Dancing, lineups what needs to happen

BYU is a 5 seed according to Lunardi, playing in SL City. If we get all of our wishes come true. The 2nd thing that needs to happen

BYU basketball: Cougars’ starters faltered in loss to Texas Tech. Is it time for a starting lineup change? – Deseret News

Now Hopper will argue this all day long and in the end Pope will probably not change his line ups but here is what needs to happen in our games going forward.

1 Robinson should be starting over Knell.

2 Saunders and Foos have been our best to scorers, defenders and everything in between

3 with this Ramadan fasting. Khalifa should be coming off the bench to rest Foos

4 our 5 should be
Hall Johnson/Stewart
Saunders Waterman
Robinson Knell
Foos Khalifa

but Pope won’t change the lineups so I hope he is quick to sub in the above to avoud another TTU meltdown.

Cue the Hopper…

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If you have been reading my posts objectively you would see that I already stated this lineup change. Although, I’m okay with Waterman starting over Saunders.

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