CFP Rankings Bias and $$$

Gary Berta is the AD of Iowa. He is also the very smug spokesman for the CFP committee. His job is to keep as much TV money as he can for the P5 conferences and to talk to the media as if everyone is stupid. Here’s a good one for you:

Ranking Bias:
Berta’s U of Iowa is ranked 16 by the CFP.
Iowa is 6-2.
Exactly ONE of Iowa’s wins is over a team with a winning record–Northwestern.
Hilariously, Northwestern’s only win over a team with a winning record is Iowa.

Money Talks:
CFP money is divided amongst all members of the conference for each of the 4 teams selected (approx $6m per team per game for the playoff teams and approx $4m per team for the other NY6 participants). If Gary Berta and his boys took a team from a non P5 program, it would cost a P5 conference at least $6m. If a Big 10 team goes, Gary Berta personally gets around $500k for his own program. It’s all about the money, brethren. So Berta and the other P5 guys simply go to a meeting and say, “Hey, I won’t vote for a non P5 team if you don’t.” Simple as that. The shame of it is that they don’t just tell the truth; instead they make excuses that the media and fans know are lies.

■■■■ Harmon our resident “Homer” for BYU say it very well:

College Football Playoff has proved to be nothing but college corporate welfare system for royals - Deseret News

■■■■ Harmon is fantastic because he is a homer, he isn’t afraid to admit it, but he is fair to all and generous in his praise and honest with his criticism.

Think Vin Scully, the King of Homers who is revered for his fairness, honesty, and genuine praise and criticism when merited.

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When you think of CF powers, think of the mob and that analogy seems fairly correct without the killings (hopefully).

I remember the Roseboro-Marichal melee. While both teams were fighting, Scully was pointing out how Willie Mays was in there breaking up the fight trying to keep the peace. He always gave props to Mays and McCovey. Great announcer.

Im not a LAD fan but loved Vin Scully. A true American treasure.

I’m not a LAD fan. I’m a Giant fan in Southern California :sunglasses:

I am not following your Rankings bias example. Iowa and Northwestern have only played each other once.

Iowa only has one win vs a team with a winning record.
NW’s win over Iowa is NW’s only win over a team with a winning record.

Both have just played all the crappy teams in their conference.

And…drumroll please…SC loses to Oregon—So Oregon, 4-2 with losses to OSU and Cal, takes $4m to play in a NY6 game.

The CFP machine is an absolute embarrassment to football. Even the P5 Commish of the ACC today came out and basically called the CFP a total fraud. Cant decide to laugh or cry.

Soo True.
Notice how quiet it got out there when BYU lost by one stinkin yard. I want that yard back

You mean Nike State University? Follow the money, look who supports Kaepernick, BLM and other socialist/communist endeavors. They, along with the NBA, are after the Chinese market. Influence, Power and Money.

The P5 invitational you mean?
Watched the OSU game today. No way, now how is OSU a playoff team, not in this world!!! BYU would beat them. Notre Dame is also NOT playoff worthy. A&M should leap them and Cinncy should replace one of these jokers. Oregon gets a NY6 game? really?

Agree. I have watched Texas A&M play a couple times this year and they are a very good team. I think they should be in the top 4 with their only loss being to Alabama.

It is interesting to watch it all play out and know what is coming before it happens. It is also easy to see how a team like BYU has no hope of ever making a CFP under the current scenario. There are just too many factors working against them regardless of what they do.

No way Notre Dame should be in after getting crushed by Clemson. My top 4=Alabama, Clemson, Texas A&M. Cincinnati

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If Tulsa doesn’t beat Cincy!!

If Alabama doesn’t get beat by Florida

I’m afraid the game ending field goal wasn’t enough to get Cincinnati in. Alabama, Clemson, A&M, and sadly Ohio State-CFP

Ah yes, the Ducks at 4-2 with two horrific losses to bottom feeders are he PAC12 champs and go to the NY6 Fiesta bowl. This is why, as much as I love BYU, NCAA football is the worst pro or college sport.

Selection Committee …my ranking
1 Bama 1 Clemson
2 Clemson 2 Bama
3 Ohio State 3 Tex A&M
4 Notre Dame 4 Cinncy

The CFP will pit Bama- Notre Dame because you can’t have Clemson and ND play a 3rd time…No way does OSU deserve an invite. Compare them to a 10 game season and they would get beat. great D but their offense is stinky. I predict that Clemson with play them and embarrass them.

And ND gets rocked by Bama BUT I think they show better as Bama’s defense is not as good as Clemson’s. With that said, Clemson wins it all and Lawrence gets the Heisman.