BYU will play Gonzaga on Thursday. win win

As predicted, BYU and Gonzaga will start their 15 game series back to back to back since Cali. teams can’t get their S___t together.

Hahahahaha, we all got tired of waiting on you West Coast Newsomites.

Maybe Utah needs another beat down as well. :open_mouth:

Just curious is the cancellation due to the California Covid restrictions, or the NCAA protocols or what?

It’s Covid. Someone’s Mother in Law had it once upon a time.

Does anyone really know Floyd? Of course not. That is how you control people by taking away the things they love to do and then mandating them to do other things or nothing at all. The more restrictive they get out here, the worse the situation becomes and we don’t know if anyone is telling the truth about anything anymore. 10% of the total deaths here in my county happened over the weekend… or so we’ve been told. 26 people died… out of a total of about 290.

Also Fish, you gotta move this topic to a category or it will close.

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