Charges against Au You has been dropped

Which makes me wonder what really was going on…

Second question, how will the HC react…

Yeh that’s really a puzzle-must have had no hard evidence and in that case-ridiculous

This is our legal system at work. Be careful assuming guilt when the police make an arrest! Sometimes they are dead wrong. Sometimes law enforcement makes so many mistakes in the process that the legal system will never get a conviction even on a guilty party. I’m inclined to think that in this high profile case that the arresting officer had an issue and didn’t follow protocol and or the evidence didn’t support the arrest. Sometimes officers and prosecutors want to win so badly that they do things they shouldn’t do. My one problem with our legal system is that if the State doesn’t win their case then I think they should have to pay the defense costs. This would keep all parties more honest and allow only the best cases to go to court. Do I believe the defendant was in the wrong here … maybe! But I wouldn’t bet on it.

Sounds like the officer broke protocol didn’t follow all the procedures. I know being close to and the football team but a lot of guys get away with drinking. Hopefully this will cause them to rethink their priorities

If he was drinking and driving and his case was dropped due to a failure of the officer to follow protocol that only makes him not guilty by virtue of a lack of evidence needed to prosecute the charge. It doesn’t mean he was innocent. Being not guilty shouldn’t be confused with innocence in a strict legal sense. OJ Simpson was almost surely not innocent of the crimes but the jury found him not guilty presumably due to tainted evidence.

The honor code office may take a different view of this than the legal system. I am not saying Ah You did anything. I don’t know one way or the other. I am sure the university will be asking him some questions.

I don’t think he is just some victim of over zealous cops and prosecutors. Somebody messed up in the handling of the case. Maybe the officer didn’t read him his rights. I noted in the story he was taken to the jail for the field sobriety tests due to the weather. Maybe that was the issue.

I see way too many of these issues with BYU football players and many are return missionaries. They need to grow up. There is always a place at the U for them if they can’t follow the rules they agreed to follow when they enrolled. They are no different than any other student.

Wasn’t Au You a return missionary?

I know when I came home, I would never drink alcohol because of my experiences on my mission.

I agree with your post.

We don’t know the whole story of what happened between the police officer and Au You.
I also know from personal experience that some cops sees a athlete and automatically assumes guilt.

Be interested in what really happened.

You said be careful about assuming guilt?


HAHAHA!!! Funny!


Why funny?

First, Kobe accuser filed a complaint whereas Au You was pulled over by the police. Different scenarios.

Second, charges were actually filed against Kobe not against Au You.

Third, I said it would be interesting to see the whole story. Not saying guilty or not guilty.

Anyone can file a complaint. Doesn’t mean it’s true. You’re hypocritical in your response. It’s true we don’t know what happened. We know the woman involved has forgiven and moved on. So has Kobe’s wife. So, why not forgiveness from a Temple worker?

That was you and you are correct. Just admit it. Thawk said the same thing. But Kobe? Off with his head! To perdition forever! That’s my perspective.

You might be right but it is just a guess at this point. The officer may have shut off his body camera or dash cam or simply didn’t use a calibrated breath testing machine or read it wrong. Or the video that was taken may not have substantiated the arrest charges. There are a lot of scenarios and I hate to convict based on no evidence at all. It is really strange that they aren’t charging him with anything at all. Speeding is pretty easy to charge and the fact that not one charge stuck is really a bizarre conclusion. My bet is that there is a major story behind this situation.

A conspiracy? What do you think it might be? Will there be faxed, emails, letters… :joy:

Or maybe the officer was drunk himself LOL

Your right, but they don’t charge people unless they have viable evidence.

Tell that to all the people in jail that are innocent. Especially if they are black.

They are charged because they had evidence against them. That is a fact, now if you are talking about the inequities of thier sentencing, then I agree that there is a racial bias going on.

That is a documented fact.

And Floyd, why in the hell are you answering a flame thrower? I would bet in the next response, flamethrower will insult you…….Oh…there it is

Doing a 75 in a 35 while impaired is serious stuff. There has to be a lot more to this story