Covid 19 and sports

Scientist disagrees:

I understand the rant or the need to. Some of my friends rant quite a bit and they often seem quite frustrated and unhappy. I have decided to try and live my life stress free and do my best to be happy no matter what the trials and accept people with all their imperfections as well as my own. I have studied the martial arts since I was eight years old and been involved in yoga since my college days. It has given me discipline and an avenue to self-reflection but has taken a journey of many years and isn’t through yet. I am a member in good standing and have served a mission and have a testimony of Christ, but I also recognize the intrinsic value of people and their different philosophical beliefs. Everyone has a desire to find happiness-many never recognize the path-just as the tree of life depicts. I agree with much of what you are concerned about-to say it isn’t a concern would be foolish. The virus is just another test. Something invisible to the eye that has turned our world upside down. It is probably one of many to come. The key is how we handle the adversity. The Nephites handled it with hate and war-leading to their extinction. The Godless society may kill many of us, but in the end-they will never win. I believe Trump is doing the best he can in this situation, but it is impossible situation to ensure everyone’s satisfaction-we just need to do the best we can do and hold to the iron rod.

In this day and age it’s hard to decipher what is fact and what is supposition. We will continue to be tested-guaranteed

I completely agree with your thoughts. I too have been in the Matial Arts since my youth. 50 years… I taught a self defense class in our ward while at BYU at Wymount Terrace.
My theory is that most of the Democrat Politicians and News Owners are former followers of Saul Aulinsky. His method to destroy capitalism and the Constitution is by violent overthrow. However, timing is key. The current situation is a potential situation to make changes that will attack capitalism and the Constitution. The only thing to defend against this is a leader that refuses to let it happen. Trump is currently doing this and Gallop poll the other day has him at 60% approval and 38% disapproval. Trump is a capitalist. The longer the work stoppage continues the lower that approval number will go and the sharks on the left will fly in and try to save us all in bondage.

For your entertainment:

Quite entertaining-thank you. I have always appreciated Sitake’s demeanor in less than ideal circumstances. Great example! The covid-19 offers chances for most of us to improve facets of our lives. It might mean more family time with kids and spouses or more exercise time or more nature experiences.

One thing we do know-Satanic forces are always there to take advantage of unfortunate events. Living exemplary lives will turn the tide-guaranteed

He’s got to be dancing right now closing out temples and baptisms. In the end he will not be laughing. But, do we have to let Satan have wins when we can stop his minions by outing them and their plans? Aulinsky was-is his minion.

That’s why you vote-California, Oregon, Washington have serious problems because of whom they elect and year by year they get worse although it isn’t confined to those states in the west. It’s easy to get discouraged, but you just keep doing your part, and it isn’t partisan by any stretch of the imagination. Who is behind outsourcing product manufacturing, and it isn’t all the fault of businesses in the US either-it’s taxing, and high production costs that discourages business development in house. People have difficulties seeing the big picture of what makes a nation healthy-they are focused on the short term. You know how the Church preaches about debt, well it might scare you to death what countries own a large part of your country.

Most of the problem states are blue states with respect to the virus. But, they are also financial messes as well. While liberals have morphed into socialists, there are rhino republicans that follow right along. It’s a big problem.
It’s interesting to note that other countries now are coming to the realization that shutting down business to prevent mass infections and death may also contribute to the ability to fight the disease as well. Along with causing societal problems more dangerous too. Switzerland has not shut down at all.
As far as I can tell, neither has Russia and they are showing little spread of the virus.
One mistake we made and people including Cuomo are saying is we should not have shut down universities and sent them back home to parents and grandparents to infect them. Duh!
Not only that, the task force is walking back their initial geometric math models of the potential spread and death and using epidemiology models and reducing the numbers dramatically. As I posted from the beginning, The idea 80% would get the virus and 2 million die was idiotic fearmongering that caused the nutty responses including the need now of the first of 2 trillion dollars bills. Those fear mongers should go to prison!

The last study I read was today that said 40-70 percent of the population in the US would most likely get this virus and this has been reported by FOX news as well. Italy has maintained that one of the three main problems with the virus spreading were young people ignoring the stay home orders and partying together in large groups and although they aren’t nearly affected by the virus as older people are, they are very significant in spreading the virus to others. Like I’ve said before use common sense. I have run or walked 132.5 miles and biked over 200-in March so I’m certainly not hiding in my home, but I am keeping my distance from even friends I am going with trying not to get sick or make anyone else sick. As far as the eventual realities connected with covid-19-nobody knows and won’t for some time. So take it upon yourself to be smart

They have changed those fears. It’s nowhere near that. Like I said, the task force is walking that back and so are many others.

I heard that a couple of days ago on Fox News. You don’t hear that info on CNN or MSNBC. Anyway, this is great news and I knew Floyd was wrong about the mutation.
I disagree about medicine to treat the disease. Everyone trying the Malaria drug is getting better when used with azythromiocin and zinc. Even with just the Hydroxochloriquine people get better. Other methods and drugs are helping as well.

There is so much misinformation out there. mostly from a media hell bent on taking down a president. Most of America does not get it’s news from the Cnn’s and Fox’s of the world thank goodness

Heres a personal observation: China says they have conquered Covid with few new cases, Russia, little or none, Italy, Spain and NY are piling up dead people…and yet the rest of the world is hardly affected by it. Something does not jive here. The truth seems to be the many more are infected and not had much of a reaction to Covid so they go unreported.

Because it takes 2-14 days for an infected person to show outward signs, this thing should be blowing up EVERYWHERE and not just in NY and Caly………I can only assume 2 things. NY patients are either Immune system compromised, unlike the rest of the nation, or NY and Caly are Pining for attention and $$ by saying the bodies are piling up and alarming the hell out of the rest of us. By overhyping the truth, they get more $$ but sooner or later the rest of the country wises up, the stock market 1st and then everyone else.

If the CNN’s of the world are correct, we should be seeing millions of infected people and many thousands dying. Either Social distancing is working exxxxtremely well or we are being hyped.

Here is another article, that kind of debunks conspiracy theorist:

the article is specific, is this a lab created pandemic or was it animal to humans. Does not cover my question, " can it mutate and re-infect?"
The latest says that when they do have a vaccine, it will act as other corona virus’s, and have a single run.

Thanks for sharing and keep an open mind.

Thanks -that is a very enlightening article

Well you raise interesting questions and I would venture to say that social distancing is definitely helping, but we are probably being hyped also. In the US it’s not surprising that NY and California and Washington are being hit hard. They are the greatest virtual landing spots for travelers from foreign countries like China, so you would expect this. France and Italy are also in the same category. Iran would be a puzzle though. I can have an opinion and find opinions to back my logic in seconds, and so can everyone else, no matter if theirs are 180 degrees from mine. That is why I don’t pay much attention to people’s study posts as most of them are hypothetical, with good reason-we simply have not had the time for concrete answers. I do know the virus has started to hit the more rural areas, but so far very sporadic. I have family that are in the top echelons of hospitals and medicine-they all say the same thing-social distancing-so that’s what we are doing. Interesting that people are dying in Iran for drinking methanol as a preventative for the virus and more people may die from methanol poisoning than covid19. Anyway, I wish I knew the ins and outs of what’s happening and what’s going to happen-but I don’t, so I just try and live in an intelligent manner and hope for the best. It’s really all most of us can do. I also would encourage Floyd to eat his broccoli :broccoli: :wink::shushing_face::smirk::smiley::grinning::smile:

Definitely at some point-maybe even in a year it can possibly mutate-but put a big question mark next to definitely :wink: