Do you really wonder how this passed

This is interesting. So the Big 12 can keep a 10 team league and also have a championship game. It passed by 77%. Lets dive into this one just a little bit. Every team in the Big 12 plays everybody. That means that two of those teams will always play twice, in the championship game. The chance for an upset or each team to win one game each is really high because it is very difficult to defeat a team twice in the same year. It will be more difficult for the Big 12 to place a team in the Championship series and that loosing team may be relagated to maybe a lesser bowl. Because of the extra loss. Do you really wonder why the other P5 Leagues let this go through? It increases their opportunity for bowl placement and payouts. Meanwhile the Big 12 has no idea what they just did to themselves as they sit there with the deer in the headlight look. This is really sad but at the same time funny.

One more little thought. A couple of you stats guys do a little research and find out how many teams in their conference championship games played each other earlier in the season. Now research the championship game and who won the game. Which occured most? is the record 2-0 or 1-1 and what kind of bowl seedings did the teams get when they went 1-1. The Bowl Championship series is kind of a new game but the history of two teams playing each other twice in the same season should have some history.
Those of you who are statistics people, what are the odds of two teams playing a second time and the record being 2-0.

And according to the statement by Bowlsby, just because the vote allows them to have a championship game with 10 members doesn’t mean they will. I’m sure his intent is to avoid what you have just described, with it being difficult to beat the same team twice.

What are the implications for the other conferences based on this vote? Didn’t the PAC-12 add two teams so they could have a championship game? Can the they now downsize back down to 10 and kick out Utah and Colorado and still have a championship game?

Can they, yes. Will they, NO. Too much effort and a LOT of stink with such a thing.

:smile: Who knows, Utah may want to leave for the physical safety of their players.


LOL!!! Exactly!!!

:smiley: Good one, thanks for the good laugh!

I heard some interesting things about the whole thing…

  1. That just because this vote happened the way it did does not necessarily mean BYU is out of the Big 12 picture.
  2. That Oklahoma (one of the big dogs of the conference) is talking about expanding the league.
  3. With the Big12 not having 12 teams also means that the Championship committee will evaluate (penalize) harder their games.
  4. ESPN may have some influence over the Big 12

Just some interesting commentary mentioned over the airwaves.

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But, if the other leagues had any guts they would have forced their hands like they had to.

Yes indeed. I heard that the president of Oklahoma was pretty ticked that it passed. I think he also thinks that what I am trying to say is quite correct. He wants expansion.

If what I said has any truth, those other leagues did what was best for their leagues with their votes. I think what the president of Oklahoma and the votes of the other leagues kind of validates what I said.

I heard a guy on sports talk that covers the Big12 says " No one wants BYU, they (BYU) have to realize that no wants them, if they did, BYU would be in a P5 conference."… Ouch…

Just one guppie heard from.

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This answer is POWER, the power of Texas and the P-5 moguls. The NCAA is the shill for the power brokers of all of the big P-5 conferences. .

Its not so much about guts as it is like insider trading of favors, like on Wall Street.

Good question JohnBrady.

jeffyds: It is not so funny as it is conspiracy. They always find a way to exclude schools and keep the ball in their court or backyard. This is the slimy side of so-called college sports. It is all about POWER and $$$$$

The Big 10 (12-2) got Okla. in the football playoff, what more do they want? The PAC with 12 didn’t get anybody in.

The P 12 got left out because Stanford had 2 losses vs. Ok with 1 loss. If Ok would have had 2 losses, most likely OSU would have gotten in or Mich, not a P 12 team (they were not ranked high enough). And this is what the Big 12 is faced with…If they do not have a championship game, they will get passed over in years when they don’t have a 0 or 1 loss team.

BYU is NOT being left out of the Big 12 because they hate BYU, despite what Floyd says, it is because BYU has BYU TV and we don’t play on Sundays. OU HATES TX, not just because Tx controls everything about the Big 12 but it is specifically because Tx has the Tx TV network. The Big 12 wants there own Network, like the SEC TV and Pac 12 TV network. The Tx deal is in the way. Tx controlling the Big 12 was the reason why Missoui and Texas A&M left. The only reason why they stay together is because everyone is getting over 30 million each.

OU knows they can get that kind of money in the Big 10 or the SEC so they will be flexing their muscles…a lot. OU wants to expand to 12 teams, they want a REAL championship game…and not one with a team they have already played twice. This is where BYU becomes important to the equation.

Even if BYU were to be passed over by the Big 12, I think the Big 12 will expand by 12 more teams. They will most likely bring on Cinn as a travel partner for WV. The other choice could be BYU as we are the closest thing to bringing in the kind of $$$$ these guys need. We have the national following, something only ND can do. But the Big 12 could look to a Florida team or another Texas team but even if BYU gets passed over, these conferences also voted to play only P5 teams outside of conference. BYU would bet plenty of offers to play in Sept.