California drought open season on liberty

For decades, the liberal left ecologists have been stopping progress on building reservoirs and channels from the other states where water is over-plentiful.This has caused the water shortage, not climate change. The water shortage in California is man-made by fascist Liberals. Now, they want to regulate water usage for all except farming land which uses only 2% of the total water needs. They want to put special spy meters in homes that will decide if you are using too much water for showers and other usage with heavy fines that people won’t be able to pay.
Progressives point to shabby science stating that this drought is permanent due to “climate change.” Which is not true but sounds good. I listened to Rand Paul’s speech today announcing he is running for President. More and more I’m inclined to lead towards him and those like him who stand for liberty, less government and more restraint of both Federal and State governments. Even though I may not entirely agree with all his things, there is enough of which is needed at this time in our country and for the world.
How many more of your liberties do you want taken away by fascist Democrats and left leaning Republicans?
I was listening on the Radio that there are progressive think tanks with in’s to the White House that want to stop health insurance for those over 75 years of age. They want them to simply die off. Only those that can afford to pay for their medical needs will survive. I guess that is one way to handle a man-made water shortage.

Well here in Utah… The “Conservative” State they are sending people around to watch how much you water your lawn and then fine you (up to about150 per occurrence) because our reservoirs are about 80 percent full, but no more snow on the mountain tops to replenish them.

Right now Utah does not use it allotment of the Colorado River water, for years they have let it flow down stream for other states like Arizona and California (mostly San Diego area) to use. Now they are talking about diverting our allotment and sending them reservoirs to hold the water for us to use. Which make California a bit upset.

You will note that I also included left leaning Republicans in with the conspiracy to commit fascism. The water meters will eliminate those jobs and they will basically intrude inside your homes. And, nothing to stop them from hooking up listening and video devices while they are at it.

They’ve known for decades that the population was going to expand in Western States. Governments could have been prepared for this. Instead, they waste money and continue to allow illegal non-residents in that contribute to this problem. This one can’t be explained away by saying the illegals provide work that Americans aren’t willing to do.

ummm… Utah is full of the TEA Party Republicans in the State Legislature… So no these are your type people Scott… Not left leaning GOP…


I was surprised by the amount of water conservation I saw when I first moved to Colorado. There are much heavier ordinances for water use in my community than I saw living in the desert in California. You can only water 3 days a week in the morning and evenings. I remember watering every day in California at night or in the morning. I had a city water guy stop by the house last summer and tell me I had a leak because he could detect that my water had run continuously for 30 days straight. I looked and found a toilet in the basement that had the worlds slowest trickle. The kicker is that I am in a very conservative area with pretty good water. Water is an issue, but my town bought up reservoirs in the mountains 70-80 years ago to allow for growth and water shortages. .

Wolves in sheep clothes. Not true conservatives. They are your Democrats :slight_smile:

Ya, big brother is watching more and more. California had opportunities to build more reservoirs too. But, too many wacko liberals. There has to be a way to channel the Midwest and East floods to the West.

I think you mean that farming uses 80% of the water available for use. At least, that is what they were saying on the TV news the other night. That means 20% is left for everybody else.

California is corrupt when it comes to water and their refusal to use treated water.

One of the largest city waste water plants in Southern California uses some of my products to clean water, millions of gallons a day go through that plant, and it goes from sewage to clean once completed, and guess what they do with it??? Dump millions of gallons of clean water into the ocean, water that meets a higher standard than 42 other states require for drinking water, is dumped in the ocean. The politicians refuse to allow it to go from toilet to tap, or even toilet to secondary water for agriculture purposes.

Until overpopulated states that can’t support themselves with natural resources are forced by their citizens to be more responsible, this will never end. The southern california citizens are footing the bill for a waste water treatment plant, so they can then watch that water dumped out to see, while other states use that water for agriculture, secondary, or even release into reservoirs and eventually reclaimed for drinking water.

