BYU vs Pacific... Round 2

Observations so far:

Dastrup playing well and he looks like he wants to be on the floor. Well done big guy. Also, excellent rotations and defense. And a three

Yo doesn’t look good, despite the dunk.

Refs again…I hate college refs. NBA all day.

Move without the ball, it makes the game easier.

Go tight around screens, especially Haws, he doesn’t really use the screen.

Forget about the refs. Stop turning the ball over and make the shots Haws!

These refs were pathetic. They even let the wrong guy for UOP shoot a foul shot and they had to look at th monitor and take the point off of UOP’s score and then put another guy there to shoot for UOP. I believe that the refs screwed up against both teams. These guys were like the rec league officials.
We came back and won it, but Pacific is a team of the future with their HC and how hard he gets his guys to play.

We were sloppy with the ball. That has to be discussed this week in practice. Some lazy passes and dribbling. As I said, don’t play the refs. Had Bryant hit shots against SM like he did tonight we would have beat SM.

Disagree completely. Your lack of understanding about all of the factors that play into the end result and outcome of any single game leads you to make comments like this… comments that are short sighted and lack understanding.

It is an ongoing problem. :astonished:

You want to make everything a 13 hour long physics proof. The final score is based on who scores more points. In the SM game we missed 6 layups and Bryant missed 3 pointers he usually makes like tonight. For whatever reason when we play SM we don’t shoot well and it’s not their defense. Make the shots and make the free throws and we win like we did tonight even though we played sloppy and the refs were just as bad.
KISS and acman razor principles and you can coach.

simple is as simple does…

You said nothing about Haws tonight. He did nothing, missed all 5 3-pointers. The game was basically won because Bryant and Childs scored all the points.

Last game Childs was sick, Bryant just didn’t play well (it happens, they are human) and the refs sucked. Those are factors that affect how well each player does in conjunction with how well the team plays. Also, maybe it is just possible that St. Mary’s is a better team than BYU and they were at home.

There are other reasons for why stuff happens and it isn’t just because BYU missed 6 more shots. I go back to the thing you could say every single game, every single time. If BYU scores more points than their opponent they will always win the game.

Uhhh… really? :scream:

Why do I need to make anymore post of what Hopper like to believe what he thinks?
Anyway, good game tonight even though ref did poorly on both sides.
Just keep on winning Cougars but need to get better going forward.

Yes. Haws is off. But on the bright side, his defense stays intact when he’s not producing which marks a maturing player.

Let’s clarify, Players should never let refs distract them. Observe and adapt to however they randomly decide to call the game, but getting angry at refs puts them in power and you never want to give up your control of the situation. Your actions are all that matter. But I am not playing and my analysis of the game has nothing to do with their mentality. So I can call it like I see it and I think college refs are garbage compared to the NBA. I didn’t say biased, at least in this game, just garbage. And that affects the game no matter how player mentality reacts. [quote=“JimHawks, post:7, topic:7839”]
You said nothing about Haws tonight. He did nothing, missed all 5 3-pointers.

He also played excellent defense and moved the ball well. 7/3 A/TO.

I can’t wait for the provo bubble fans to start talking about how Bryant and Childs have a shot at the nba… so the two of them begin to believe the bubble hype and decide to get agents in utah who tell them the same thing because it is the same fans who thought the LP3 would take BYU to a final four. And when Tyler tells TJ how he can make more money playing basketball in Greece than he can trying to get a graduate degree and working a job, TJ will be gone too. Interesting times.

These fans are delusional…

It will affect the team going forward and it will make for another potential excuse when BYU finishes third again next season. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Childs didn’t start tonight because he was still sick and didn’t practice yesterday.
Yep, it’s just so simple. Having an off night shooting 3’s is one thing. Missing layups isn’t the same oh well. Refs suck every night. Just make layups and outscore the other team. Good defense helps too.
SM with their 3 seniors is better. Not by much though. That’s why next year looks so good. Except Gonzaga looks good for next year too. See what happens next week when we play them after LMU. Never look past LMU and Pepperdine.

Yo has an NBA body but he lacks the skill set. He would play the 3 and he needs a better 3 point shot and needs to work on his ball handling.

As to the fans…I don’t understand the delusions. I interact with a lot of different sports fans and everyone has their own culture. Ute fans are…different. Oklahoma State fans have a sort of haunted feeling to them, always waiting for the other shoe to drop. Nebraska fans are rabidly bitter and hateful to very specific things but otherwise very cheerful. Boston fans are incredibly obnoxious but actually pretty knowledgeable, even when drunk. Actual new yorkers who are knicks fans are extremely pessimistic. Texas fans are actually pretty nice. BYU fans are distinguished by their delusions of grandeur and insane optimism. It would be so much more pleasant if we viewed ourselves as the perpetual underdog no one believed in. Undersell-Overdeliver. This year has put a damper on things but I’m sure the first time someone throws an 80 yard TD people will somehow return to the belief that we can compete with the big time programs head to head. No alcohol required.

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I doubt Haws will. He has good family that is level headed. BYU through and through. Bryant is just thankful right now he’s still playing because of his injuries. He was thinking of quitting and he still has issues with the knee. He’ll need more work on it after the season. He will be back for his senior season.
Childs is having too much fun at college. He will be back for his junior season. Senior season we will see how he does next year. He does have NBA potential.
I predict Emery will be back and a couple of bench players will move on as injured players will be back. Not sure about Dastrup.

So, your initials spell “all wet.” :joy:

At this point, the defence does have points to improve. But it is better than several teams in the top ten. So good enough with continuing work and minor improvements.

The offence has regressed. TJ, Hardnett, Dastrup need to step it up.
Nixon needs to keep improving after his long break.

This team is NIT unless the offence improves enough to win the Vegas tournament in a bit more than a month…

This is the grasshopper, defined to a “T”. It keeps him from being able to analyze and understand what is really going on each game. The constant chant of “if BYU would just outscore the other team they would win every game” is pretty funny. I will always look at the LP3 debacle as the pinnacle of BYU fan syndrome. So many people believed the hype and probably still do… with the woulda, coulda, shoulda chatter in the aftermath. Too funny. :laughing:

You are right Harold, he needs to do more with his 5 minutes a game. He should be in double figures… and if you project out those 5 minutes to any semblance of actual legitimate playing time in a game, say 20 minutes a game, instead of scoring 10 in those 5 minutes (unreal expectation), he would score 40 in 20 minutes.

Of course you need to actually play more than 5 minutes a game if fans are expecting you to score more and “step it up”… right?

I’m still laughing. It least it was not the nose.:joy:

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hahahahhaha, You do know that I go on scouting trips with a certain Coach, right? hahahahahaha

you are late to that party, I have been talking about Yo and Eli for most of the year. Both of them have NBA metrics, Eli is very strong at the hoop and soooooo smooth shooting. He is a guy that has a shot at it. Yo just pops but he will have to change his shot and learn how to face the player. :joy:

mark me down, hahahahahahahahaahahahaha Some quick notes:

Seljaas is just worthless out there, cheap shots, dumb fouls, killed us. Nixon feels so much more useful.

Haws played hard, 7 assists when you are not the point is pretty special.

Eli’s bombs were back breakers. He also made life tough for Tripp, Williams, Galieant and anyone in his way

Yo just had his way once the foul trouble hit Towns and Okonkwo

Dastrup changed the game in his short 10 minutes.