BYU vs, SDSU game

This is where we should be talking about the game while it is being played.

So let’s talk about the defense.

They suck.

It’s in the same section. Look.
The defense is the same. The offense has fluttered without Algiers and Romney.

Interesting. I put it in the in-game section but on my app I don’t have an in-game app.

Missing a player or two happens to every team. No excuse, next guy up.

The defense just seems so vanilla and predictable. They rarely make a play, That interception was just a bad decision by the SDSU QB. He never saw the BYU LB, just like the SDSU RB’s who rarely see a BYU linebacker. :smile:

Why isn’t Wilson running? Makes the defense easier.

Had Wilson stood in there and throw the ball to the end zone Milne was open. I think he needs another year of college against tougher teams.

He has really good raw skills but he misses some things. If he were to leave, the learning curve to get up to speed in the NFL would be steep and difficult. I agree that he could use some more experience.

So Florida loses to LSU but what difference does it really make? None. They already had one loss. So for discussion sake let’s say BYU was still undefeated. Would they have passed Florida in the rankings after this game? I say no because the CFP committee would use the excuse of them having lost a close game to last years national champion.

These are the arguments and justifications that will continue going forward. Just like many of the football experts and educated analysts have stated, no team from outside a P5 conference will ever be invited to the CFP for the national championship. It hasn’t happened yet and there is no evidence that it will change in the future. In fact, the evidence is compelling to the contrary.

Observation of reality and truth.

I want to see him get outside the pocket and do some running in the second half. Hopefully the defense has figured out the run game. Now the pass game. Warner looks lost and slow out there. Rex has been so good this year but not tonight. Dropping passes.

Why do we get cute after moving down the field? Just keep running and passing

On the radio, for me, the game was boring, my attention wandered several times. My attitude at the game final score was; ho hum.

You missed a good game. We are
10 - 1. How many times has this happened in our history?

Well, the AP jumped USC ahead of BYU. Still #14. Wonder if we will get another game for next weekend.

If anyone would like to drum up the CFP discussion again, now that it has been a few weeks and nothing is changing, I would be glad to banter back and forth about it. The closer we get to the CFP, the more evidence mounts that it will not change. USC jumping into the fray proves it. I watched USC and UCLA some last night and am not impressed with the Trojans. They have a weak defense and barely won 3 of their 5 victories against mediocre teams. They are like Coastal Carolina, the only difference being that they are a P5 team in a power/money conference.

I believe this is the fifth one-loss season and the first since 1996.

It’s been a fun and great year. Could have been better. But nothing to hang our heads about. How many perfect seasons have we had? 1?

Frankly-nobody in the PAC12 is impressive including USC who would take a beat-down from any of the top 4. I saw BYU in one bowl projection as playing SJSU in the New Mexico bowl, but frankly, BSU has a good chance of beating them. And if BYU’s defense keeps the offense from getting on the field-not too confident of getting another win this year after helping SDSU look like a running machine

We won. Did you miss that? 6 times in BYU’s history have we been 10-1 or better. Time to stop dumping on BYU.

Lol-I don’t know anyone dumping on BYU. It’s in-game analysis so chill

The game is over. So, it’s you after thought. 10 - 1 is an excellent season. Hopefully we play someone next week too. With our record, and everyone saying we win with defense, perhaps the DC is actually a good coordinator. It would be logical.