BYU vs. SMC round 3

So here is BYU’s third chance this season to beat St. Mary’s. No excuse for losing game 1. that was a giveaway for sure. Of course there was no excuse for losing as bad as they did in game 2 either. I hope BYU wins this game of course, but I won’t be surprised if they don’t.

Landale had 31 and 14 in game 1, 32 and 15 in game 2. If he gets anything close to that, I am questioning Schroyer and Rose about a lot of things, unless BYU wins the game. We will see.

First 5 minutes… great start. Good ball movement, poised and good help defense on Landale. Let’s keep this going.

Only thing I notice that is a bummer to this point is that the officials are allowing SMC to grab and hold when we try to screen and move. Lots of hands and no calls on SMC so far. That is bothersome as the game goes forward. It is allowing SMC to stay in the game.

And now they have the lead. I don’t like the way the game is being officiated right now. Lots of ticky tack crap against BYU but the refs allowing SMC to play physical.

It’s bad today. Got to call it both ways, they’re not calling their ticky tack fouls. 7 to 1 and St Mary’s is clearly playing the more physical game.

I liked the defense for a while there.

So that was a reluctant call by the ref but he did finally blow the whistle on Landale for the push on Yoeli. Still don’t like the vibe of the officiating and I’ve never thought Dave Hall was kind to BYU. If anything he is hostile towards the Cougars.

Very quick whistles on BYU, slow to blow the whistle on SMC. I don’t like it at all.

8-2 in fouls right now. Sorry, that isn’t the way the game has been played so far.

It is starting to look like what I was concerned about. The wcc wants to make sure SMC and Gonzaga get good seeds for the ncaa tournament.

How about we not fall off of hermenson?

I was about to lose it if they didn’t call that.

It looks like the refs looked at the board and realized they were in trouble.

Yes, because now we are getting some calls. I don’t know if officials think BYU is stupid or they don’t see what is going on. Obviously somebody has pointed out the disparity and now they are making up the difference.

It is amazing how officiating can influence the flow and momentum of a game.

Also interesting was that last call. It was made by David Hall and I think he realized he hadn’t blown one whistle on SMC yet so he made that call. He is one of the officials that I was talking about because he is a veteran and has called a lot of big games, including ncaa tourney games.

This is awesome. Excellent move by Nixon to get the 3rd foul on Landale.

Yoeli’s low post defense is weak.

Another bad call from Hall on Eli.

And Childs hits the worst looking 3 ever, but at least he squared up to the basket.

Good first half for the Cougars. I wonder if the officials will get their instructions to give SMC all the chances they need to win the game.

Gonzaga winning by 30 is disappointing. It doesn’t really matter who plays them in the title game, they will win big and get the good seed in the tourney.

Whatever, just business as usual in this conference.

I think it’s a coaching thing too. The way you interact with refs and how you and your players manipulate them. They’re human like any one else, learn their weaknesses and beat them. Can’t get mad, just assume you have to play 5 on 8 and you have to beat the refs just as much as the other team. Go into the game thinking of them I that way and you don’t get knocked off your game as much or frustrated.

Yeah, it’s too bad but it is reality. No team should have to wonder or worry that they aren’t getting a fair shake in each and every game they play. But you are right, the refs are human and if they don’t make an extra effort to objective and fair in every game, it won’t happen.

I just want to say that the defense on Landale has been excellent so far. It looks like it is going to continue in the second half. I don’t know if getting a decent lead is a good thing or a curse for BYU, They always seem to have a problem with keeping it or increasing it.

Dang it, just when I thought BYU was going to keep after him, they stop doubling down and pestering him when he gets it down low…

I can’t believe Childs is hitting that shot. He is having a game right now. And I have to give it up to Nixon, he is making this team better.

Double digit lead with 9 to go.

Twelve point lead with 6 minutes to go and the officials are being fair. Two things stand out at this point.

  1. The officiating is fair and unbiased.

  2. BYU is playing a great game. This is why the LMU, Pacific and other losses are so frustrating. You see what this team is capable of.

Landale goaltended on that follow. Good resilience on the part of BYU to get the lead back to 10 when SMC had cut it to 6.

Come on Cougars, you can do this.

Just have to keep working and make the free throws when the fouls start coming.

Great play and shot to beat the clock. Hopefully that will seal the deal.

Guys are playing above themselves tonight. Great game!

BYU 20 assists to st mary’s 11. Says a lot.

Bennett seemed to snub Rose at the handshake at the end. Just walked right past him. Real class, Bennett.

Landale had 20 something points but he didn’t have many rebounds. The double team and rotation of the defense was a big difference.

An important aspect tonight, and we saw it against USD, is that while Childs/Bryant scored a lot of points, it wasn’t hero ball. They scored within the flow of the offense. Everyone had their role and that is how a team should play.

It is good to finally see the Cougars put it together.

I will back off on the Dastrup thing for a game, but we will see the effects of too much court time for the stars. They will probably be gassed tomorrow night.

Classless act Bennett, Wow. Next year we should sweep them in our favor.

Why classless? Did he do or say something at the end of the game?


Bennett seemed to snub Rose at the handshake at the end. Just walked right past him. Real class, Bennett.

John Brady said that or did I missed understood him?

But anyway, no more Landale, Herman & Narr next year. Bennett and smc players should be worry about not getting the ncaa. I doubt ncaa will take 3 wcc if BYU WINS Tomorrow.

However, I’m sure Gonzaga practiced hard Sunday. So, we got that day off and it showed tonight. SM was tired and looked tired.