BYU vs. St. Mary's

Well, there’s the game. Two straight times down the court Landale fouls Childs first and then Bryant. Big nose swallows his whistle and there’s the game.

Horrible job by the officials who give Landale every call possible and then swallow the whistle when he fouls somebody.

Now they foul Childs out of the game.


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Agreed. The first half was a good game. The refs ruined the game…

I thought you don’t believe in BAD REFS? As bad my eyes are and it was my first time seeing that BIG NOSE REF. So he is that bad? After seeing Landale 1st foul and boy did Bennett got mad and I wonder if he going to report about bad refs game?

It was a good thing I fell a sleep in 2nd half. Did Dastrup played at all?

Dastrup got his 4 minutes…hahahha

NOSE has been screwing BYU for year…years.

I talked about him in the Utah vs. Weber State game…he screwed Weber good. the players had a confused look all night, whats a foul and whats not. Nose makes sure the game is all about him every stinking time.

Kudos to Yoeli Childs; sick all day, no afternoon shootaround, didn’t start 2nd half, played 26 minutes, scored 14 points (6/10 FG), 1 reb, 3 asts, before fouling out late, after dealing with Landale all night.

I did not know this…per Wrubell.

sure looked one sided to me. Landale does the same thing Childs gets a O foul for and nothing.

But to be clear, this game was lost because Naar would abuse Hardnett and Oh, my goodness…Cannon got beat every single time he covered Naar. Naar got 12 assists, most likely responsible for 30 points. Now look at what Eli did to Hermanson to the 2nd time…5 points (Hermy is the 2nd leading scorer on SMC). The logical answer is Eli on Naar…that is the key from my arm chair.

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there is one positive. Outside of a dumb turnover or two. Haws is playing good ball and he is defending. He gets knocked down a lot but he is knocking knees, something his brother never bothered with once in 4 years.

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“Knock Down” - I am assuming you are saying “No foul calls on any opposing teams when they were knocking Tyler Haws down?”
Sorry, like I said can’t see the whole thing anymore just partial now and listen to game a lot.
If that what it was going on and that is frustrating and no fun to watch the game.

I don’t remember if Marty Haws ever get knock down.

Cougar fan tends to be even keeled about refs. They view it appropriately as a distraction. But last night was so bad even the ESPN announcers were all over it. It’s a shame.

And then isolate Naar on defense and make him defend Eli or even just defend our quicker guards. Abuse him on screens. Make his life horrible. [quote=“fish, post:7, topic:7836”]
Outside of a dumb turnover or two. Haws is playing good ball and he is defending.

Thought the same thing. That’s a huge positive going forward.

Yes, Dastrup got a few minutes. Didn’t score. Played good defense for 95% of each play and then lost his man for a layup. He is getting better on defense.
Childs was sick last night but played pretty well. He took a lot of rest and that hurt us.
We picked up 6 fouls in the first 3 minutes of the 2nd half. The refs did great the first half. But, started calling the game way too tight. Landale will never foul out in this league with these referees.
I have always understood the poor refereeing in college ball. My point is you still have to shoot well to overcome the poor refereeing. And, that is what happened last night. We can’t beat SM shooting 40%. Both teams put up 54 shots. They made 6 more shots and that ended up being the difference. I’ve said over and over we miss more layups than other teams do and that was the case last night. We missed 5 it 6 open layups and several wide open 3’s. SM made their open 3’s and layups. That was the difference.

Those that scoff about next year don’t understand the huge upside next year. Gonzaga will also be better next year. SM won’t be.

That’s true. We’ve just had a run of bad luck and people are leery. Mika leaves after a year, lose Emery at the same time. Several players left that would have been role players or starters. Key injuries at just the wrong times. And we drastically changed philosophy. And that was just the last year.

I’m optimistic about it. Tons of talent and experience returning.

It’s huge if it translates into wins. When it actually does something to the result of the game then it will be huge. For now it is more of a “whatever”… It took Haws way too long to get going and even when he did he still had some bad turnovers and missed some easy shots.

BYU fell behind big time when Hardnett went to the bench and Haws took over the point. That was a disaster.

Those that scoff about next year are scoffing about the same thing that is said every year… and that is fans always talking about next year because the current year is all about finishing in third place or lower. That is the real scoffing issue.

Please tell me you aren’t a LP3 believer… Mika was good but not great, Emery got worse over time. Funny how BYU fans (or most of them) always have some built in excuse ready to deliver…

BYU lost because SM was better defensively and executed their offense the entire game. BYU did not execute their offense that well the last ten minutes. Simple, plain and to the point, no excuses. Next year, will have to wait. On paper you are correct, but games are not won on paper. You can’t control the officiating, you only control what you can as a team, so forget about the “wait till next year” you still have the tournament and the rest of the year to get better

It’s important to see a bright positive future. It’s good for the soul :slight_smile:

you are right about that unless you don’t fold to disillusionment when your expectations don’t come to being😉

John Wooden never cared about preparing for the team they were going to play. He just made sure his team practiced their offense and defense to perfection and details.