BYU vs. Vanderbilt here we go

Off to a bit of a rough start but not bad. Officials quick to whistle BYU (3 fouls) to Vandy (no fouls) but that can change. Lets see how it rolls.

Looking better but need to be consistent on defense… don’t jump for the pump fakes.

Here we go with the one sided officiating again. BYU has 10 fouls against them and only 4 against Vanderbilt. It’s total nonsense, both teams being aggressive and both teams fouling enough to get a call here and there. BYU seems to be the only team the officials actually see committing fouls. Poor job refs.

Follow up comment here, the whistles need to stop. This is ridiculous. Way too many whistles and way too many of them going against BYU. Why does this happen every game?

Seems like every time against BYU. And then things started going against Vanderbilt right about three minutes remaining in the first Half just to Even things out so what.

Too many turnovers this is crazy.

Second half starting out no different than the first half. The referees are so one sided in their calls it is sickening.

Now that the fouls are being evened out BYU is getting battered inside. Too many second chances for Vandy. They need to rebound on the defensive end and play smart.

Wow two quick fouls on AB? What is the matter with this referees crew are they trying to get both Stanford and Vanderbilt in the championship game? Come on.

Now AB has to sit because he keeps “fouling” scottie pippen jr. who, you know, is the kid of scottie pippen sr. This is going to be an interesting finish.

I guess we will just watch Pippen shoot free throws to end the game.

The officiating at this point is determining the outcome of this game, BYU can’t beat 8 opponents.

Pippen Jr. whining his way to victory. He doesn’t get a call so he whines to the ref and then proceeds to foul Lohner (he didn’t fall to the ground on his own) and make a layup after the foul and steal.

The officiating is putridly bad.

Barcello fouled hard on the last shot. No call. Just a terribly called game.

And there you go. AB gets mugged on the follow shot after rebounding the miss and then BYU fouls Vandy at least 3 or 4 times and the refs swallow the whistle ending any hope of tying the game or trying to win.

Like I said above, putrid officiating.

What did I tell you guys. Phantom calls on Barcelo Ticketek crap I don’t know how many offensive fouls I saw there. Scotty Pippen Junior drew about 500 phantom calls. Seriously we got a learn how to play when you get these kind of refs

Turnovers sealed the deal. We let one kid take over a game and we don’t have the heart to respond

I agree that the refs called ticky tak calls against BYU. However, we aren’t really getting fouled. Not sure why the refs would call the ticky tak calls for Van. But, that didn’t lose the game. 19 turnovers. And that wasn’t a foul when Lohner dribbles right into Pippen. He fell because…I don’t know. Here’s why we lost:

  1. 19 turnovers
  2. Missing 3’s again especially Johnson
  3. Missing in the lane shots
  4. Brick too many free throws
  5. Dribble too much into traps

AB fouled at least 3 times in 5 seconds, ending with a massive hack across the arms on a shot from 5 feet out. On a game where every ticky tack foul was called. I’m embarrassed for the official who was staring right at the entire play and lacked the courage to make a very obvious call. This doesn’t matter long term because our team is likely not going very far with so little inside presence, but this was maybe the worst late game non call I have ever seen—because it wasn’t just one foul—it was at least three, by multiple defenders, ending with a big lowering his arms to clobber a shooter right on the arm right in front of the official. It was not a close call. The official should be ashamed of himself. If he even cares. Many of these guys’ egos are such that they simply don’t care about getting it right.

Turnovers, turnovers, turnovers-could have won despite the officiating. I like Johnson, but he had a poor game -Barcello subpar game for him-Lucas sub par game-Lohner good game-Foos gets an A-George a B-Knell A-. Fun game to watch but Pippen got to the rack too easily at the end-credit Pippen, but missing Baxter and Harward-difference makers. Hope we take out Liberty

yeah, when you look at Johnson’s 0-5 from 3land and 3 TOs, it certainly is not his best but when you look at this 11 points, 4 rebs with 2 being offensive boards at critical times, he almost helped us win that game.
Next to Barcello, Johnson is our most consistent scorer, I really missed seeing him out there at the end. Coaching decision. Lucas has not had the best 2 games. Lohner on the other hand is filling up stat sheets now, a good sign. Don’t have a clue why Treore is not starting, just saw the 15 rebounds. HOLY COW!

Fousse probably doesn’t start so he doesn’t pick up quick fouls until coach can see what the refs are like. Just speculation.

