Dastrup Transferring: Suck news of the day

Well, you don’t know if any of them were chased off. If they were told they weren’t going to play much that’s chasing them off as with Chatman.
And, nit sure if fans really have gotten better at recognizing talent. As you have said we wear dark blue glasses when it comes to expectations :slight_smile:

If we played nine deep two good things would have happened that would have meant winning more not less.

  1. The good players that transferred would not have been driven off.
  2. The good players that transferred would have matured sooner and spent their best years at BYU instead of scattered across the country.

Jordan Chatman connected on a team-high 87 3-pointers in 2017-18, which ranks as the fifth-best single-season mark in BC program history. His 40.4 career 3FG% is fifth-best in the BC record book.

Golly Gee better than the servicable Jashire Hardnett or McKay Cannon? no doubt.

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I don’t remember Chatman doing much when he got on the court except making a bunch of bad decisions. So, he learned and got better somewhere else. Had Rose played him and others 9 deep we would have lost 20 games that year and you people would have wanted Rose’s head on a plate!

You win! Can someone give grasshopper a prize for the dumbest post of the year?

The BYU basketball team has become mediocre and is headed in the wrong direction. Six years in the lowly WCC and they have accomplished nothing. When are you going to wake up and post something meaningful that shows you have some insight or understanding of the problem instead of just criticizing players that leave and are hugely successful elsewhere and defending Coach Rose for everything he does?

Grasshopper - Either your head is in the sand looking for clams or maybe you have not told us that you are related to the Rose family. Which is it?

I’m just more practical than the average cougar fan. :nerd_face:

Hard to tell which it is, Maybe JH can help him to answer that. :slight_smile:

Dastrup is off to Oregon State, a program that hasn’t done real well lately. I’m sure he will get LOTS of opportunities to play and contribute to the team, unlike he did at BYU. Don’t be surprised if he does well against better competition. The truth is that, right now, BYU is not a high level program so the players and competition they play against is not that great.

Dastrup will get to play in real college gyms against better players. That will probably translate into improved skills and more opportunities after college. The only chance this happens at BYU is if the coach focuses on you as the star of the team and hero ball guy, ie. Mika, Childs, Bryant, Haws…

While there have been hero ball types, the list you point out is not hero ball players. Mika, Bryant and Childs are legit college elite players. They played the game the coaches demanded and played very well getting teammates involved. Haws has always tried to do too much. But not because he thinks he’s a hero.
Will Dastrup improve against a different style of competition? We will have to wait and see. Or, maybe he will make the same mistakes and not get the playing time needed. He will have to learn a whole new system. There goes one year.

You are aware that not a single person agrees with your perspective on this topic. It was just another one of those examples of the coaching staff making a mistake and losing a great talent.

And the old safety in numbers. Are you sure? Who says he will walk on and start? He isn’t a real diehard competitor. Came back off his mission and didn’t get into shape and practice hard. Who says he will this time? Has he learned? If he did, he would have stayed and worked his butt off to get the starting job. He’s better than Worthington. Instead, he quits and joins up with a team he thinks he will walk on and play. Reminds me of Jake Heaps and Ronnie Jenkins. Left and never amounted to anything.

not even good enough to get drafted?

One more year all would have been drafted. Only Childs understood. Yes, elite.

Mika has had that one more year, players get drafted out of the euro-leagues all the time…he didn’t even get a mention… so far not even a mention for a summer camp invite…so elite the league he wants into does not even notice…

the BYU basketball definition of elite is far different than it used to be if you are accurate.

Is that the same Ronney Jenkins that played a few seasons in the NFL? Yeah, I guess that means he never amounted to anything. What percentage of college players play even one season in the NFL?

More uninformed, inane comments. Thanks for confirming what we all know. :astonished:

I don’t know exactly who meets the definition of an elite college player but if Mika, Childs, and Bryant were all elite then maybe BYU should have been in the final 4 in 2017 when they were all on the same team. I would define elite as NBA caliber players who get drafted and play a few years in the league and not guys with marginal NBA potential. Good college players can make good money in Europe but they are not necessarily elite college players. BYU has had a lot of Euro pro types, and often several on the same team. Jimmer was an elite college player and 3 Jimmer types on the same team would probably get a team in the final four in this day of the one and done type players.

You mean like Jimmer? :nerd_face:

I’m confused. This doesn’t make any sense. You mentioned Jake Heaps and Ronney Jenkins. That is the comment I replied to. What does my comment have to do with Jimmer? Nothing.