BYU vs. Gonzaga Round 3

PD PT forever. It’s obvious. Come on. So much regret.

I’m so mad. I love Luke. I’ve defended him all season. Great guy, hustles, team defender, worked hard to develop a shot. But PD is the guy. I’m sorry but he can do everything.


It was a risky move by Rose to put PD in when the game was out of control. He is being exposed… and that is risky. Can it be any more clear that he belongs out there? This is ridiculous.

Not sure why the coaches whine about his defense because he looks just fine out there to me.

Except for one thing. I think PD is judged harshly by a lot of other people. It must be his hair or the facial expressions or appearance because the refs are picking on him as well.

People are just not very nice… and it saddens me.

The wcc embarrassed itself tonight. There is Gonzaga and nobody else.

PD does foul and turnover a lot, but Luke fouls even more. I’m sorry but this is just obvious. And give him playing time and that will get fixed.

I’m mad. We blew this season. And now I’m worried we’ll blow next season too.

PD seems doing fine except getting fouls. Sorry, we told you so - Payton Dastrup would have played better tonight if he was given the chance.

Amazing, look like Yoeli was the only one so far shooting free throws and no body else on this team. Oh wait, PD shooting FT. What is going on with those refs?

Both Yeoli, PD & Eli 3’s - 3/4, 2/2, 1/5 and the rest 0-8. I like to see PD as a starter and 30 minutes playing time every games in the NIT and tell him stop being a cheerleader.

And what happened to Dalton Nixon? He only played very little. Is he hurt?

I think he was gassed and he had to deal with a much more physical line up from Gonzaga. I completely understand that. It happens. I can’t understand why we don’t develop our full depth. We finally have it if we care to use it.

Hero ball doesn’t work for us consistently.

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He has ZERO TO tonight. As for stats tonight which was showing or was the stats wrong? And both Yeoli and PD were the only two with 2 OReb.

Yeah he played great. I’m referring more to his career totals. He is around 3.5 TO per 40 which leads the team. His fouls are around 4.8 per 40.

I was looking at the final stats for scoring for BYU: E.Bryant 11 pts, Dastrup 11 pts, Childs 20 pts, and Haws 4 pts. The hole was Worthington 0 pts, Nixon 2 pts, and Selijaas 0. For the little time that Dastrup did a good job or rebounding and scoring.

It is what it is. They are letting them play. Our problem and why we fell behind is two fold. Gonzaga has 6 offensive rebounds leading to 6 more shot attemps. Second, our shooting except for Childs is what happens when you play the guards 40 minutes and turn around and play the next night. Worthington needs to sit and Dastrup needs a shot. We need more scoring opportunities from others to take the pressure off Bryant and Haws. We were with them and it got away :unamused:

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I understand and same with TJ until he gotten better doing away being hero ball. TJ has gotten A LOT BETTER and I like him and I like PD too if he gotten the chance. If I was HC for this team I wouldn’t noticed PD doing his cheerleading because I would be more focus for my players on the floor. Yeah, I do have tunnel visions and maybe both DR & HS should use a blind shield so they can’t see their bench players. I wonder if those two coaches don’t like PD because of his cheerleading style?
Anyway enough for tonight. I hope SMC gets in the NCAA because I don’t want to face those guys again in the NIT next week!

All right, so I’m listening to Rose with Greg. He made the comment that because of injuries, PD played Scout team and because of that he didn’t know the game plan so he didn’t play much. Ok. No. Make Luke play scout team then. Ugh. So I’m guessing a lot of turnovers are lack of practice and a lack of understand of where the rotations were supposed to be.

This game had nothing to do with officials. It had all to do with the minutes our key players played last night. We almost made it to half time and ran out of gas. Shots were simply off. You can’t shoot 32% and expect to win. Especially slinging up a bunch of threes because you are too tired to drive the lane. Dastrup comes in and puts up 11 points and we all knew he had to play big minutes to have a chance. We also missed having Emery, another good guard to rotate in giving Bryant and Haws breathers. Stop with the officials you can’t do a thing about them even if they are corrupt and bias. Take care of our own challenges first :slight_smile: Hiws that boss :slight_smile:

Let’s play them again! Focus on the real challenge we have. We basically have weaker physical players than other teams. Maybe the same height but not the same strength. It showed after 17 minutes of play. We got tired and they didn’t. They got stronger because they were physically stronger.
Second, because of this, we need deeper better guards and big men. We go 10 deep and we don’t have this problem. We can stay with Gonzaga 40 minutes after playing the night before.

We are pretty much in alignment. However, Gonzaga played the night before too. The real difference I think is their physical strength is greater. Bryant is strong but not as strong as their guards and small forwards.
Haws has really bad posture. That’s what causes a lot of his turnovers. His body build says he needs to get stronger all over.

You have been saying the entire season that he didn’t earn playing time so he shouldn’t get it. Only recently have you been saying that he should get a chance… like when the wcc tournament started.

Why did you all of the sudden change your belief?

If you think the key players played too many minutes, then why didn’t the coaches do something earlier in the season to give other players more experience so they could help now? I harped on it all season long. BYU only has themselves to blame for where they are headed… the NIT again.

Of course the loss isn’t on the officiating but they don’t do a thing to help their cause. They are terribly biased and they love Mark Few so what do you expect? Two fouls on Gonzaga in the first half and 1 more midway through the second. That is 3 total fouls in the first 30 minutes of the game. How many did Gonzaga end up with? 6 total fouls for a game? Has that ever happened to Gonzaga? I guarantee they committed more than 6 fouls.

Just for reference, I copied and pasted from a post on cougarboard. This is absolutely insane information and exposes the coaching staff for their incredible mistake of not playing this guy more this season. It is infuriating.

P. Dastrup F 13 min - 4-7 FG - 2-2, 3 point - 1-1, FT - OREB 2 - DREB 2 - Total 4 - Assists 1- BLk 1 - Points 11

Nixon, Worthington, Haws, Cannon, Hardnett combined 113 minutes / 5-23 FG’s / and just 10 Points

With Dastrup on the floor +10 over the Zags

Without Dastrup not on the floor -30 behind the Zags

Good on you Dastrup for exposing the insanity of the coaching staff on the highest stage. Good luck going forward. We’ve got your back and we acknowledge the travesty of what was your playing time this year.

You literally outscored the 5 players ahead of you and played 100 less minutes. And on top of that with you on the floor we were 10 points better than the Zags even before they pulled their starters.

I’m all for the players ignoring the officials and adapting to their insane behavior.

We absolutely were gassed. It’s depth and athleticism but we can deal with those problems. There is no reason we can’t beat this team.

We must improve the depth and balance the scoring threat from each player. Every position must be dangerous and contribute. We have depth returning. Let’s use it.

Chris - I was disappointed in the way Few kept his first team in the entire game until the last 2 minutes. They had a 30 point lead with under 5 minutes to go and he was still pushing the pace and trying to run up the score.

That is poor sportsmanship that doesn’t bode well for the competition he is expecting from other wcc teams. It is also a bit classless. I would expect more from a guy like him.

If you remember last season, I said the best thing that could happen to Gonzaga would be for BYU to beat them in the regular season finale because it helps GU keep perspective and humility. They ended up playing for a national championship.

I don’t like the way he handled this game. They have a really good team but I worry that they will be upset in the early rounds of the tournament. They aren’t as good as they played tonight.

Nope. That’s what winning coaches on a mission do.

Bad answer. Did you see Bonny made it to a CIF final and got blown out?