Dave McCains assessment of BYU so far

BYU football: Cougars getting a good look at hard road ahead in Big 12 - Deseret News

Here is my take from Dave’s article:

  1. Kalani and Co. has known for two years what was coming!
    2… Kalani waited until last year to get rid of his childhood friend DC. Which is why Hill is now facing an uphill battle to get the defense working right.
  2. As with his prior DC, his current OC is not able to call plays or adapt to what is happening on the field. Kalani should be showing ARod the door at the end of the season (since BYU does not fire coaches’ mid-season).
  3. They had 2 years to try and recruit better players, some are on missions right now, but what is more important is identifying the talent that they need to be at BYU.

I found it interesting that when Jay Hill came to BYU, he talked Kalani into changing the way he recruited players. That should make a loud comment about the state of BYU football.

The last statement is what I mentioned as well. We won’t know all the good Sitaki has done with recruiting for 2 or 3 more years. I agree with Arod now. Grimes isn’t the answer.

Can you give a sense of what Hill talked Kalani into changing in recruiting? Thanks

Fair enuf regarding Sitaki. Grimes isn’t the answer, not for the reason you’re advocating, but it’s a been there done that at BYU and why would he take a pay and prestige cut? So really just hypothetical not worth discussing (although I just did - I repent)

It’s always something at BYU. Remember Norm Chow and the flack he would get from the peanut gallery. We chased him off and he did great elsewhere and the pros. Somehow I don’t think there’s anyone here that can pick a winner for any coaching job. Tlanier does as good as anyone. He’s at least objective.

I know for a fact the “peanut gallery” had nothing to do with Chow leaving. Chow personality was abrasive to the then AD office and BYU administration and the Cougar Club big donors.

When Chow was OC, he was told that he would succeed Lavell when Edwards retired.

Before Lavell announced his retirement, the AD office informed Chow he was not going to the next HC.

That is why Chow left. Most people who played for him will tell you he had a quick temper and a nasty tongue,

That is why Chow left BYU. This is all documented if you want to google it to verify.

Here is my point: ARod has been an OC at two schools (Utah (twice) and BYU) and he has failed to adjust and get the best out the players. He likes to downplay his part of the issue.

Anyone with a half of brain can see that Funk is horrible as an Oline coach. His line has gotten worse every game. Not sure who to replace him with, but the only way now is up for the offensive line.

BTW, whoever said to bring Grimes back? Not me, I said Grimes has put more players in the NFL than the entire coaching staff at BYU. Never once have I said I wanted him back, so I am not sure why you said what you said about Grimes.

Who are these player’s that are on missions that we are waiting for? I honestly want to know. I don’t follow recruiting closely so if they’re out there I’d like to know who they are.

Yes, you just admitted the peanuts gallery in the very first paragraph. The armchair QBs like you aren’t going to get anyone fired. But the Armchair QBs influence the Cougar club donors. The peanut club.

Actually don’t have a list. Maybe the in crowd in here can give how to find the exact individual recruits. Why you need to know is a head scratcher if you know anything about BYU football and missions.

So are you saying that BYU AD office and BYU administration is the peanut gallery? WOW that is something coming from someone who constantly calls BYU the Lord’s Universities.

Chow was well known doe his outburst with people in the AD’s office and those in the adminstration.

No, the fact that these donors were mistreated by chow. These same donors that built LES stadium with their donations.

You can’t even read your own print. As I wrote you wrote about the Cougar Club donor’s peanut gallery. :rofl:

ok so we just need to wait for these quote unquote players to show up that are always two years out… Got it. I feel like I am talk to the glee club teacher from Community. “were this close to regionals”.

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So, you are saying that all the big-time donors that put millions of their own dollars into BYU sports and helped build all the new facilities that the teams use is now the “peanut Gallery”?

Back to my original post, Glen Tuckett told Chow that when Edwards retired, he would be highly considered to be the next HC. When Tuckett left, and the fact Chow has a combative relationship with many people in the BYU AD and Administration office. That offer was rescinded.

Chow was not a people person and it treated others rudely if they annoyed him. That is all documented.

That’s exactly it! Not all go on missions. But a lot of the top LDS kids often do. Are you a member of the Church that owns BYU? I would think you would understand this.

I get it now Ignorance is bliss. We’re always just two years away from the players we need. We’re only two years away from a winning season. That is what I am going to tell all the Ute fans I know. You just wait until we get our best recruits off of a mission then we’ll beat you.

now I know how to survive as a BYU fan when we suck. thanks man your the best.

You are focused on your spin for some reason. You can’t seem to understand we were only invited to the Big12 less than 2 years ago. So, what do you want to do? Recruit only non-LDS kids or inactive LDS kids? Or kids who won’t go on missions? You want us to be the U of U? It will take 3 or 4 years to rotate these mission kids in. It’s just a fact.

Floyd: thanks for the link to the article. I hadn’t seen that previously. After trying to process a lot of posts, news, and statistics, I keep coming back to what I’ve said before on this board:

BYU D: the front 7 is awful. The DL is awful–in a conference with lots of passing, BYU is literally dead last in the COUNTRY in sacks, and we can’t stop the run. Our DL just gets pushed all over the place. Batty competes but isn’t good enough to dominate. The LBs have also been awful. Bywater was a good LB but is gone. Esera has great potential. Taggert is fast but gets pushed all over the place–way too small to start at MLB in this league. I often wonder why they don’t play him at SS–he’s a bigger, faster version of Wakley (who has been really good). Vongphachong looks like he’s running in concrete boots. As a group, other than Esera, they all seem either too small or too slow. I have no problem with our secondary. But in the front 7 we lose the 1v1s all over the place and don’t make impact plays, so we can’t win 11v11.

BYU Offense: No blocking. That ruins every drive. You would think that with a terrible line, the TE would be used on darts, digs, seams etc. Nope. We are generally able to get the ball to our wideouts on shorter routes, but we keep running into the line on early downs and are left with way too many 3rd and longs. I don’t understand ANYTHING AT ALL about BYU’s play calling. With the talent we have on O, ZERO games with over 300 yards total offense is hilariously pathetic (I don’t count the SUU game). Kalani and ARod have been talking all year about needing to get the running game going. But when a team like BYU is outmanned, it should ABANDON the run game and take to the air, or get a bunch of fast, 260 pound linemen and run the triple option. When outmanned you have to be unconventional to compete, yet BYU is trying to be conventional and looks stupid doing it. Confusing.

When I watch these games I see a GIGANTIC talent gap when our D is on the field. But I don’t think the talent gap is as wide when our offense is out there. So the fact that our offense is one of the very worst in the country really says something about our schemes, play calling, and preparation.

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nope not focused on my spin, I am all in on your spin. two more years and we will have a winning season. We’re 3 to 4 years from being relevant. because those requites you can’t name are coming.

FYI I am so in on what you are selling that if you have some beach front property in Antarctica I’m buying.

Frank, is your head really that big in relationship to your shoulders? Women’s heads are.
Let me ask you, why do you think I’d have on the tip of my tongue the names of those on missions? For you to act like they don’t exist is quite informative about your knowledge of the athletic department at BYU. Same is true with Basketball. We are awaiting the returns of some stellar 5 start athletes as well. So, tell me Frank, did you attend BYU and are you a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints?

Two of the most irrelevant questions asked of a fellow poster for purposes of this board.

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