Hall is a piece of work.

Mark Few is a punk. His team has a 32 point lead and he isn’t subbing anyone.

Time to leave this crap conference. Let Gonzaga pick on everyone else.

When I said they are what they are, I meant they are bad. I hate college refs. I watch the NBA and it’s night and day.

I just had a thought.

Maybe it is Schroyer that hates Dastrup.

He embarrassed himself with his overly dramatic arm waving on that timeout. Your team is down by 30, don’t act like an idiot.

And Few isn’t making any friends by running up the score on Rose. Sorry, but there is no excuse for this. Still has his starters in when there is no doubt who will win this game.

I’ve seen enough of this game. The whole thing is a joke. Zags should just stay with wcc and BYU move out of this little league. Is Hopper still saying, “It is what it is” - is that mean that is how it is because Zags & wcc are great and BYU has no business being in this wcc? I don’t like this wcc!!!

I have no read on the situation in general. I would like an explanation from someone with a line on the coaches after the season.

We clearly need to develop our depth. And shooting, we need threes to win.

PD - PT…

Oh what could have been.