BYU vs. Utah - no hero ball here

So Childs has the first 12 points for BYU and then he launches a 3 for some strange reason… I guess it might be because he is a hero on this team and nobody else can score?

Come on grasshopper, this is the reality of what this current team is, one dimensional and not very adaptable or able to counter an athletic, bigger team.

Unfoirtunately, when you are the centerpiece of your team, you are going to get scrutinized by the officials as well so that makes Childs susceptible to some bad calls, like the offensive foul in the lane just now. Bad call by more bad western US refs.

Noticed that there are some familiar faces wearing the stripes today.

In Yoeli’s defense, I will say that nobody else on this team can hit the broad side of a barn. Honestly it is ridiculous how bad of a shooting team BYU is. For whatever reason, the word is that they are great in practice but in the actual games, the shooting is terrible… can’t finish on layups, bricking outside shots, etc.

It’s bad.

Neither team lighing up the scoreboard and some might say “well, it’s a rivalry game” but it looks to me more of a case of two not very good teams who can’t score the basketball.

Wow, Utah sucks.

Down four at halftime and getting blown out in the second half. Five minutes in and they haven’t even scored, yet they continue to use up the entire shot clock before even looking to score the ball.

And we thought Rose needed some help with his coaching…

Well, so much for the hot start to the second half, now BYU can’t score.

Stop shooting 3’s for crying out loud.

and of course here come the officials trying their best to make it a game. The excitement of Yoeli’s dunk had an impact on David Hall so he decided to insert himself into the game with a dramatic player control foul call that had no business being called.

having a conversation with myself here but that’s okay.

Did Jimmer start any games as a freshman?

Apparently Haws has started all 80 games of his career at BYU so far and he is a junior? I can only ask why?

The lead is now 10. BYU needs to keep playing hard and put this game away.

Great 4 point play by Haws but his defense is terrible so he gives up a 3 point play on the other end.

Too bad.

Fortunately for BYU, this Utah team really sucks (I think I said that earlier) so I will say this, from legendary Laker announcer Chick Hearn. This game’s in the refrigerator: the door is closed, the lights are out, the butter’s getting hard, the eggs are cooling, and the Jell-O’s jigglin’!:

One final comment here, less than a minute to go and BYU up by 20 and Rose still has his starters in there. I don’t understand that aspect of his coaching philosophy either… why the starters play so many minutes… they are going to wear down as the season progresses and there will be injuries and problems with it.

Thanks to all the fellow cougar fans out there for participating in the in game discussion, it’s been engaging!

Just too early. I’ll watch it later. But, I have to say we beat a P-5 team. Utard has been up and down much like we have been. But, needless to say, we have Yolie who has scored 31 in 3 straight games and a high shooting percentage. That’s not hero ball. That’s letting your best player do what needs to be done and that is score.
TJ had another good game. Nothing to complain about.
Seljaas didn’t shoot well but had 5 steals and a block. Made some timely shots. Hardnett another poor offensive showing.
Harding did okay for a freshman. Looks like Worthington contributes today.
Emery was a no show. Haven’t watch the game so not sure why.
Still, too many 3’s. Drive to the basket more.
Good game BYU!

Be nice. BYU played a complete game. Child’s best yet. Seljaas best game as well. Dominating

Some people just have to find fault. I always take the high road :crazy_face:
It was a good game. I haven’t seen it yet. What happened to Nixon, Emery and Hardnett? We won and they didn’t show up.
Yolie is a beast. Unfortunately because of his success, he’s done after this year.

Same old stuff that Dave Rose still doing. I don’t get it either. I guess he didn’t want to lose till the fat lady sing. And when wcc comes around those starters will run out of gas and no skill to prepare for bench players.

I didn’t see the game and glad we (starters) won.

He played 13 minutes with 0-3 3’s shots. Maybe he was too emotional seeing those reds in front of him and Coach Kry-ing.

He might of been sick. Nixon too? But, no hero ball. Jim’s calling Child’s 13-16 and 31 points hero ball. He’d do the same thing if it was back in 1979 with Danny Ainge.

You are right. It was a road win against Utah! It’s ok to be critical but you have to give credit when it’s deserved. Nice win BYU

Haha, I had to watch the game late due to some midday commitments, otherwise I’d have been commenting along with you.

Overall, a good game for the Cougars against a weak Utah team. BYU will struggle against several WCC teams this year. They are no lock for 2nd or 3rd in the conference.

I had the fortune of being invited by Coach Hecker to sit with the Utah crowd next to Chris Hill, hahaha. We were VIPed and talked to the Utah coaches before the game ( I had a Christmas ugly sweater on with a Y on it.)

Utah is young and outside of Buterfield, no one from Utah had any heart. BYU’s starters are veterans who now understand what their roles are and should continue to play well. TJ and Childs rule the basketball team. Emery was not needed and he was booed the entire time he was on the court and BYU did not need him so he played little. Seljaas on the other hand played aggressively and uncharacteristically got a lot done around the hoop

Harding was very confident and aggressive as well, Nixon just can’t play very far from the rim so he was not needed as Childs ruled the middle . BYU just plays better with 4 guards and Childs, plain and simple. Baxter is nervious and out of control. All of the boosters for Utah were very complementary of Childs.

by the way, Usu handled WSU from start to finish. They were just plain better. I dare say that if BYU played Weber today, we would win…why does it take Rose being threatened to lose his job or a players only meeting for BYU to start playing Defense and motivation?

crew ainge played a good game and Quete was dominating’

Fish or anyone. I didn’t see the BYU VS utah game yesterday but I like to know can you watch replays on any ESPN (2, U & +) w/o subscribing service on any cable tv or streaming service (Slingtv, Hulu, etc.)?
I do have Slingtv with basic stuff so I can get ESPN, ESPN2, ESPN News. I don’t want to add sports pack ESPNU but can I watch replay from yesterday game when it was ESPNU? And can I watch any replays w/o having any TV Service Subscription? I do have Comcast service that I will keep. There are too many cable channels I don’t care or need them anymore. I am mostly Netflix.
I sure like to see what happened yesterday game and I sure like to see starting over playing against Weber State that we should have won that game but our players and coaches were LAZY ON HUSTLE & DEFENSE!

Please provide a link on this yesterday game. I am having a difficult time locating where to find all those replay games on espn because I am really visually impare “Tunnel Vision” are closing in on me more than ever. Thank You! Go Cougars for yesterday Blue Goggles. But when wcc starts, I will be back to earth w/o the blue goggles.

You can go to You Tube and watch replays as well as Facebook- type in BYU basketball. As for a full game I would imagine BYU TV will replay it.
Here is a very good write up of the revelry game

Outside of Barefield, Utah had no one to step up

Yo had the dunk of the year, maybe the dunk of the century

The link is not found it says which I like to read it.

I don’t use Facetime or Twitter but I will try on YouTube with facetime to get my wife account pull up. And I will look up at BYUtv link too but I thought they only do that at home (LES) espn football gameS. What about going straight to espn or is it more headaches to search there?

Again, thank you Fish.