Fell for Fools Gold

We all saw the shiny glitter playing lesser teams and thought it was the real deal.

And this was the second easiest game of the entire big 12 schedule Wash wah wah wah

Gonzaga beat USD by 30. Sure we want to be in the Big12?

Well, we will see what the team is made of on how they make adjustments. We did fine in the 1st half. The 2nd half we totally disappeared. Defense full of holes.

We made 13 3s out of 42. Knell made 9 of them and Pope kept him out 6 minutes. We lost the lead then. If someone makes 3 more 3’s we are in the game at the end. 28% won’t win any games in the Big12.

Also, we need an inside game as well. Fouss has to play more and Adams has to get off his butt and play. Waterman disappeared again.

They stunk it up Lost the rebounding battle, outshot, outshot from 3, outshot at the line, committed 18 turnovers. Totally miserable performance. We see this scenario year after year when conference starts and now we are in a conference where we will be embarrassed every time we play like that. How do you beat SDSU and NC State and get dominated by Cincinnati? I hope tonight wasn’t the real BYU or we are in for a repeat of the football season.

I hope tonight was an anomaly. if not BYU will be lucky to make the NIT. Too many glowing newspaper articles based on a few nice wins and dominating a bunch of nothing teams almost entirely at home. When you get thumped at home by a mid level conference team it is really deflating.

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Oh, did we ever…11 TOs. Killin it

No, no we didn’t
Knell made 9 of the total 13 threes in the game. The rest of the team went 4-32 threes. With so many clanks, the rims will have to be replaced due to all the stress fractures.
Hall just made a case for being benched. 2-12 from 3 and half of them were outside of NBA range.
Way to kill it floor general.

We were winning at halftime. Should have gotten up by 20 but no one could shoot but Knell. Be real.

You are right. We made 13 out of 46. Do you think the rest of the team will shoot 4 out off 33 again? Make 3 more and it’s a game to the wire.
Yes, Hall shot poorly. So did everyone else but Knell from distance. I don’t think we will do that again. This was only the 3rd game in 3 weeks. They got fame rusty.
Also, free throws were horrible as well. Maybe it was the pressure of the first game in the new league. But, we need more plays for Fouss as he gets better.

You can defend this stink all you want. you can’t even get your numbers right. BYU shot 46 threes.
Take Knell out of the picture and the team fired away for 4-32 and Pope did not stop once to change the strategy.
The two guys that got the most minutes???
Hall 33 min
Waterman 30 min.
With their Bricks, They KILLED any chance of us winning this game.

Cinn on the other hand, came out in the 2nd, Quit shooting 3s and pounded the rock inside, getting 8 extra points from fouls to go along with made baskets, that is 8 three point plays. Their FT makes were more than enough to beat BYU. 19-24.

Way to go Pope.

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You should read other posts before acting all high and mighty. I did correct the number of 3s. And, I haven’t defended anything that happened. I listed in another post 7 other things that went wrong.

I still want to know why Adams is not playing. You want to change things you have to have those who can on the floor. Stewart played and turned the ball over 4 times. Baker needs to play to stop Hall from jacking up 35 ft. 3s. But, I’ve said for a few years now, I don’t like our offense. It’s great against weak teams but we get shut down eventually against good teams if we aren’t hitting 3s.

I stayed out the basketball conversation, because my view was different than others. Did not want to get into the “what if’s” with people.

While a lot of you were saying how high a seed BYU would get in the dance, my thoughts centered on “who has BYU really played” that shows what type of team they are going to be in the BIG12?

I wasn’t buying the hype of how good BYU basketball is, just call me pessimistic.

Then yesterday, I read an article about Pope that said last year, he decided to go against conventional wisdom and play “young”. He knew it was going to be hard and they would lose a lot of games if he did it that way. His stated purpose was to get the young guys experience for going into the BIG12.

I am not basketball analysis, but from my viewpoint of being a player and official, teams generally win when they have a good mixture of experienced and newbie players. The experienced one can keep their cool and help the boat stay secure, while also being a calming influence on the younger players (much what has been written about Johnson this year).

As John said, many BYU saw fool’s gold because BYU never really played 1) away from home that much and B) the quality of the teams they played for the most part was not that good (Exception Utah and SDSU).

Well, we are playing both old and young. Although, most of the players have been playing in college for 3 to 6 years now. We have plenty of experience.

There is one thing Pope said during the week. We shoot 3s and there will be nights where we die by the 3. Last night was one of them. Except for Knell, we were 4 for 33. Did you get that Fish. You said 32. For such an expert how did you subtract so poorly. :grin:

There are some questions and you brought up one of them. And Fish has pointed it out. Where was Baker and why not more minutes than 3? I’ll also point out, where is Adams? Are we really going to redshirt him this year? We need some inside offense. I noticed Treore barely played as well. He was rusty but we have to play him for offense.

The last thing is, Cincinnati changed up their offense at the half. They started playing like the WCC teams figured out how to beat our defense. One guy penetrates and they score heavily in the paint. It also opened up some open 3s. We will see more and more of this when our 3 point shooting is sucking. 4-33 isn’t going to beat anyone in the WCC or the Big 12.

I stayed out of the conversation, too, but mostly because I didn’t want to be a killjoy with everyone’s celebration of Pope as a great coach. I was pleasantly surprised with our food record pre-conference (under Pope we haven’t taken care of that business before), but figured that what I’ve seen of Pope would rear it’s ugly head eventually.

I did point out that our one dimensional 3 point shot team would have some ice cold shooting nights — and defenses that take that away and force us to go inside.

Sitake just got yet another contract extension. It would be so BYU to extend Pope up through 2027, too. And on about the same results, too.

Hooray for more teams made up almost entirely of portal transfers!

The basketball team isn’t made up of mostly transfer portal players. We only have two and one isn’t playing, Adams. He should be.

I didn’t see that we didn’t have open 3s. We did. We bricked them. What we didn’t have was someone dribbling into the key and passing out to the shooters.

We were pressured more as we knew would happen. But we didn’t see maybe more of Baker to drive. Stewart got benched as he couldn’t hang on to the ball and dribbles too high.

Where was Trejore? Where was Adams? Where was Baker?

I’ll say it again, Cincinnati changed their offense to what we got in the WCC, dribbling by a guard into the lane causing havoc and scoring consistently. Another reason to have Baker on the floor more. Also, Baker won’t take 35 foot shots either.

It has been reported multiple times that Adam’s is “OUT OF SHAPE” because of his foot injury. Why would Pope play someone that can only give you 5 to 10 minutes before being based out?

If his foot injury took that long to heal, I am supposing that they are putting adam’s on limited time to play. They do this in the NBA where a player will play x amount of minutes and the next game they won’t play. It is used to slowly bring the player along without reinjuring the player.

that is just a guess on my part.

Here is the article: BYU basketball: What Mark Pope said on Jon Rothstein’s podcast - Deseret News

He’s a young kid. We saw him for a few minutes 3 weeks ago. He looked like he could play. Play him if he wants to play.

Sound like the all to familiar uncaring fan who only wants to “WIN” at all cost regardless if that can affect the player health for decades.

A lot of the pain I deal with everyday is because of the crap I went through in High School by my football coach.

I care for the long term, not the short term benifit.

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Oh stop! This isn’t T ball or some mambie pambie thing. He played and he was just fine.