BYU vs.Santa Clara

I wish I had an idea how this game is going to go. I am nervous because Santa Clara is supposedly a good team and they just got worked by St. Mary’s a couple days ago.

First five minutes - Seljaas getting owned by an average guy. Bryant not getting into the game yet, Childs doing everything. Close game so far.

halfway mark, BYU is on fire. They can do no wrong right now. If this keeps up they will win by 30

Worthington with a lazy pass at the 9 minute mark. That is the kind of stuff that changes momentum. Thanks to Bryant they get it back. I love Worthington’s hustle but he has a really low basketball IQ…

So far this looks like a great game for some of the players to get back on track. The team needs to stay focused and not let SC get back in it.

If Worthington has low basketball IQ then Dastrup is a baboon. Worthington showed why he starts in front of Dastrup.

Disagree totally. You take Dastrup’'s skillset and basketball IQ and put Worthington on the back of his jersey and Dave Rose would be all over it. Or put a Worthington mask on Dastrup…

And FYI Worthington doesn’t start.

I haven’t changed my position. If anything Rose is destroying Dastrups confidence and it will cost the team like it has already. This is still a 3rd or lower place team so don’t get too excited.

Nonsense…this was the first game Worthington didn’t start since the 4th game of the season. Shows how much you watch and pay attention.
Just watching the game it’s obvious Worthington is far ahead of Dastrup.
Skill sets? What skill sets. Worthington is quicker tonthe ball and moves in the offense better. The only one hurting Dastrup is Dastrup. If he’s so good he should better on the floor than Worthington. He doesn’t.

Pay attention? He didn’t start the last game either, so who isn’t paying attention? He did start vs. Pacific and they lost that game so there ya go…

I just wish you had a little more insight, foresight and even hindsight once in awhile because you don’t remember much either.

It is so clear that Dastrup is twice the player Worthington is… only a fan who understands the very simplest aspects of the game would think otherwise. That is why you do. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

What does this even mean?

Dastrup is a better player than Worthington. Who needs to tell you? Luke works hard and he gives it his all, but he is the kind of player that will hurt the team in games that matter,… games against the better teams like SMC, Gonzaga and others. He is serviceable vs. most wcc teams but is a liability when it comes to better opponents. He has no feel for the game. He gets by because he has good work ethic and hustle.

Funny you should reference this. Somewhere in the second half I said, “Seljaas just got back on the floor, watch our +/- change.” In his defense, Seljaas has put two good games together but I think it is about the teams BYU is playing and matchups more than improvement…stay tuned. IF this is Seljaas finding his game and the way TJ is playing, BYU becomes very tough to beat.

Since Pepperdine and Santa Clara are ranked in the bottom 300 and stocked with players that I am used to playing in gyms, I’d say we are in store for some more beat downs in the future when we have to rely on just Yo and Eli

I haven’t seen in the games Dastrup is a better game player as of the 19th game played. Worthington played better than Dastrup the last two games. And, he did start the last game. 15 of the 19 games. Because he knows his position. As I’ve said before, Dastrup is not a post player. He’s a 4 man. And Childs is so far ahead of Dastrup. And, apparently in practice nothing is different.
Now, does Dastrup have more talent? Yes. Put talent only gets you so far. Bryant has talent and he’s working hard to develop his game skills. So is Worthington. In my opinion, Dastrup isn’t so much.

You are conflating a couple of things. Being a better player doesn’t mean a thing inside the concept of a team. Right now, Luke works within the team goals better than the more talented Payton. Last night was a perfect example. When Luke came in we took the lead and never looked back. Payton has more skills and talent but it isn’t meshing enough on the floor yet. He’s learning. He knows this and if he works as hard as Like does he will play more. Patience.

Which came first, the chicken or the egg? That isn’t a literal question, just using it to point something out. Knowing what you said to be true, that Dastrup has more skills and talent, don’t you think it might be a good idea to get him more game time? Yes, practice is important but it doesn’t do much for a player, regardless of how well they do in practice or not, if they aren’t getting game time to develop chemistry and gain experience. Those are critical to improving as a player… I’m not talking about 30+ minutes but I am talking about more than 5 or 6 minutes and it just isn’t happening. When he was given the time he produced but now it seems like he is being toyed with, like it’s a mind game.and he looks tentative or scared to make a mistake.

It’s just a poor approach and has caused other players to leave the team… is that what we want?

I would slightly modify this and say he has a very narrow skill set with the ball in his hands. He’s not much of a ball handler. He has a nice post move and understands what to do with the ball when he cuts to the rim. But I get nervous when he dribbles twice.

His IQ is demonstrated by the way he moves on the floor. Compare him to the other bigs.

You are talking about what a college coach should do. It’s the same in high school even at the frosh-soph level. But not VYBA. You play those who produce in practice. That includes team chemistry which you see in practice. If Dastrup isn’t ready in practice then he’s not going to get much time in the game. The coach is most concerned with winning. He has to to keep his job. When Payton can do better than Luke in practice he will see more time in the game. That’s as to the point as I can make it. Nothing different in high school.

He cuts in the lane and catches the ball and lays it in. Dastrup fumbled a couple of passes to him. Luke flipped in a couple with his left hand and a beautiful sky hook from the baseline with the right hand. Boards well too. He’s solid in the basics. Dastrup isn’t yet.

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Why are you talking about H.S.?

As Jim Hawks said "Those are critical to improving as a player… I’m not talking about 30+ minutes but I am talking about more than 5 or 6 minutes and it just isn’t happening. When he was given the time he produced but now it seems like he is being toyed with, like it’s a mind game.and he looks tentative or scared to make a mistake.

It’s just a poor approach and has caused other players to leave the team… is that what we want?"

Last night half way in 2nd half we were way ahead. I was listening to this commenter saying Child need two more assists for Triple Double Birthday Boy. I didn’t care about the triple double and we were way ahead in the game. Dave Rose should of gotten both Child and Bryant off the floor and work with his less experience players, including Dastrup. What if those two stars gotten sick or injured then Dave Rose got nothing. Don’t tell us Worthington is going to do all this.


Another armchair coach thinking without experience or understanding. Let me slow it down for you.
Whether you are a HS coach, College coach or NBA coach, your job is on the line. You play those that in practice can do the job the best the most. Dastrup wants to play more then show it in practice which you nor Jim have been as a coach where your livelihood is challenged by wins and losses.

You and others have clamored for accountability for years. Every player knows what they have to do to get more playing time.

Dastrup has said he needs to improve his defense and get better at both offense and defense. Yet you act like you know best. Yes, we got up big. So why wait to take them out? Because Rose wants them to play as much as possible together to be ready for the future games especially with Gonzaga and SM and the WCC tournament. It’s his job on the line not yours.

Dastrup’s ceiling is higher but Luke has him beat in several categories for now.

Can someone remind me when Nixon might be back?

still in a boot, ligament damage in the foot, if he does come back, there will be a lot of rust.

Just want to shout out to Hardnett, he shut down their best player, Fagan. BYU has not had a good defensive player for a number of years now so Hardnett and Eli are a breath of fresh air.

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Fagan looked angry the whole game. Then he looked like he gave up. I loved that aspect of the game. We’ve always had Fringe guys who could have been defensive stoppers but we lost them or underutilized them. Or used them in the wrong way.

Exactly! But, according to some in here Dastrup should be playing ahead of Worthington at the expense of wins. As a coach, I put the current best players that made the team play as a team to win.