Did anyone watch USC take on #23 Stanford last night?

Yes, we had a great win over SEC P5 Tenn, which has it’s worse
2 game start in decades. (Maybe ever)

Yes, the game reminded me of the Miracle Bowl.

Yes, I am grateful for what turned out to be a very exciting and perhaps an addition to our most memorable games.

But-----Tenn this season is no Utah Utes team by far.
It is no USC team by far.
It is no Washington team by far,
and it is not even a Boise State quality of a team this season.

Did anyone see Boise State beat Florida State?
Did anyone see Hawaii beat Pac 12 Oregon St.?
Did anyone see San Diego State beat Pac 12 UCLA?

I’m sure that others will be saying, "Did anyone see BYU beat Tenn from the SEC. Our record now stands at 7-7 vs. the SEC.
This is a good reason for the SEC Conference to consider us, as an Independent P5 team.

In summary, I can not say that we should be able to beat USC at Provo. At best, I hope and pray, that we can pull through as well vs. USC as we did vs Tennessee.

Well, it’s obvious Tennessee play way better against us than Georgia St. they improved a lot from that game. So, just because they have 2 losses doesn’t mean they weren’t a much better team yesterday than against GS.

USC played much better as well. They figured out things in the 4th quarter and stretch their lead out. On the other hand, I wasn’t impressed with Stanford. They played about as well as Tennessee did against us. We will have to play like we did in the 4th quarter and overtime to beat USC.

Boise barely won against a weak team yesterday. Sometimes teams just have great days while good teams struggle the first game of the season like Florida State did.

Oregon State isn’t very good, again. UCLA sucks. No big deal they lost to SDSU.

Great win for BYU in a very adverse environment at Tennessee. We didn’t fall apart and instead won at the end.

Wow, LA-Monroe almost beat FSU 45-44. Florida State sound like going to have a bad season. Maybe there defense are not good.
SDSU barely beat Weber State from BigSky 6-0. So, yeah UCLA is not very good.
BSU barely beat Marshall 14-7, like I said maybe FSU maybe not very good defense team.

Sometimes it’s about matchups and relativity. We just have to play our game and not turn the ball over.

dew and grasshopper,
thank you for your replys.

After being beat by Hawaii, Oregon St is now ranked 117
while Hawaii is now ranked 54.

After SDS beat UCLA, SDS is now ranked 74.
UCLA is now ranked 84.

After Boise State beat Florida State, Boise State is now ranked 21
While Florida State is now ranked 40.

After BYU beat Tennessee, BYU stayed at 55 while Tennessee droped all the way down to 102.

Thanks again for your two replies. Ron

You are welcome. We are back!

I didn’t realize you saw the Tennessee vs. Georgia St. game. You must watch a lot of games that you don’t really care about. Not sure how you draw the conclusion but you do that frequently.

They made far fewer mistakes against BYU. We were just a lot better this week as well in the 2nd half.

Having said that I am a little surprised that nobody is talking about football on this board. BYU got little to no love from fans here for the amazing comeback against Tennessee.

I wonder why that is…

I think it’s natural for many fans to not be too hopeful so if we lose they won’t be so upset. So, they point to polls. We are #55 while Tennessee fell to #102. As if polls can predict anything. As Trump wasn’t supposed to be President and we end up with half the country gone deranged crazy. Polls only predict crazy these days :-).
Tennessee is a power 5 opponent with a great history. Winning in Tennessee is supposed to be very difficult and yet we did. That was a great win. But people poopued the Wisconsin win too. BYU Derangement Syndrome :crazy_face:

Why are there so few posters about the Tenn win? 1) BYU has been mediocre for 9 or 10 years now. 2) BYU has now lost to Utah for 9 straight years and 14 of the last 17 years. 3) U of U dominates the radio and tv in the Salt Lake area, even for KSL. 4) Tenn has a lot of tradition as a successful FB program but has not been that good since the 90s. 5) BYUs win over Tenn was kind of flukish, not a good old fashion but kicking. 6) Seems like to me, in my short time here, that there are not that many posters to begin with.

Arkiecoug, we have already discussed at length all the points you have brought up. The Tennessee win was a small step in the right direction. Without more wins and an improving team, there is much to talk about other than beating the dead horse.

All we know from beating Tennessee is that BYU might be as good as Georgia St. The next few games will tell us a lot. You really don’t know how good or bad teams are until about 4 weeks into the season. We don’t even know how good Utah is yet.

Number 6 is the only legit reason. Everyone should be excited for every game! Win or lose.

You’re right. You are a dead horse. Get excited about your team! Be true to your school! The way we won was great! Never quit and that pass was one of the all time great plays!

Maybe Georgia St. isn’t all that bad. It’s too early to tell.

I’m excited with our win over Tenn. I am looking forward to this Saturday game against usc. Go COUGARS!!!

So am I! Go Cougars!

And it goes silent. The real problem is the brains of this site made bad changes a few years ago. They might now re-think the format and go back to the old one and get more posters.

Is it still too early?

They lost to Western Michigan yesterday 57-10.