Calvert to leave BYU

This is too bad. I thought he was a good one. But, he’s not playing as much as most of us think he should. With KC and Fischer leaving after this year, we don’t need to lose good shooters.

No surprise at all…

The culture at BYU needs an overhaul. I’ll bet Calvert was listening to the post game interview that I have been talking about.

So tell me now… is KC’s attitude benefitting the team?

A third string basketball player leaves and the whole school needs to change. Change what? Talk about overblown. Calvert sees he won’t play much next year for sure because he isn’t up to the challenge. Has nothing to do with KC and what you think BYU is.

I have been saying this for a long time about BYU football and basketball. When you recruit a talented freshman and you don’t give them some playing time, they not only become disillusioned with the program, but the recruiting process is messed up. How long do you think it took coach K to mention to the highly sought after Utah recruits that if they go to BYU they ought to be prepared to sit for a year or two? Calvert is the quickest of the point guards on this BYU roster. He is a good shot and a better passer and ball handler than KC. This loss will hurt for years to come. If goes to UVU we will meet him again.

It will hurt this year. Not next year as Haws comes in and starts at the point. End of discussion. Calvert just doesn’t want that kind of competition. Whimp!

Stop with the superficial reactions…

The culture of BYU basketball is limiting their potential for success. For crying out loud, you have said the same things for years! You’re the one that started the post! by saying he is not playing as much as most of us think he should! Man… talk about contradicting and yapping out of both sides of your mouth… what is your stance?

Apparently you would rather have Fischer chucking up 3’s and missing every one of them with the hope that he will just shoot his way out of his routine “slump” every other game than giving somebody else an opportunity to make a difference in a game. The culture I am talking about is leaving so much potential talent on the bench while giving all the playing time to the upper class guys.

We have been saying it for years - get the best players out on the floor and play to win! If Fischer is sucking, put his rear on the bench. Same with KC or anyone else. I say culture because the same thing happens in football. Ziggy Ansah sat around doing nothing at BYU and now look at him. Come on SG… you gotta see it.

Most of us feel compelled to respond to SG’s posts… me moreso because we are basically neighbors. It’s not that we want to respond… we just feel the need to help him understand…

What you are saying is spot on. So who are you in real life? Who is thawk? You can private message me if you want to remain anonymous. I’m only asking because you seem intelligent and your posts are legitimate.

BYU under Rose isn’t playing to win? That is what you are implying.
A top ten NCAA career winning percentage…and he’s not playing to win? I think some reevaluation might be in order a bit.

I think Cory Calvert was badly used by the Cougs this year.
It seems to me that Coach Rose, usually gets talented freshman more and more time as the season goes on. There have been few exceptions and the exceptions have been increasing.

Calvert’s leaving appears to me to be a timing issue. End of the Semester. Not seeing the floor with his home crowd in attendance. Seeing Seljas making it big in the game that should have been his to make it big. He’ll burn a year waiting to play at another school and learn their system in practice so he’ll step out and be what he expected to be at BYU. Hope he makes it big for himself BYU and the Lord.

If he’d stuck it out till the end of the year I expect he, and Chatman, at a minimum would have seen more floor time as Fischer’s inconsistencies mean more time for other guards.
Next year the writing is on the wall. Chatman, Emery and who? a TJ Hawes with fresh off mission legs? not likely? So I look at the roster and the answer is Elijah Bryant, he off all conference freshman skills in a one bid league…Seljas likely on a mission? probably? Toolson? probably wouldn’t be seeing the floor ahead of Calvert right now without his year coming off the bench last year let alone next year.

The 3’s shooters shooting their way out of a slump that I’ve heard stated by Jimmer and JT and Fischer and ad nauseum just seems a bit over used when BYU has died by the 3 too often these last few years…Why not die by the 3 on younger fresher legs and get the younger guys more playing time?

