BYU vs. SDSU - some refs just love the spotlight

Well here we go… at least the refs could have eased their way into the bias instead of being blatant about it.

4 minutes into the game there have been some pretty ridiculous calls and SDSU is feeling the love. 4 fouls against BYU and 0 against SDSU. I guess it is just the way it is for a christian church school in today’s society.

BYU is going to get hammered by the refs today and it is blatant.

Okay, so 5 minutes later in the game and it is happening just like I said. In the time between writing the first post and this one the score went from 18-11 to 28 -11.

BYU has NO chance of winning this game, let alone making it competitive.

When the refs help you get in a rhythm and gain your confidence it allows you to play relaxed and that is what SDSU is able to do.

Thank you biased officials.

Despite the refs, Seljaas just isn’t very good. Have no idea what Rose is doing and not sure he does

Better effort in the second half but the officiating kept them from making a legitimate comeback. At one point, with about 6 minutes to go in the game SDSU was in the double bonus and had committed 4 fouls. That’s 4 fouls in about 15 minutes. BYU had been whistled for about 11 at that point.

Emery makes a shot and starts firing up from everywhere. Playing some hero ball again and his out of control style just doesn’t cut it.

Worthington did a few good things but overall he is still a liability.

BYU has a lot of players that are marginal D-1 type basketball players. This team will fit nicely into the typical wcc team this season. They are about as good as the rest of the teams in the conference not named Gonzaga.

Next loss is at Mississippi State.

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Yeh it was going to be a tough 4 game swing with a good possibility of 4 losses, so after Mississippi State they will probably lose to SM. Emery does give them a defensive upgrade, but the 27 foot jacks didnt help. I just don’t see Seljaas being an asset unless he shoots above 40% from 3 and 45% from two. He is a defensive liability.

There was a time when I thought Worthington was at least worth something on defense. He did score some points tonight but he was absent on defense. I’m not sure Emery’s defense is that helpful. He hustles but is out of control too much. It carries over to offense as well. Haws had some good moves and was more consistent but Childs was doubled regularly and teams will see that as a key to beating BYU. It is probably a correct assumption.

Dang this team would be so much better with Dastrup. Is it possible that Rose told him “we have some young guys coming in and Luke is a captain so there just isn’t a place for you Payton”… is that possible?

Let the woulda, shoulda, coulda talk continue.

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I think you are complaining about the wrong things. Worthington has his best game this year. Lee came in and showed what he can do. More later. Forget the refs. 20 turnovers will lose every game. We shot very well. Cut the turnovers in half and we would not have been blown out in the first half. Emery played fine. I want him to shoot. I want him to drive. Just like Haws did. And Emery’s defense was very good.
Look, when time is running out you have to take defensive and offense chances. We actually had a chance to get the score down to 6 points a couple of times in the last minute.
Now, two things: we need to start games with the intensity we finish games. Second, start Lee at the 4.

I don’t have the time to respond to this mess of a post. Yeah, Luke had a great game by his standards. I guess he is getting better right? Too bad his (and the teams in general) defensive liability negates anything they do well offensively.

This team is a dumpster fire and Rose stands there with a torch to keep it going.

It actually felt like the 3 point shooting was better this game so I checked and they finished 8 for 21 which is like 38%, much better than usual but still not great and it didn’t help them win the game, just like the turnovers, There is no flow or continuity to the offense or how the team plays.

Sorry, but the refs had a huge influence early on and it put BYU in a hole. After a time out midway through the first half they all of a sudden started making weird calls against SDSU but BYU was so far down it made no difference. I’m guessing CBS told them to knock it off and start balancing out the calls because fans would stop watching if they didn’t

It’s entertainment, not sport.

Hopper loves NBA which it is entertaining and why not in college basketball. Luckly I didn’t watch this game because we were out watching Darci Lynn at Eccles Theature Sal Lake City tonight which was entertaining fun family night.

Blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah
Yes too many TOs all game.
Blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah

The problem is we actually made all those fouls. And most of those fouls were due to all the turnovers, 6 by Childs. He had a bad all around game. Nixon should sit and let Lee play. Sejlass needs to be replaced with Emery and Burglesen.
Look, they hit their first 7 out of 8 threes. They were simply hot and we didn’t match them. And our turnovers were really bad ones. We have to come out to start the games with a lot more intensity and not get behind.

That’s right! Time to take responsibility instead blaming referees, Stern, Jordan, TV and blah, blah, blah.

Oh and blah, blah, blah, blah, refs, blah, blah, blah… fart :crazy_face:

And here is another news flash. All the sports commentators and analysts say the same thing about the poor starts. It’s not just basketball either. Football and other sports as well. Rose is playing enough players this year. No reason not for starts to get out there at the beginning and play a lot harder and smarter. Harding does but others don’t. Burgeson is getting a lot better too.
Nixon is going backwards. So is Baxter. Worthington has a good game coming off the bench. And if you think he’s going to defend as well as Yolie then it’s not worth bringing up. He played fine yesterday. But, so did Lee.
When teams are going to light it up and throw in even some ridiculous shots like SD did then they will be hard to beat on their floor.

Do you notice the pattern here? You say the same thing after almost every game. So why do you think other teams shoot so well against BYU? It isn’t just a coincidence… the fact of the matter is that BYU doesn’t scare anyone and they play lazy defense, plain and simple. BYU opponents are confident at tip-off and sorry, but there is also no denying that the officials were favoring SDSU yesterday. That makes it easy for the opponent to play relaxed and get into a flow. It’s too bad it takes BYU so long to get going but there are reasons for that too. It isn’t until after they fall behind by 20 and Rose finally starts getting after the refs that they start calling the fouls evenly and objectively. When the game is called fairly and objectively, BYU plays better, sorry but that is fact.

This has been going on for years, it’s called bias.

I’m sorry you are so clueless that you don’t see or understand it.

I didn’t see any calls that weren’t fouls. Nor did I see bias. If players are lazy then they commit more fouls because they are grabbing instead of playing defense with their feet. I’m sorry you don’t see that :slight_smile:

I was taught all through life that there are only two things for certain in life…

  1. Paying Taxes
  2. Dying…

Well I would like to add to that list…
3. Jim believes ref’s are religiously bias against BYU.
4. Jim believes that Dave Rose doesn’t knows what he is doing…

LOL… Sorry, could not resist…

Merry Christmas guys… be safe and remember why we celebrate the day…

Ya, there are some guarantees. BYU won’t win every game. Some teams are better than BYU (shocking). BYU actually fouls in basketball games. There are more but Merry Christmas Floyd and the entire BYU CougarFan base, the greatest fans in the world firnthe greatest team in the world :slight_smile:

Floyd, you are the best!

I sincerely mean that and I take your comments as compliments, not offended or upset in the least. I just finished a 9 hour drive from Phoenix to home that should have taken about 6.5 or 7 hours max.

I love it!

Happy Holidays to all Cougarfans…

I am currently in phoneix dropping my daughter off after she flew up for Christmas to visit family.

LOL just missed each other…

I was hoping you were not upset about the comment, just thought I would make us all laugh.

Why would anyone go to Phoenix? :slight_smile: