BYU vs Sammy Houston

So, first series was good. Dumb penalty in the 2nd series. Get going team!

Sam Houston defense has the BYU offense dialed in. Unless something amazing happens in the 2nd half, BYU looks a bit sad. Let’s see what a half time adjustment can do. Go Cougars!

The first half just confirms my opinion that ARod is not the offensive genius that Sitake and others keep saying he is.

passing on first down? sweeps by the RB’s?


I don’t see that as the problems. The OL isn’t ready. Asking bad mistakes. Refs suck

Even the BYU radio guys (Wrubel and Olsen) is saying the same thing.

Why are they not running Robbins? he is a 1000 yard rusher and yet they use the other guy,

Slovis sucks with his passes, either off target or throwing too hard where the receivers can’t catch it.

But play calling is dumb and dumber….

You are right about the ref’s, two PI’s in a row (last BYU possession in the first half) and what worse they were right in front of the officials when the pI’s happened.

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I am done watching this inept offense…… Need to call a time out on the first possession?

What a flipping joke!

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Martin looks good. Get him outside and see what happens

I was hoping to get somethinbg from Chris or somebody on what they thought of the game. To say I was disappointed would be an understatement. While many other Big 12 teams were rolling over the patsie first game week teams, BYU was struggling.

It is incredible how this happens year after year. We have a great freshman running back and a supposed well seasoned veteran quarterback and we can only muster 14 lousy points? Why was Slovis running for those touchdowns? He hasn’t had a rushing touchdown his entire college career and now he has 2 in his first game as a Cougar? Is there some plan here that we are unaware of?

The team looked mediocre overall.

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Sam Houston is anything but a 1st timer NCAA wantabee. They won the national title twice before moving up to D1 and don’t know if people are aware, SH red shirted 20 starters from a year ago in preparation for the leap to D1. They could of pulled off the upset ala Texas State upset of Baylor, but BYU has a new defense that completely shut SH down.

What I saw out there was the same plays over and over out of BYU. And we will see more of that in the SUU game (I will be on the field for the SUU game complements of my SUU connections come Saturday). So relax everyone. BYU is not going to show it’s hand until we play P5 games. enjoy the ride. Am I worried? talk to me after the Arkansas game.

A win is a win. I knew that the BYU offense wouldn’t show much and probably won’t next week either. They are waiting to open up Big12 action but I have this nagging feeling that Roderick doesn’t know how to be a better than average OC. He just doesn’t get it. His play calling and rhythm hasn’t really been there from the time he got hired. BYU will need to upgrade him out of the program if they want to compete for a Big12 championship. He just isn’t quality enough to keep around.

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Last year, Hall was unable to connect on back shoulder throws his first game as well. Now he’s in the NFL. I think Slovis will be better against SUU.
I don’t see the logic in not showing your hand until the Arkansas or Kansas game. Those teams will be ready for anything we do. So, we might as well start perfecting our season attack. Oklahoma certainly did so in its opener.

I totally agree about SH. Their defense was outstanding with experience and athleticism.

I was surprised the guy from Vegas wasn’t ready. But, we did go away from him early on. See what happens this week.

You mean like throwing deep on 1st down every series in the first half? I understand playing vanilla, but AROD’s have NEVER been a good with play calling.

One note as per the FS1 replay, our center (Utah transfer Maile) was literally pushed back into Slovis where Slovis was sacked. I don’t care if they are playing vanilla or not, that should never have happened to a BYU offensive lineman.

In fact, the only bright spot on the O-ine was Pay who name was never mentioned for causing a penalty or giving up a sack. Can’t say that for the rest of the O-Line.

What frustrates me is the coaches using the excuse "Slovis did not have his two best receivers (Hill and Epps). We have some dam good receivers besides those two that actually showed up, but then again Slovis did not get them the ball with either the right touch or shoulder. And it did not help the officials were allowing PI’s to go uncalled.

I tend to agree about your comment on ARod, he doesn’t seem to be getting better as an OC on game plan or calling audibles.

I am now having second thoughts about the Offensive line coach as well. How Sam Houston man handled our O-line and put pressure on Slovis is something that should never happen even when playing vanilla game plan.

One side note, and this may perk Jim “nepotism” radar a bit.
But the last time Jay Hill took Weber State to the championship game for FSC against James Madison, Guess who his OC was? FESI SITAKE!

Since Fesi left Weber State, the team has never been back to the championship. The dude knows how to call the game, but yet, we have AROD…weird in my opinion.

Only because the BYU Offensive line will not have to play against a defense like Sam Houston. But when Arkansas game comes, I don’ think Slovis will last the game with the beating the Oline will allow him to go through.

I watched Hall in his NFL debout. He was lost, timing way off. Looked completely over his head.

Yes, I agree that Slovis focused too much on the same guys (Rex)…

People need to understand TEXAS players, even and no name texas team has some NFL talent. It is a religion. That is why Baylor was taken to the wood shed. The fact that BYU got the shut out tells me Hill was the right choice but we really won’t know what we have on offense til about the Kansas game.

So you agree SH defense was very good. They had a couple of guys that were great. There DBs were great as well. You keep talking about Slovis being sacked? When. Oh, once.

This game was early similar to the Portland State opener years ago. We also tried to convince ourselves then that they were keeping the playbook vanilla, not showing anything against the patsies, etc., but it was actually a good indicator for how the offense was going to be. Our vaunted line should have had more push, and the fact that it didn’t is worrisome.

The defense played well.

We need to get rid of our Tuiaki on offense now (Roderick). We’re looking at 145 yard passing games and 50 yards rushing against the non-patsies on the schedule.

We are going to struggle mightily against most teams this years starting with Southern Utah this week (they took ASU to the brink).

Well, how come LJ Martin got 91 yards in the 2nd half? It wasn’t the line. The line opened up holes. Adrian just wasn’t as good as we were told. Or, he wasn’t ready. See what happens next game. I only remember a couple of rushes in Slovis. Slovis needs to move in the pocket some as well. I believe there will be major improvements by Saturday.

Don’t agree with a lot that’s being thrown around. I don’t think a lot of you are giving Sam Houston enough credit. Their defensive line was big and tough. Secondary looked good as well. The penalties hurt the offense more than anything. Dumb penalties blocking below the waist. Those are “not thinking” penalties. Eh-officials are officials-I give these guys a C- but I’m probably prejudice. Slovis has got a live arm, but Hall and Wilson were both more athletic and would continually bail BYU out with their athleticism. Slovis may not have been razor sharp, but he didn’t miss wide open receivers. If Epps doesn’t play, you’ll probably miss Nacua. BYU needs to get the OL more aggressive and establish the running game, and that will open up their passing game. From what I see, the running backs are good, but the OL better step up and open some holes. How fun was it to watch the BYU defense? Sam Houson never new what was coming. They will probably get taken down come league games, but it will be from a talent level not from a coaching ineptitude. Next week will be interesting-should be a win but no guarantees! Go defense!


Sacked, Flushed or hurried… take your choice.

BTW, that is not on Slovis, but on the offensive line.

You won’t find the answers until Arkansas… that is when the real boys comes out to play.

Riddle me this:
We had two Barrington’s on our team, one was a legit All American and the other was on course to become one.

They both leave for Baylor which is in the same conference that BYU is now in. WHY?

Because BYU offensive line coach is not as good as the OC for Baylor (Grimes)…

That should tell you about our Oline coach Funk… not sure he is the best right now.

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