BYU vs. UT Arlington

Not a great start, the defense is not hustling, Haws is being lazy. The offense looks good so far but the defense needs to step up.

Also, this NIT game has more fans there than any game I’ve seen so far. The BYU fans support their team better than most, in spite of everything.

Our depth lacks. Our effort is lacking too.

Still no defense, still no Dastrup…

but Frampton is launching 3’s!

Phi Slamma Outacontrola is in full force…

Too many bad turnovers

Missing free throws. Can’t do that!

you know what’s funny?

BYU gave up 62 first half points, I’m sure that is the highest total for UTA in a half this season, and you have said nothing about BYU’s defense. You did comment that “effort” is lacking, but not on defense?

I guess that isn’t a problem?

It’s not that. It’s so obvious that players don’t understand the offense that they are trying to defend. So, they don’t have a clue where to be as their motion goes through the progressions. It’s partly due to inexperience. It’s partly due to physical weakness. And it’s partly due to average talent from the bench.

How do you fall behind 62-55 at HALFTIME? I know Haws is sick but can anybody play defense?

It’s partly due to Haws jumping at the shooters, it’s partly due to Emery throwing the ball away to start the half.

It’s partly due to the fact that the team doesn’t know how to play defense or play with effort on defense.

You saw that first shot for UTA. They had no clue how to play defense and left him wide open.

I am going to rename this BYU team Charmin because they are so soft. 10 turnovers in the first half wow

Are you sure that is the reason you are going to call them Charmin? I thought it might be because they are playing like … I would call them France, because they act like they are retreating and have no defense.

How many layups can one team make in a game?

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Layups yes. But the continuous 3’s UTA is making. Why do teams shoot so well against us? Even 30ft bombs.

Is the game over yet? Look like UTA will get more than 114 points. Is this what going to be like next year? Sad time :scream:

UTA is putting BYU out of its misery. Its now or never. BYU is making a little run. Can they get a few stops? BYU is tipping the basketball in for UTA. Maybe they do want to end their season.

Teams shoot well against BYU because the defense allows opponents to get into a rhythm and get lots of open looks. Anybody can do it, as evidenced by UVU early in the season.

There is no defensive pressure by this team and they are turnover machines.

Nope…Turnovers and lack of blocking out. We are running out of gas. And, in my opinion, Rise wanted to play everyone more than winning. A lot of work is needed between now and next November.
Why don’t we have off ball cuts to the basket like everyone else?

#4 is having a career night exceeding his high point total by a ton I’ll bet. I think it is the missionary spirit of BYU, to do this and then give them a book of mormon afterward.

This is what happens when the program just assumes that a certain group of players will do what they did in high school.

Time to move outside the bubble and see what is going on in the rest of the world.

Beo might be having the worst game of the season…for any BYU player if that is possible.

For the love of … can we just end this season now?