He has to transfer at the end of the semester to be eligible for winter semester (or quarter, depending on the school) next year. So instead of sitting the bench the rest of this year and sitting out a whole additional year, he leaves after finals, practices with his new team the rest of this season (instead of practicing and not playing with BYU this year), and next season will only miss the first 10 games or so of his new team’s schedule. So it’s like taking a RS year and only missing 10 games. Smart move by him.

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Where is he going?

TJ will be like Emery, ready to go!

This is what you write in reply and then the very next paragraph starts with “I think Cory Calvert was badly used by the Cougs this year”. There is something about my posts that people love to criticize yet provide the answer in the very next line. That is why I love this board… because I do my best to stimulate thought and get an answer. Gavenman figures it out all the time, it is just that he has a hard time understanding that is what he is doing. If Rose allows Fischer to go 0-9 on 3’s in a single game… you tell me how that is playing to win? It isn’t. So then you continue by answering with Calvert being badly used. In this case he wasn’t used at all. Why didn’t Rose give the kid some more time and why not in this game? He is from Colorado, he might have stepped up, he might have helped the team win and he certainly would have shot better than 0-9. Why the insistence on using Fischer? The guy thinks he is entitled… no wonder Calvert left.

So, thanks for criticizing my post because in so doing, you unwittingly answered it. I love this board! :smile:

We don’t know what goes on in practices. Perhaps Calvert stinks up the court. Maybe he doesn’t give the effort needed to play in front of the other bench warmers. Maybe he just isn’t as talented. I like what I saw but then he had some bad moments when he played too.
Unless you have someone actually better without the experience, then you go with the experience.

Nobody… and I repeat nobody should get a free pass shooting 0-9 3 pointers in a game. Like I said, his last miss should have been when he hit 0-5 or before.

I may not be right all the time but at least I stick with what I post instead of waffling around and changing my tune every other post.

When guys are leaving less than halfway through the season something is wrong.

The problem with Calvert leaving is that it is clear that we have one player that is either hot or cold, no in between. He either hits everything, including what he shouldn’t or hits nothing, including what he should. If that hot/cold was just during stretches of games, it would be ok, unfortunately, it is frequently during entire games, games which we lose as a result of his poor play. To make matters worse, when he is cold, he gets frustrated and doesn’t defend well, making him a liability on the court. If he was a freshman, it would be worth it to work on him as a project, however, he his a senior and we can’t afford to waste the minutes. Calvert is one of the players that BYU had that was capable of providing good minutes (at least as a defender) and as a freshman was worth investing some minutes in him in order to build him up. Unfortunately, he saw the writing on the wall that BYU was going to stick with Mr. Inconsistency and left for greener pastures. This will cost us next year when we have little experience (although a lot of potential). Now, we need to either start Collingsworth, Emery, Toolson/Chatman/Seljaas (pick one, I don’t care), Davis and Kaufusi in order to prepare for league play or pray that Mr. Inconsistency is hitting well enough to win the next four games (including against potentially #2 Oklahoma), otherwise, BYU is doomed to be a bubble team and they might be fighting to get on the bubble for the NIT.

Nobody is waffling. It’s a matter of when and where do you let a player verbally know. Out in public behind a microphone is not the place nor the time. Kyle was 100% right not to call out Fischer or single out any specific player. That belongs behind close doors and amongst the team. Not big ear fans and media.

Almost completely agree.

The Utah and Utah State games still bug me though Fischer 0-fer in the first half and then what 26 and 19 pts or something in the second half…

Absolutely. Though to think Fischer will be on against OK is not just drinking blue but bathing in it.

Still belongs closed doors.
Streak shooters do that. Coaches tell that kind of shooter to keep shooting. As long as the shots are good shots. If he’s doing what Carlino would do, then tell them to pass. Carlino didn’t have the consistant range Fischer has. Fischer also doesn’t have the drive and score abilities either. But, he should try more.

You forget that Mika will be back. And, I expect Haws will be more ready than you think.