Craighton, on the road again

This is NOT the same Craighton that made noise over the past decade and hence was invited to join the Big East. They have talent but not NBA talent as in past years.

They are a well balanced team that shoots about as many 3s a game as BYU,
they have a highly rated 7’1 Soph., Kalkbrenner who leads the team in blocks and rebs.
Hawkins is their 6’7 do everything guy
Namhard is their point and leads the team in 3 point %.

Reason why Craighton wins:
Closer to home

Reasons why BYU wins:
Our guards, their point is 6’ tall, Barcello would have a field day, Lucas even more.
We match up well against their strengths.
Knight and George can handle Hawkins

Vegas has this as a 7 point win. 1st on over 70 gets the victory

Good post and we will look for these things. Hopefully we are mentally ready.

Lots to unpack. Creighton has played a mostly garbage schedule, but just barely lost to what looks like a really good Iowa State team (ISU undefeated with two easy wins over ranked teams). Against ISU Creighton was truly a one man team–Hawkins vs Everyone. He had 25 and the only other guy with more than 7 points was PG Nembhard with 10, and it took him 10 shots to get there.

Hawkins was one of the best players in D2 last year. His team won the national championship and in the final he went for 31 and 18. I expect him to be good, but he’s not gonna be better than Bean, and we were able to limit Bean once we got Gideon on the floor. On offense Hawkins is a perimeter guy. He has only attempted 17ft in 9 games and leads the team in 3pt attempts. He’s the perfect guy for Seneca and Gideon to shut down on the perimeter.

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You said "Craig"hton… is that to honor tlarimer’s brother in some way?

Creighton is in Nebraska somewhere isn’t it? I imagine Omaha because there isn’t much else there and Nebraska is in Lincoln. I’m guessing they aren’t that far apart…

Anyhow, I think BYU wins but the way they played vs. UVU and the always unknown impact of the officiating crew can bring about unexpected results.

Flu bug hit BYU hard before the UVU game. love these road games, gets BYU ready for league play…by the bye, San Fran is acting like SMC. 10-0 playing from home. 0 true road wins

This is the way in the WCC… teams are hard to beat in their little high school gymnasiums but when they get to a bigger venue they aren’t sure what to do or how to play.

I’m sure Gonzaga doesn’t agree with you. Nothing wrong with small gyms. They all played high school in small gyms. Shouldn’t bother the players.

Make a point of bringing up the ONE team besides BYU that the situation doesn’t apply to… that’s really astute on your part.

Just admit you are wrong :muscle:

Where is my little brother anyway? He used to follow the board but maybe his wife and kids have him on restricted screen time or something…

Still blows my mind that Goerge could play so well after losing 12 lbs from the flu last week. George would have been even more efficient covering Bean if he hadn’t lost Bean on those back doors twice. Will be watching the Knight/George matchup on Hawkins (he is the key to a win or loss)

Their point. Nembhard, is a freshman, going against two 5 yr Sr’s, very good player but Turnover prone.

I like knowing Foos will be defending a 7’er.

Just noticed that Creighton’s Ryan Nembhard is from Aurora, Ontario. Gonzaga’s Andrew Nembhard is from Aurora, Ontario. Have to be at least cousins if not brothers.

“It’s a great team. Coach McDermott, I actually watch his stuff a lot,” Pope said. “Coach McDermott is one of the top coaches and he’s one of the most creative offensive coaches in the country. I’m a huge fan. I watch his clips in the summer to try to learn. He just brings new stuff all the time. I’m like, ‘I’ve never seen that before.’ I have a ton of respect for him. It’s obviously a great program and a great league. We’re super excited about that game.”

to Tom’s question:

Creighton senior forward Ryan Hawkins, a transfer from Missouri State, is averaging a team-high 13.3 points and 6.3 rebounds per game. Freshman guard Ryan Nembhard leads the team in assists (4.9 per game). He is the younger brother of Gonzaga’s Andrew Nembhard.
BYU basketball: Cougars’ aggressive nonconference schedule paying off - Deseret News

He got good Genes!!!
(reminds me of a Hida woman who approached me in a Rest/Bar in Ketchikan, Alaska while I was eating dinner, a story for another time)

Well, I’m not able to watch yet but what happened in the 1st half? I can see shooting sucks. Turnovers are way too much! Is it too early in the morning-afternoon?

Reality starting to set in. Creighton defense and the officials who favor anyone who plays BYU not helping. How does the nose get assigned to so many of BYU’s games? Big guy for CRE just travelled and no call.

BYU missing a lot of easy shots, that is mental.

I knew if I started Christmas shopping too early something like this would happen. Wheels off the bike


Not a fan of Christmas for the most part, too materialistic for me.

BYU can make a run here with a few stops and tough defense but that will be a tough go.

I mean seriously, the game is in South Dakota. How do these biased wcc and western area refs get assigned to this game?

BYU sports does better at night or late night games I guess. I never like morning games because I have seen many in the past we don’t do well but what do I know.
I am sad that Gavin Baxter ACL injury bad but the outcome this far may not matter.

Hope the second half will be a good start to motiva

BYU making a strong effort, lead down to 10. We will see how the officials handle the run as they just called BYU for a ticky tack and send CRE to the line. BYU tries to negate that with a good score at the other end. CRE lead still 10 but BYU’s ball now.

Plenty of time to get back into the game. A lot will depend on the officials because BYU is gaining and this will give them good experience to know they can come back from a big deficit against a good team.

The officials will send CRE to the free throw line to finish up the win for the Blue Jays. It is happening right now and that is how this will end with 6 minutes to go.

I’ve said it before and it bears noting that officials allow teams to play physical against BYU but when the Cougars play the same they get whistled for fouls. The double standard is always there.

Aggressive defense is fine when CRE had a 20 pt. lead but once BYU got it to 10 the aggressive defense gets whistled. It is an officiating thing, they can’t help themselves in these situations.