Don’t expect Gonzaga

Don’t expect Gonzaga to be slightly down next year as the number 1 recruit in the nation Chet Holmgren has chosen the Zags for next year. Considered the number one pick in the NBA in 22, at 7’1” this kid has major skills. That combined with the number 3 ranked Hunter Sallies, point guard, and Chinese star Fanbo Zheng who was ranked 33 for 2022 class but will be going to Gonzaga next year instead. Looks like another usual battle for 2nd place. Mark Few and the program a definite draw-congrats. Finishing 2nd in the WCC probably wins more props than any other conference. Go Cougs!!

I was going to post the same thing and you beat me to it SR. Hey, does the SR stand for Senior or Senor Burton in spanish? :grin: I think it probably has something to do with Suggs, right? They are both from Minnesota. Like I have been saying, BYU will win an occasional battle but cannot win the war. However, I agree that finishing second and competing, like they did this year, is a good thing for BYU. I know coach Few appreciates having us in the WCC because we compete and push his team to be better.

Anyhow, it also helps BYU because players like Akili will want to come here for the opportunity to play Gonzaga typically 3 times in a season.

Lol-never liked my first name (Steve) and Robert was my Grandfather-so I just did SR​:relieved:. Mom and Dad should have named me Colt or Nick or something-even the Catholic nuns wanted it spelled Stephen and my middle name could have been Curry :yum::yum::yum:. Sometimes liking Gonzaga almost feels traitorous to BYU, but I really like the way they play and the way Few coaches, never hesitates to pull anyone or gives “special” treatment . I think Pope has similar attributes, just not the horses, so without showing criticism, I’m really glad he is at BYU-and hope they can hang on to him

See if Haarms wants to come back and compete against him. I like Atiki at the 4 position. He doesn’t hesitate on his moves to the basket like dribble five times before shooting. We still need that explosive point guard. Saunders staying at Cincinnati didn’t help.

Sorry, but the Zags are a Big Fish in a small pond… with BYU nipping at it’s Fin every now and then and taking a bite out of them… BUT… But when it comes to the Zags leaving that small pond for the big pond… they suddenly become a So-So (Medium Size) fish in that pond. The real problem with the Zags is in the real world… National Championships and such… Not the Fake world of Rankings and such… The Blue Bloods that control the real world… like Kentucky… UCLA… and such… They will not allow a NON-P5 school to win the National Championship… The Zags have not figured that out yet… and keep on banging their head against the wall…

It’s called “systemic favoritism” and you are probably more right than wrong. When was the last time a non P-5 basketball team won the ncaa championship?

I believe it was Texas Western in 1966. Did they even have P-5 conferences back then?

Lol are you saying the national championship game against Baylor was fixed or against NC? I think you are unjustly taking away the greatest of Baylor or NC and if that were true they never would have allowed Gonzaga to get that far anyway

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Zags are no doubt a great team and have a great legacy (that is in MWC)… but their legacy compared to the “blue bloods” puts them as a medium fish in a large pond. My point especially applies to the championship game, especially in recent years. In preseason conference games the Zags will always appear against national contenders as a number one team, but, the prejudice of the P5 organization against non-P5 schools is so great, that of course the powers that be will do anything to insure that a P5 school wins in the championship game. Proof is in the pudding, both past and future.

Baylor just outplayed Gonzaga. Gonzaga came out unprepared, deer in the headlights and slow. That’s on Gonzaga and not the P5’s or anybody else.

All you can ask for is an opportunity and Gonzaga had that opportunity and came up short. I would never describe Baylor as a “blue blood” in any sport. Basketball is by far the most equitable college sport as far as their tournament structure goes. Sometimes you just have to bury the conspiracy theories and go with the best team won on that particular night, because that’s exactly what happened

Well, the good news is that BYU is better than Gonzaga in football 🥸

Two things it is really hard to go undefeated and two Gonzaga was on the line to take over Indiana Hoosier undefeated record. And yes Gonzaga got exposed of what happened against UCLA

Never said Baylor was a “Blue Blood”… but they sure are a P5 school… and the only so called P5 school with which the P5 schools and the “Blue Bloods” and those who are in “Control” could get to win with at the time… And if you read my stuff… That’s what I am alluding to. And as to Conspiracy Theories… Lets call it what it really is… Like a Good Detective… It’s called “Following a Lead”. It’s how ALL cases are solved… Even ones you like to throw out “The Baby along with the Bath Water” for prematurely.

