BYU vs.NEVADA... here we go

Well, here we go. Now it gets real. First thing I noticed is that D. Hall is officiating the game. A long time antagonist of BYU, it will be hard to get an objective game from him. He will try to establish his authority and expertise early in this game and that means letting Rose and the Cougars know it will take a small miracle for them to have any chance in this game.

I know it isn’t a good way to start the season but mark my word, it will be obvious and apparent once the whistle blows… and continues to blow to the detriment of BYU… until the game is out of reach.

Then and only then will BYU get the calls to even out the tally.

And that’s how it goes…

8-0 start for Nevada, 2 fouls on BYU (one of them was a foul) and BYU looks totally overwhelmed.

Rose must have said something because now they are calling the fouls.

Unfortunately BYU isn’t a very good team so it won’t matter much.

Seljaas with the hack and suprised look on his face that they called it… LOL!

Nevada is a dirty team…

Yeah, come on Seljaas. Why’s he even out there?

Just a pathetic start.

Baxter looks good.

I will give it to the team as they battled back and are making it a game. I am also glad to see that the officials started calling the fouls on Nevada… legitimate fouls.

Too bad after BYU took the lead that Yoeli and TJ took terrible shots back to back.

Keep your heads in the game guys, you are the experienced players on this team.

Two things this team needs to do.

  1. Spend more time practicing free throw shooting.
  2. Spend more time in the weight room.

Come on Bergerson …

What is it with the love affair Rose has with Worthington?

He is a team captain for crying out loud.

I still don’t know how he can be playing for a D-1 team and get so much floor time.

This foul explanation and call is a joke. It took way too long and they got it wrong anyway. If this is the direction college basketball is headed then I am losing interest already.

I guess you and I are the only cougarfans watching this game John…

Yeah. Hawes drives me crazy with the behind the back stuff.

No Hawes, no Childs… no problem.

Did someone get after Rose for his hero ball coaching? He hasn’t played this many guys in the first half of a game in his entire career.

Geez… maybe it might be a good thing, ya think?

The best thing in the world for this team would be to eliminate the sense of entitlement that has always been there. If someone wants to do the behind the back nonsense, sit em down.

Childs gets 2 fouls in the first minute of the second half and now has 4.

Thanks to the officials, there goes the game.

So is the Boise State football team.

Thde usual lack of discipline on BYU teams, especially the basketball team.

THey hung for awhile but not looking good now… 10-0 run by Nevada.

The calls are critical at this point in the game… no way that was a charge on Hardnett.

Nevada is going to win this game because of fouls and free throws to end it.

BYU still not in the bonus with 5 minutes to go.

Like I said… slipping away with 4 minutes to go.

Terrible call against Yoeli with 3 minutes to go and Nevada shooting free throws now.

Called it.

Of course one thing that might help is to guard that one dude on his 3 pointers from the baseline.

16 point loss makes it look worse than it was.

I don’t really like Nevada. Their players are dirty… falling on BYU players, pulling them to the ground in a head lock, etc.

Not cool.

We ran out of gas. Nevada got hot. But, I like the fact Rose played lots of players. This was a good game to show we can play with top teams.

The one thing that the game showed was Emery’s 3 point shooting will be needed.
And, Worthington played very little. I’d rather see Lee get the floor time because he can actually score and rebound.

Haws play was poor on offense. I thought his defense was not bad. Hardnett has a good game but ran out of gas. Emery will help with that.

The rest of the team played pretty well and we have some talent there. Just stay out of foul trouble.

Hawes looked like a little boy out there. I think he played the worst game is played in two years. Love to see more of Baxter and more of Hardy. Boy child’s got screwed on the calls tonight. Worthlesston Sure lived up to his name tonight