Dave Rose to step down

All right it’s about time. The question is will we see Pope as the new coach.
Maybe Harper could apply he knows everything

Here is the article about it…

Add Alex jensen to the list. Played his ball for Rick Majerus at Utah. I like the idea

Alex is also an assistant coach with the Jazz… a lot of the improvement of the “big’s” on the Jazz is due to working with Jensen.

There is a rumor going around that several BYU “Authorities” are thinking about talking with the 76er’s assistant coach Kevin Young… Although he has not been a HC before, he has been around with some top quality coaches.

The other rumor I heard was Mark Pope might not be interested in coming to BYU. Why? you ask, because he does not want to coach in a second tier league like the WCC. He is being sought after by California (PAC-12) and UNLV (MTN West) as well as other schools.

Not sure how true any of this is, but it makes you wonder if BYU needs to think about moving to another conference in basketball… I would perfer the WAC to WCC myself.

I think you meant Mountain West as opposed to WAC. The WAC as it is currently is far weaker than the WCC.

Pope would certainly get paid better by Cal or UNLV and he wouldn’t have the same issues with recruiting he would have at BYU.

Gonzaga has proven you can be a player even coming out of the WCC but you have to win consistently against the P5 teams like they do.

Can’t beat Gonzaga so tuck your tail and hide. Right…WCC is a very good league as a religious school league. How about winning league and the tournament!

From what I was told the academic standards at Cal are about the same for BYU. The HC is the only thing that would be different, which from several coaches has not been the issue for recruiting, academics has.

UNLV, well do I need to remind anyone that “Tark” coached there? Not sure if any limits are on the players… LOL

The reason BYU can not beat Gonzaga (as well as the rest of the league) is that they can not get good recruits to come to BYU that want to play in High School gyms, get little to no exposure. Many have transferred, several has simply said “No”.

Gonzaga has the catholic connection and are not confined to the same restrictions other schools are held too. They can actually hire a top level coach…

When Tark was at UNLV education was an afterthought for the players and attending class was a diversion activity from basketball and was probably only attended when it didn’t interfere with basketball. I suspect it might be the same at Kentucky since Calipari got there.

The other teams however have no problem with BYU’s decision not to play on Sundays including the tournament games as well. This is a good influence BYU has had on the league.
The gym size has nothing to do with it.m since Gonzaga gets NBA talent players to play in the WCC. That’s a cop out. And, so is the academic standards. You are saying that smart kids can’t play high level of sports.
The biggest problem is that these kids have grown up in the era of everyone gets recognition so nobody loses and has to work hard. Participation awards are destructive to kids competing and working harder including studying in school harder. The socialism experiment. So, kids who aren’t playing as much as they want don’t try harder. Instead, they complain they aren’t getting a fair shake and transfer. BYU gets transfers as well. There’s too much of it.

Since you are having a hard time understanding… Gonzaga is a Catholic school, many people want to go to Catholic colleges… The recruiting is not hard… Plus they have a grade A++++ coach to boot.

They did not always do that Scott. It was not until John Stockton did what he did in the NBA that anyone knew where Gonzaga was located.

Second, EVERY COACH AT BYU who recruits has said on the Record, the number ONE issue with recruiting is the ACADEMIC Standards of BYU… would not think (I know this is a hard one for you Scott) that the ACTUAL BYU coaches who do the recruiting would know what the issues of coming to BYU would be instead of a fan in California?

Take for example of the Linebacker for Arizona State Crump wanted to come to BYU, but he could not pass the academic standards set by BYU. He ended up at ASU and is now a player who will be playing in the NFL. We missed him because of Academics Scott… Sorry to bust your little bubble of BYU.

No, What I am saying is that the players who are athletic and have speed (including all races here Scott, not being a racist) who are good football players generally are mediocre in school.

I agree with that …

That could be said… I also know from personal experience that if a coach has favorites, it is nearly impossible to get playing time.

If you think coaches don’t play favorites, then you truly are clueless. Rose is a great coach, but I also know through sources that he had a tendency to play “his” players over better ones.

Toolson is a good example, he is tearing it up at UVU under Pope, but never came off the bench at BYU and for your information, Toolson while with UVU beat BYU in basketball.

And why are they “mediocre?” Because of the socialist participation nonsense found in elementary to high schools. Well documented now. It coorelates with the safe space nonsense.

We have Mormons who are also A++++ students. So what’s your point? Are the NBA bound talent this year all Catholic? I doubt it. So, I don’t know what your point is.

Yes, speedy fast players with talent you mean black athletes. Why is everyone afraid to say it? Doesn’t make you racist to say it.

No, Because they do not meet the “socialist” BYU admission standards… Duh!!!

That does not mean they want to go to BYU, a lot of them preferred to go to other schools like Duke, NC, Arizona, etc…

“Yes, speedy fast players with talent you mean black athletes.”

What a racist comment Scott… I thought you were better than that…

So it’s BYU’s fault. No, students have to stop being taught socialist garbage established by Democrat run Educational Department for 50 years. They have to learn the basics and be challenged more in k-12.

A typical Democrat response. I thought you were better than that…

Perhaps members around the world need to realize BYU and associated schools meet the standards of the Lord. And with Church activity very low, parents should desire more to instill the Gospel in their lives. I’m sure other schools instill chastity with their students :no_mouth:

Yep… because they are denying good athletes coming to BYU because they want to be an elitist University…