CFP rankings: up one spot

[BYU moves up 1 spot to No. 13 in College Football Playoff’s 2nd rankings |]


Bigots! They should be put back to #8.

If they can demolish SDSU they will probably finish 12

“BYU is a very, very good team. But the committee holds strong, only moving them up one spot.”

Kirk Herbstreit

What do you think he means when he says “but the committee holds strong”? They are still wrong, they still look like idiots and most importantly, they still do what they are going to do.

More evidence that strengthens my “opinion”.

BYU is not going to get any more games this season. They will play SDSU and probably win easily. It won’t make any difference or change a thing. They will get no more games unless it is something that could hurt their chances to move up. Nothing they do will help them in that regard.

Just remember that the CFP committee is comprised of P5 guys and exists for one reason and one reason only: it was literally created to protect and consolidate the NY6 bowl money for the P5 conferences. That is why it exists. As a Pr move they agreed to let one G5 team in each year, but there is no way in he$$ they want to share the money with a second unworthy school. We need to understand that letting BYU in costs the committee members’ schools millions of dollars. Our frustration is how patently hypocritical their lies are. All the ESPN guys see it, all the major football media sees it, but we just need to remember why the CFP committee exists in the first place: it’s literal mission is NOT to find the best 12 teams—the mission is to find the best 11 P5 teams to go with the one G5 champion (which cannot be BYU), and make sure the P5 schools keep all the money.

makes you sleep at night. I have a question? Are the big bowls owned by the CFP? Can they select anybody if they aren’t committed to a Tie In?
Imagine if they do take BYU and make BYU play Cinncy. Oh the Irony.

Cinncy has to love it’s chances
Florida will lose to Bama (SEC final)
Tx A&M should lose to Auburn
Clemson could lose to ND again.

BYU could move up with
Indiana @ Wisc
Either ISU or Ok (Big 12 final)

PS. Cinncy can’t play BYU because of AAC rules.
. Because of AAC return-to-play protocols, Cincinnati will be unable to play this coming weekend, be it a makeup game with Temple or any other matchup. per ESPN

Yes money is the big factor and controlling the fates is why the CFP’s were set up, but the teams that make it are REALLY good. Way above most college level programs. The only exception I can find would be ND a few years ago that didn’t deserve their ranking and it showed up in their game, mostly as a result of controlling their schedule and playing an inordinate amount of home games which they have done for years, because-well- they are Notre Dame!

And the reason why it’s time to throw a lawsuit at them. It’s not always the thing to do but sometimes lawsuits are necessary.

My belief is that Cincy will not be allowed into the CFP. The committee will keep a Florida or A&M or a Georgia ahead of them in a final ranking. Cincy is a NY6 bowl team IF they don’t lose to Tulsa. If they lose to Tulsa and BYU shows well against SDSU BYU will get a NY6 bowl against a Big Boy.

And that’s what we deserve. I’m not pushing for being in the final 4.

I think BYU needs to get another game against a G5 ranked team and win it just to help the perception.

Agreed. See if anyone is willing to get beat. That’s the problem.

Diffinition of a bigot: One who is strongly partial to one’s own group, religion, race, or politics and is intolerant of those who differ.

Sounds more like you Scott than the committee.

The committee is simply protecting the money for the big 3 conferences (SEC, Big10, Big12) of the P5 conferences.

Bigotry has nothing to do with it.

They are holding strong to the belief that BYU weak SOS should count against them, even though there was nothing they could have done when the 6 P5 schools games were cancelled.

It is kind of a slap to the face of the Committee Herbstreit is giving.

The NY6 bowls are contractually obligated.

Cinncy has to play Tulsa twice. They could lose then beat them and I believe that they would still be the highest rantked G5, BYU has nothing to do with G5s and they are indy. We are at the mercy of the CFP but we have ESPN on our side. Bodes well for us.

3 of them are but I understand that at least 2 can invite whoever they want. I know the Fiesta can invite whoever.

What BYU fans should cheer for to move up in the CFP Rankings (

Hogwash Floyd. The committee sees only that which benefits their group of P5’s and secular institutions. Sounds more like you haven’t a clue.
How come you had two posts having to be silenced?

You said that it is someone that is strongly partial to their own group.

IF the committee is “protecting the money for themselves” then they are definitely strongly partial to their own group.

By your own definitions Floyd you are describing EXACTLY what it is and then saying it has nothing to do with it. I don’t’ mean to criticize here, just pointing out something very obvious. And yes, the Hopper is probably guilty of doing similar things but that is another discussion.

I am certainly partial to defending the kingdom of God in the earth from bigotry, hatred… Count me guilty

Yep, going undefeated doesn’t guarantee anything unless you are a P5 team. Of course 1 or 2 losses doesn’t change things much for P5 teams either. Bottom line is that there are enough P5 teams that will finish the season undefeated or with one or two losses (vs. other P5 teams) every single year to the point that a non P5 team will likely never be invited to the CFP P5 party.

Only P5 teams are worthy, good enough or deserving of winning national championships.

Read that article and try to convince me that bias doesn’t exist… thawk are you there?