You can count on one hand the number of times Gonzaga has been so called unprepared as you say to play someone: Twice with BYU, Once with St. Mary’s and now with Baylor. But what we are talking about is not some conference game, like with BYU and St. Mary’s… that doesn’t mean much in the long run, but, we are talking about the “BIg Enchiladas”… the National Championship game… So here is my prediction: And history is on my side… Let’s see if the future also proves me out: And that is Gonzaga has shown the propensity to get to the National Championship Game: Twice now in the last four years. This is my assertion: Gonzaga will get to the National Championship Game again in the next two years… And this will happen: (not because of not having the talent or coaching they need) TEN TO ONE they don’t win that game as well, even though the odds before the game will have made them the overwhelming favorite… T.I.J.

Baylor beat Gonzaga because Baylor was the better team on 4/5/2021. Gonzaga had played an OT game against UCLA playing all their starters close to 40 minutes or more. Baylor easily beat Houston in a game they controlled wire to wire and substituted freely. They were the deeper and fresher team on 4/5/2021. Gonzaga went 7 deep in competitive games with their two subs playing about 10 minutes in those games. Baylor went at least 8 deep most of the time with their subs playing an average of 15 or more minutes a game. Depth was the difference in my opinion. Gonzaga may have had a slight edge with their starting 5 but Baylor had a big edge with their bench.

Baylor was a very good team and it shouldn’t be considered much of an upset that they won. They won decisively and were as good as anybody who has won the national championship in recent years.

A few years ago when North Carolina beat Gonzaga I thought they were the beneficiaries of some questionable calls late in the game. I thought North Carolina was pretty ordinary as national champions go and that loss by Gonzaga was disappointing more than the one to Baylor because Baylor was an elite team.

I always root for Gonzaga when they aren’t playing BYU so them losing to Baylor was disappointing. It was not a shock by any means. I had my concerns when UCLA pushed Gonzaga to OT and Baylor easily beat Houston in the 2 final four games.

I think a non power five team will win the championship at some point. Butler played in 2 national championships games in 2010 and 2011 with less talent than Gonzaga and they nearly beat Duke in 2010.

Curious what excuses will be made and what analogies will be made when the Zags lose the 3rd, 4th, 5th… so on… National Championship Games…until someone with an inquiring mind, a logical mind, a suspicious mind, a non-sheep’s mind… finally puts one and one together and figures out that we are being sold one plus one equals three when it should equal two.

Then and only then will the the possibility of “Control” enters into the equation of why they do not win.

See the Powers that be have found the Zags to be an anomaly, in that obviously they are very good… but not P5. If the Zags suddenly became a member of a P5 conference the problem would go away… but since they are happy with their non P5 status and they, the Zags, also, have found the formula to put together National Championship teams YEAR in and YEAR out… as long as the Zags are a member of a non P5 conference… they will always get the accolades in preseason as well as in season as well, ranked number one, and will be treated great up until the time it comes for them to be crowned National Champions… and that’s when the “Powers that Be” will come out of the wood work and insure that a P5 team ALWAYS wins the National Championship.

BYU will play for the National Championship in 2022. Forget about Gonsnata…

Can’t argue with that one grasshopper-write it down!:grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

The powers that be didn’t decide the national championship, Baylor decided it-end of story. The best area for someone to take control of outcomes in the championship games is in the seeding process or CFP process. That is where the power is generated and is most likely skewed to favor elite P5 programs-obviously one that comes to mind is Notre Dame who probably stunk it up the worst

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Hope you’re right…