BYU vs SM in game comments

Too many turnovers. Got a 9 point lead and blew it with missed shots and missed free throws. Clean up the turnovers…

We should be up by 20. Missed easy shots and free throws.

Sad… Bad technical foul and bad defense at the end of the game. Why did they not double Ford?

Yoeli Childs either lost the ball or missed a combined 17 shots and/or lost the ball turning it over. The Technical Foul on our coach cost us two points. The Three Blind Mice failed to control the game and let St. Mary;'s get away with numerous fouls. # 24 on the Gaels should have been called for at least 8 fouls and the refs took one foul away from him in a five minute Blind Mice looks at the monitor. Pathetic!!! BYU always seems to be the last dogs to play on ESPN, either in basketball or football. Midnight Games are what I call them.

Ya, this game wasn’t lost because of the referees. Like you said, in close games coaches cannot get technical fouls. That didn’t really cost us the game.

  1. Too many turnovers
  2. Childs was falling and dribbling like a fifth grader
  3. Childs missed numerous short shots
  4. Childs was 5-10 in free throws
  5. Haws was 2–14
  6. Seljaas never looked to take an outside shot when open
  7. Last St. Mary’s drive and shot, Ford should have been contested in the back court all the way and double teamed.
  8. 1.4 seconds give it to Haws or Toolson for a 60ft shot instead of a lob to the free throw line that went out of bounds.

Yes BYU was sloppy on turnovers bad shooting and flappers and whatever you want to say. But SMC is a dirty teen with all the help from those referees and I don’t care what you think hopper. Which was worse tonight loss or 43 points in the hole last year against San Diego? Last year was worse and tonight game was ridiculous. Coach Mark Pope has every rjght to be upset and getting a technical foul I have no problem with that. I don’t understand why TJ having so many off nights.
Now we have to wait 10 more days for our next opponent yes our players going to have more restless days to come.

Blame the wrong things and we never will get better. The refs aren’t going to be controlled and will make mistakes and will continue to. St. Mary’s will be who they are. We can control what we do.

  1. Not getting technical fouls near the end of a game
  2. Make more free throws
  3. Don’t miss 2 foot layups
  4. Don’t let Ford get a running start from the backcourt
  5. Don’t rely on 2 players to make shots down the stretch (Seljaas, Harding)

Typical BYU. Whether football, BB, baseball or whatever sport, BYU scratches and claws their way to prominence and at, or very near, the top of the heap, just blows it all away. This loss is just one of many such examples over the past several decades.

2-14 doesn’t cut it and BYU and Childs played soft in the 2nd half. No Lee or Nixon and BYU still should have won. Wish we could have won, but not a huge loss as we probably lost 3 in the seeding, but at that point everyone will be tough. Refs-can’t do anything about them-control what you can control, which in this case would have been turnovers. Time to move on and get healthy

When Yolie is on he’s unstoppable. That wasn’t last night. They decided to feature Yolie and not the 3 point shot with great ball movement. Yolie had several shots he usually makes not go in. Point blank shots too. Shots he should have dunked.
I hope Pope learned some things.

  1. Stick with what is working like moving the ball and getting lots of assists. Only 7 last night.
  2. Know when to get a technical and when not to. That was a bad time.
  3. When a team is going for a last shot, never let the best player go one on one. They should have had two players immediately on Ford and make him have to rush the last shot.

WOW! We agree on the referees. Just have to not turn the ball over and make layups and free throws. I know I make it simple but it really is that simple.

It was pointed out the loss of Lee made a difference in the high low flow of the game. And we saw there was no flow. Maybe Pope saw that and decided to focus on getting the ball to Childs. Although Childs dribbled too much and lost the ball too much, he had some easy shots that he missed going down the stretch.
Pope can’t get technicals at key points. I hope he learns from this fast.

I didn’t see the game because 10:30 pm CST starting times are too late for working people to stay up and watch games. I recorded it and was disappointed to see we lost but I have never really cared about conference tournaments when BYU was a lock for the tournament. When you are a lock they are about seeding only. BYU was not on the bubble and a loss to another team that was considered a lock won’t hurt them much. It may drop them to a 6 or 7 seed.

The good news is that I truly believe BYU can play with anybody who gets in the tournament. There aren’t any scary super teams out there. Everybody who has been on the top of the rankings has shown vulnerabilities. Even Kansas looks beatable. BYU hung with Kansas for a half with no post presence. Now the Y has Childs and Baxter and hopefully Nixon and Lee by the time they play in the tournament…

The point is I think BYU is capable of making a deep run. That said if they are a 6-9 seed they could also easily get bounced in the first round. Any matchups involving teams in the range of 5 & 12 seeds to 8 & 9 are generally going to be competitive matchups.

