BYU vs Utah Game

So far, BYU looks good playing hard and as a team. Can we do this for the entire game?

Use the “in-game” thread for discussion during the game. This is for afterward.

A much better performance. A lot of scoring in the paint. BA has to quit picking up silly fouls. We need him on the floor at the end to help bring the ball up the court against the press.

I thought everybody played well and was focused. The only negative was 18 turnovers. They shot free throws well, shot well overall, 3 point shooting was almost 40%, they dominated the glass, and their big men dominated.

Harding looked the best he has looked in a long time and played the way we all have been hoping he would play. Haarms has a lot of skills but it looks like he may still be having issues with the ankle, Harward was a beast, Lee looked good, and Lohner was a beast on the boards but still turns the ball over too much. Averate brought a lot of energy before he fouled out and finally had more assists than turnovers. Barcello ran the team very well and while Utah shut his scoring down he was the consummate team player and set people up the entire game. Knell didn’t hit any of his shots but played 18 minutes and the BYU announcers said he had the best ± of anybody on the team. It just shows that you don’t have to be scoring to contribute. Spencer Johnson was tremendous. I didn’t think he would play much this year but is emerging as a real key player. He shoots very well, plays good defense, and takes care of the ball. What a bonus getting him. With all the other high profile transfers he has been the biggest surprise. Gideon George has disappeared the last few games and Wyatt Lowell has yet to emerge. Nine guys played really well against the U. In defense of George he only played one minute against the U so we didn’t see him enough that game to make a judgment but we know what he can do.

BYU played 9 guys 17 minutes or more and all contributed and played well. If they can continue to do that they will do well this year. Hopefully Pope has found his rotation. If somebody slips up George and Lowell could get into the mix. Depth is a great problem to have.

Didn’t look like Haarm’s ankle has any problems. He got up quick to dunk that ball. He’s just working into this offense and doing well. See how he does against SDSU. The team too.

Great write up, Reed.
As BA and Lohner go, so goes BYU at this point. As you say, more assists then TOs is a good thing.
Reallity is that Utah has a undersized PG in foul trouble and Averette was able to roll.
For once Lohner went up for a dunk and didn’t over think.

George has to be fighting illness or injury.
Lowell is just not in game condition and it is seriously too bad that the rotation is getting set and he is not in it. He could be killer with his length and shooting.

Really good to see Harding have a great game. He kinda started at the end of the last few games to find himself. Must of juiced up the knee as he was feeling his oats.

Johnson has proved he is a starter. Cool under pressure. Love his game and hoping for his brother to come after the Mish.

Harward didn’t just open the door, he busts it down. Says a lot when your starter, Lee is playing really well and 2 other guys eat up your minutes. Now if we could get him and Lohner to close out 3s on defense, BYU could do a lot of damage.

Lohner on 10 rebs, good thing I am not the coach because I would bench a player for not playing D (last of the BSU game). Watch out when Lohner gets to that next level. He is a beast.

Still lamenting that we did not land a good point. BYU is oozing talent at 4 positions and lacking one more playmaker. I am a greedy Grinch. GDay.

BA couldabeen but hasnt so far.
my two biggest concerns for next year are that

  1. ) so far next year’s points, Wade and Erickson, are not getting the experience necessary to step it up and
    2.) Lowell has not gotten the experience to step it up either.

That said the WCC is looking like a legit conference this year.
Except for the Zags not as good at the top as last year, but much deeper. The only real dog of a team is Portland.
There will not be much time for non-rotation players in conference.
BYU Gonzaga looks like a great matchup on either court if the Cougs continue to play the way they did against Coach Kry’s middle of the road P12 team.

Johnson is a legit guard. At this point, he’s mostly a 2 man. But, he had some nice drives. Like TJ, became a point guard.

Gonzaga has maybe the best two guards in the nation. They will chew us up and spit us out on their way to a NC. Kespert will feed on our Fr. There are guys sitting on the bench @Gon that BYU dreams about having on the team.
Utah is just not a good team with borderline 1 NBA caliber guy.

Wade, too slow, too small.
Erickson, what we see on the court is what we see in practice. He has a ways to go (mission rust), Johnson on the other hand was game ready from day one. He just needed his shot.
Pope is really working hard with this motley crew. 49 second half points in the BSU game was a turning point for our young team. The crazy thing is Pope has more talent sitting on this year’s team then we had last year.
Oh and TJ was a point guard since he wore diapers.

TJ wore diapers? Thanks for that information. Very valuable to know :unamused:
Johnson had some good drives and has shown he can stop and get off the midrange shot as well. Reminds me a bit of Ainge. Same height.

BA has to stop getting those teaching fouls. Just stay in front of his man.

Seriously? No fans in building for hype-mismatch-just hoping to hold our own against the rest of the WCC. BYU will keep getting better, but not Gonzaga good

You can always hope for a Gonzaga hiccup, they do have them once a year. BYU gets hot from 3, it could happen…in a dream

It’s why we still play the games.

It’s the only time in the season I root against the Zags

I’m always fishing for Steelhead when we play Gonzaga in Provo. Coach Few is been known to get away for a day towards the end of the WCC season to chase those same fish. He even does it before March Madness most years. I always give him my water if I see him. They have holes named after him on my not to mention river.

Just really getting into fly fishing again since I was a kid and my Dad taught me. He used to fish the Weber River a lot growing up. My favorite river is the Owyhee River trying to hook browns-but not easy sometimes

A lot of people have holes named for Few. Is yours A, B or C?

We got our dream game last year! If this were an online betting site I’d take the Zags over BYU this year, home or away, and give 10 points. GU’s talent right now is RIDICULOUS. I love watching the Zags’ freshman guard Suggs, who should be a one and done, and Kispert looks like that great 4 year player who is the athletic, tough, physical wing guy with a deadeye shot who just keeps improving every year (ie Jake Toolson).

Got to watch the Utah game in full tonight.
BA played a much more controlled game. Lohner is still getting schooled but getting better with each game. His 10 Rebs just killed Utah’s second chances. Very active around the boards.
BYU really needs these two guys in order to win.

By George, Harward has sure kicked the “I want more time” door down. As has Johnson. Speaking of George, where’d you go?

Barcello may have scored little but had his best game of the year as a facilitator to Harding and Johnson.
BYU beat Utah is every single category including 11-12 FTs. Pope had said that they were focused on improving at the stripe after hoovering around 60% in the last 4 games.

SDSU feels like the USC, BSU start. We will see if BYU is ready for a really good Sr lead team. I pick SDSU to win the Mtn and be a 3-6 seed in the dance. Lohner and George had better be ready to defend. OUT.

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