His offensive rebound and put back was a thing of beauty. Turnovers were ugly

Our guards pick up their dribbles at questionable positions where they are pressured and then like space out with lazy flips to the defenders. Ugly turnovers. I’m going to have to do what I did for Rose and contact Pope…

Here we go again… I know some of you will understand what I am about to say and others won’t. For those who do, I am grateful for your understanding of the game as you have most likely played, officiated, coached and watched a lot of the game of basketball. There are some aspects of the game that can’t be explained… reasons for winning or losing a game. There are many of those same aspects that can be explained. All of these things, shooting, rebounding, free throws, turnovers, assists, steals, blocked shots, etc. are aspects of the game that contribute to winning or losing. Did I mention officiating? Yes, that is one as well. All of these influence the outcome and affect the way a game is played or not played. Most of the time, the team that does those things best wins the game, sometimes they do not. Other times a team does those things best and still loses because a player on the other team did them better or the officials calls influenced the way one team was able to play the game.


There are other factors that influence the outcome that I did not mention. Sometimes a team or players are in the zone and they play so well that nothing keeps them from losing… not bad free throw shooting, not turnovers, not bad officiating, not the fact that they are just more skilled than the opponent.

Sometimes a team plays better or is more skilled or is victimized by bad officiating and they lose the game. To what extent that happens is not always measurable. Likewise, it is not always measurable, the extent to which a factor affects a team or how they play.

Now to the BYU game vs. Vanderbilt. I know some of you will understand what I am about to say because I saw it happen with my own eyes. BYU was victimized by marginal officiating. It was clear that Pippen jr. was the designated star for Vandy and it was clear the officials had put him there during the course of the game. This forced BYU to play differently, enough IMO to change the possible outcome. BYU pressed and forced things more in an effort to compensate for this factor. That created more turnovers than normal. Did anyone notice how Pippen, especially toward the end of the game, questioned officials on every call he DIDN’T get? He was expecting it every time because he was getting it every time. Did anyone notice how easy it was for him to score, especially toward the end of the game because BYU’s players (especially those in foul trouble) backed off just a bit when defending him? He fouled Lohner on that steal at the end but the official hadn’t given him a call on the previous play (Pippen complained in order to set the official up on the very next play). That play, along with several others, including the ridiculous number of times he went to the free throw line, spelled BYU’s doom. I have seen it happen before and I saw it again in this game. Also, the last play of the game when Barcello (too bad his name wasn’t Steve nash jr. or something) was mugged and no whistle was blown kind of sealed the deal of how the game was supposed to end. Yes, he missed the shot but he also rebounded the miss and was hacked on the ensuing try. Game Over.

Hopefully others that do not understand will read this and gain some understanding about the nuances of a high level college basketball game. That is my wish this season.

Yeah that is exactly what I saw. And to some extent McGee got away with a bunch of junk in his game and yet the big head scratcher is Barcelo got nothing. Frustrating., Foos helped us get the win today Man that guy was ridiculous

Pretty good post Jim. I felt BYU was the overall better team, but marginal officiating can keep a team in the game and give them an advantage at the end when the opposition is in foul trouble. BYU is in another nail biter with Liberty and again BYU is imo the better team but the officiating has been pretty equal, but it’s still a close. I think most fans understand that there are biased, poor officials , however players and coaches just have to worry about what they can do better, because lousy officials will always be worthless, biased refs. So BYU needed to worry about 19 turnovers, and better guard play.

Watching BYU tossing a 9 point lead away with less than 3 minutes left, I have no idea why Barcello is on the bench unless he is hurt. Must not be hurt as he is back in after sitting a long time. Takeaways from the game

  1. Evenly officiated game (not perfect)
  2. BYU needs to find combinations that allow consistency in shooting. As much as they shoot 3’s, they need to shoot a better percentage. Rebounding is keeping them in the games.
  3. Pope has his work cut out for him to get second place in the conference. Teams have figured out that doubling the guards is the way to expose BYU. The front court will need to step it up and dominate as imo BYU has two pure shooters in Knell and Barcello. Knight, George, and Lohner have yet to show consistency. Johnson is a good all around player and Foos is improving by the game. Find another outside threat.

I share the frustration with some of the officiating. I have no idea why Big Nose gets assigned to so many BYU games. The sorry truth is, though, it does none of us any good to get high blood pressure over the calls, it will never change. Fortunately, in football and to a lesser degree in basketball, there is more oversight than there used to be, but it’s still less than perfect-ask the Rams