Yep! Then they blame the people, slap meters to watch us and fine us when we waste water. All a big plot by the environment conspirator fascists using climate change to fascilitate all of this.

Yup, they are in bed with the environmentalist who think putting up hundreds of windmills near Palm springs is responsible to the environment. They have destroyed an entire mountain range and valley, thousands or acres, when instead an efficient and clear natural gas power plant on less than 5 acres would have supplied 10 times the power as these windmills.

And countless birds that have died

I forgot how reactionary people affiliated with BYU really are, and why I’m so happy to be away from Provo. Why this nonsense (misinformation straight out of Fox News) belongs on this site is a mystery to me. Fans should not have to put up with this! Aren’t there enough places where crazy people can go post crazy things without resorting to a sports web site? Not all of us BYU grads are adherents to right wing politics. Some of us aren’t even LDS. Moderators, please spare us the B.S. and let’s talk about sports, OK?

The off-topic section is for other things than sports. Does that help clarify things for you? Or, are you just another troll liberal trying to silence conservative republicans?


While I agree with you that there are some very vocal reactionaries on this site, the off topic section has been a place where for over a decade people have vented or discussed many things not related to BYU sports. There are a few who would bait anyone into an argument, but most have actually become friends or at least friendly on the board. I may be a bit to the left, but I would go out to dinner with any of these men because I do know that while sometimes I may think there politics are crazy, they also often talk about issues involving family members and struggles in their own lives and they do actually care about each other.

Grasshopper makes me unable to comprehend where his anger comes from on some days, but I know that if we met up at any point that there would be no ill feelings and we would probably have a good meal together. I have come to think of him a crazy Uncle. If you don’t allow yourself to get offended, the posters on this board are pretty nice guys. Unfortunately, when they switched formats we lost a lot of regulars and that has changed who posts and there isn’t as much variety now.

Yes grasshopper. I am a liberal troll, coming here for information on BYU sports because ya know, conservatives with their 24 hour right wing media entertainment complex are a poor picked on minority that liberals all want to silence. Actually, of course I could care less about what your views are on politics or ‘silencing you.’ I might be even interested in your views on how Taysom Hill is healing or how recruitment is going or a million other things. I just don’t come here to hear you’re warped views on politics. I’m bombarded with that constantly in a million other places.

But since you think all of topic subjects are fine here, I guess I’ll post some articles about how Shawn Hannity is the stupidest pundit on the national scene, or why Bill O’Rielly is a complete moron. Maybe a little soft core porn for good measure. I’m sure you’ll have no issues with that at all.

DevMo. I agree completely with this. I’m sure grasshopper is a fine upstanding individual, even if he is kind of a ■■■■ online. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander though, so if I have to dig through this tripe I will add my input as well. I predict it won’t be very well received.

Unfortunately, with one channel that is fair and balanced giving right wing thinking a chance to be on TV against all the liberal channels, doesn’t fair very good with your warped view of the media. As far as radio, how many really listen to the radio? Honestly, you know the left wingers control thinking in this country. Yet, one person in here doesn’t let the left get a way with nonsense and you fly off the handle. That’s a typical far left dude :wink:

Go ahead and post. Right wingers are pro-constitution 1st amendment. The difference between the right and the left is the right use logic and the left use emotions. This war on women is a perfect example.

Here is a typical example of how the left just can’t get out of their own way with emotion over logic. Using a cuss word to get your point across just shows the lack of education and logic :wink:

I’m not angry. Why is it that when the right points out sin and corruption that we are somehow angry? But, when the left flies off the handle with women not able to get $9 contraception pills or a black man gets shot committing a crime attacking a police officer? Or, a hispanic man is used as a white man when a black kid is killed? Note how wacky the left is over the natural change of the climate to the point their think tanks are going back a century to kill off the aged by stopping over 75 to buy health insurance. I could go on and on but I’d be too logical I guess and thus a crazy angry uncle. Rediculous!