A win last night and we would be a 4 or 3 seed. It did hurt but I think we will still be a 5 or 6 seed.

Baxter isn’t going to help us this year. He should have saved this year. Lee and Nixon should be ready by next Thursday. We missed Lee because he does the high low very well and scores well around the basket. Something Childs did poorly around the basket. I counted 4 close range baby hooks he usually makes with easy, he missed. When he got stuffed my Mitts he got the ball back and should have gone back up and dunked it. Instead, he shot the 8 inch shot 4 inches. Little things. And his 5-10 free throws. 7-10 and we win.
No one but me seems to want to discuss the technical foul that cost us the game as well. There are times when coaches can do it and not affect the outcome. That wasn’t one of them. I hope he apologized to the team.
Haws disappeared again. I think it had to do with the game plan to feed Childs a lot instead of running the offense and shoot more 3’s. Another coaching mistake. If I were Thawk, I’d be asking Pope to quit now :grinning:

Thawk would be shooting you down and deservedly so. The technical foul did not cost BYU the game and it often lets the players know the coach is with them and letting the referee’s know that you have had enough of the one sided calls. I would hazard a guess that everyone who posts on this site except you, grasps that concept, but who is surprised-nobody

Had you actually been able to read my post I was clear about the usage by a coach of technical fouls. There is a time in the game to take one for the reasons you stated. That wasn’t the correct time. It cost 2 points and the next basket. We lost by 1 point. You figure out the math. And, it did nothing to rally the players or fix the refs. They still sucked afterwards. Tournament time is more physical and taking technicals late in the second half is not good. Let me help you out with the math. Subtract just those 2 free throws made from the technical foul and the score would have been BYU 50, SM 49.

I should let you in on the fact when I coached high school basketball I got an occasional technical foul. I even got Jim to hit me with one. And, it was for the reason to help the refs realize they weren’t calling certain fouls. But, I never took one when it was a really close important game.

Bull-that’s like saying Child’s cost us the game because he missed the last shot-do the math it’s two points.

The free throw shooting really hurt. It needs to be 72% at minimum especially in March.Eleven of fifteen at the line and they win by one and that computes at about 73 1/3%. Since I didn’t see the game I don’t know how many of the misses were the front end of one and ones. Fifteen turnovers is about 5 more than BYU generally gets. If a team is playing tight and physical on you it requires more patience to get shots and less forcing the ball when a pass isn’t there.

Honestly officials should call fouls when they are committed and call them on both teams if they are committed. This business that since it is tournament time teams should be allowed to mug each other is garbage. The rules define what a foul is and if one is committed call it. I remember last year when Virginia beat Auburn because Kyle Guy of Virginia was fouled on a 3 point attempt with about 2 seconds remaining there was all this heart burning about the call because it was in a final four game and the defender didn’t absolutely mug Guy. The replay showed it was clearly a foul although not a hard foul. The ref. had the guts to make the call. That is why some refs get to officiate final 4s and some don’t. I am not a big proponent the just let them play philosophy. It leads to ugly basketball like I understand last night was. Call the game according to the rules and call if equally for both teams. “Letting them play” just gives an advantage to bigger more physical teams. Calling fouls when they are committed makes for a cleaner more enjoyable game to watch. I don’t know anybody who wants to watch a wrestling match when they go see a basketball game. If a physical team gets fouls called when they commit them they have to back off the rough stuff and then skill wins out.

Good observation and I’m sure Pope felt his team was getting mugged and was vocal about it and got t’d. I would guess in a tournament game that is tense and close, that a lot of refs would restrain themselves from calling the technical. It did not cost BYU the game as they had multiple opportunities to put this game away and didn’t. But to be totally honest the only thing to cost BYU the game was Ford’s jump shot with less than 2 seconds left

And, as I posted yesterday and today, there are several reasons for the loss.

  1. One of the 3 two foot shots Childs missed
  2. 7-10 free throws instead of 5-10 that Childs missed
  3. One less technical foul on Coach Pope
  4. Better defense in the last 7.2 seconds that gave an easy shot for Ford (should have pressured him more including doubling him
  5. 10 turnovers instead of 15
  6. Run our normal offense that gives us 15-25 assists per game instead of the 7 assists.

I tried to respond with common ground but you can’t seem to pluck your head out of the hate sand…

Their is no hate sand nor has there ever been from my observations of other posters. People just get fed up with your immaturity and aggressiveness that they refuse to respond to your posts. You will continue to pursue the avenues you have in the past and people will continue to ignore you or drop out altogether. From your acrimonious treatment of so called liberals or democrats or anyone that doesn’t believe as you do. People choose their own paths in life and that is the way it was meant to be, so by all means carry on. Good luck to you in finding eternal peace