Cheney loses in Wyoming

Liz Cheney loses primary as Trump topples his most prominent GOP critic (
These jokers forget who voted them in so the people of WY. spoke.

8 out of 10 republican politicians that voted to impeach Trump have lost or retired.
Here’s how 10 House Republicans who voted to impeach Trump fared in the 2022 primary season - CBS News

I am on the record of hoping that Trump does NOT run again. While he probably accomplished more for the good for the nation then any modern president, His mouth and narcissism is poison for the country.

Feel exact same. Am conservative, but Trump would be a disaster for the country. Will just do a write in vote if Trump is candidate. How about J.P. Patches (for you older people in the Seattle area)

Cheney lost for the simple reason is that she lost focus of what she was doing. Because of her tiff with Trump, she focused all her energy into “getting him” instead of battling Biden Administration insane energy policies that is hurting Wyoming a lot.

There are other that opposed Trump, but he did not target them because they continue with business instead of trying to bury him.

I am not a Trump guy either, I liked his policies but his behavior towards everyone is not what I expect a President to be… Hopefully we can find someone with a better temperament.

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Whats the story there?

Sorry, making a joke/sarcasm. J.P. Patches was a kids TV show in the Seattle area in 60s and 70s. J.P. was literally a clown. Very funny and also extremely popular with adult as a lot of the humor went over kids head. He was a North West institution. There is a web site. He’s dead of course, so would be hard to vote for! But still might end up better than what we’re looking at right now

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Ya, let’s elect a Democrat again then. 4 more years of Brandon will do. Smart…

So, is she really a Republican and even more a fiscal conservative? If she’s supporting Biden and the Democrats then she might think about running for President as a Democrat.

You can be a republican and fiscal conservative and still hate Trump for the way he acts.

She is kind of like you, both of your focuses are such a narrow view of reality that you don’t see the tree through the forest.

Not all Republicans are good nor is all democrats bad… simple truth.

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Yeeeaaah, that’s what I said. All the GOP has to do is put a candidate out there that 95% of Republicans can support and they win! Biden loses. Trump support is 70% of Republicans, which means 35% ot total electorate, so good chance to lose to Biden, again. “Smart…” You need to think beyond the obvious replies.

Agreed. Liz Cheney is a conservative, but her hatred of Trump is clouding all judgment. Kind of like the Bushs voting for Hilary. Inexcusable.

I’m narrow minded? Three fingers are pointing back at you :sunglasses:

Where do you get 70%. It’s more like 90%. And they will vote for Trump. Democrats who hate Biden will stay home as will Independents who vote for Democrats.
First, we are seeing Congressional candidates not working hard enough to win. They are not focusing on what the people are interested in. Especially in the tough and important races. Time to step it up and talk about how Republicans will make better their lives.

There’s been a number of polls that show only about 70% of republicans support Trump. 90% HA! Heck, even that Desantis has 20-30 percent against a former president shows how many Republicans don’t want Trump. It should be like 5-10% maybe. Also, I see there’s 3 recent commenters on this site that are conservative and reject Trump. You’re in denial. But blissfully so, so you’ve got that going for you, “which is nice”,

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No, I said you have a narrow view of things.

In 2020, those never Trumpers now see what a disaster it was to either vote for Biden, write in another candidate or it vote at all. I don’t think the same people will be stupid twice. Maybe I am wrong. But Biden and the Democrats have been destroying the Constitution, the country, the children and everything else that was good when Trump was President.

Nope. I listen to all sides and just don’t make stupid political decisions based on emotions.

Cheney sounds like the political equivalent of a ute: Focusing more on hating (Trump, BYU) than on supporting the group you are a part of (Wyoming, ute sports).

My choice would be DeSantis. You will get Trump policies and somebody who will stand up to the media. He seems to be a guy who has no skeletons in his closet and although he won’t back down to the media he is not quite as abrasive as Trump. I think he is a genuine family man and a religious person. We need that in a president.

Biden has never had any principles. He does whatever the majority of his party does and that has always been the case. In the past he was not an open borders guy or hard line abortion on demand for any reason guy. It is documented in his past speeches. A lot of people voted for him based on the fact he was a moderate senator. He hasn’t been in the senate for many years and there is no room for moderates in the Democrat Party anymore and Biden has shown his true colors as a man without principles. He is the consummate career politician. He has never had any aim other than getting elected and living off the taxpayers. I doubt he has ever worked in the private sector. He is a worse human being than Trump. At least everybody knew what they were getting with Trump. Biden has always been a phony. A lot of church members I know voted for Biden because they couldn’t stomach Donald Trump as a human being. Trump had all his faculties and the Democrats kept Biden out of the public view because his mental decline was obvious and Biden was every bit as morally flawed as Trump.

I would prefer DeSantis but would still vote for
Trump against any Democrat.

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The Democrats, liberal media and never Trumpers are going around and painting all Republicans as evil people that need to be eliminated. Listen to their rants closely. They are more than just ranting. They are serious. Those who think it’s both sides equally better wake up because it isn’t. It’s well documented that conservatives think the liberals are wrong but the liberals think conservatives are evil. Calling us worse than Hitler. Larry Grothwal the Weather Underground mole said in the 1970’s the goal of the leftist was to go back into the university’s and become the leaders and force conservatives to do as they want and become brainwashed leftists. He said their ultimate goal was to set up re-education camps. Those who refuse to change must die. They figured 10% of the population. You can Google this. I’ve never heard Trump ever say a word like that. Neither any Republican leader nor media. Pay attention to the leftist politicians, media and union leaders. They are trying to rile up the left to bloodthirsty levels. Hear the difference.

Proclaiming Republicans as being evil is projection on the part of the Democrats that do it. The problem is they control the media, education, and entertainment. The Marxists succeeded in gaining control of one of the political parties, the media, education, and entertainment. Those were part of over 20 stated objectives of the American Communist Party in the early 60s.