Final 4, who wins it all?

Ok, since we all are morning our Cougs early demise, I’m listing the final 4 and the matchups. You tell me who wins it all and why

1 UConn, blowing out teams by 30 points. I had them inked in a NC’s from the get go. They are a team led by two Sr. guards, Spencer and Newton, both top 10 guards, Newton is the point, Spencer 44% from 3 with over 200 shots this season. along with 7’2 Clingman. they are formidable. they play…

3 Alabama, This is historic, never been to a final 4. You could say these guys only care about scoring because they play defense like BYU does…optional. Their 125 net on offense is ranked #3 nationally but #102 on D. They have 3 guards to shoot over 40% from 3. They want to play at a fast pase and simply blow teams off the court.
Conclusion: UConn has a higher ranked offense (2nd) and #4 nationally on defense. game over

2 Purdue, They guys are on a mission. They have the best center, 7’4 Edey, in all the land and possibly the best point, Smith. and they have a cadre of outside shooters, all 40% or better, 5 of them. They are a true threat to win it all. Oh, did I say, #1 offense in all of college basketball.

4 NC State, Talk about a Cinderella story, Is this the same team that BYU beat in Vegas? NC St bumbled around ranked #84. These guys had a pathetic season, they at one time had lost 3 in a row, then 4 in a row, with no chance of dancing, they then ran off 5 wins in 5 days beating Duke and N. Carolina along the way. Now after beating teams that were supposed to beat them by double digits, they stand on holy ground-the final four…

Jim Valvano would be smiling. " We should do three things every day of our life. Number one is laugh. You should laugh every day. Number two is to think, we should spend some time in thought. And, number three is you should have your emotions moved to tears.

Jim Valvano

They are led by the round mound of 6’9, 330 plus, JD Burns Jr. who has sighed more NIL deals in the past 2 weeks then all of college basketball combined. Burns became a multimillionaire in a matter of 3 weeks.
Conclusion: The Cinderella team has met it’s kryptonite-Edey.

UConn vs. Purdue
What say you?

Well, it gets back to how you finish the season as NCS so showed the world. I would not write them off. Burns, an out of shape dude will give Edey some difficulties. If Edey can stay out of foul trouble, Purdue should win it all.

Burns is allegedly 6’9” and 275 lbs per ESPN. The height may be correct but he looks heavier to me. Edey is 7’4” and 300 lbs. Burns won’t be able to push him around like he does most centers and he is giving up too much height. His backup plays about 15 or more minutes a game and l think he will give up too much ht and wt and Edey will dominate him forcing Burns to play more minutes and I think he will get gassed if he has to play up to 30 minutes.

Ultimately who knows. I have had NCS losing every game in the tournament and they keep on winning but I don’t see them beating Purdue if Purdue plays their usual game.

I have U Conn winning it. They have everything and for a while against Illinois they looked like a NBA team playing a WNBA team. They have outstanding guard play, a center who will probably match up to Edey better than anybody left in the tournament, and they have a great bench. They are outstanding on both ends of the floor and play great team basketball. They rebound, pass, shoot, move without the ball, and play great defense. They don’t have one star but everybody in the starting line-up, and a couple on their bench. would be stars on most college teams.

Being the person that always root for the underdog, I would like to see NC State vs Alabama.

But I think you are probably right.

Just curious, where is your FACTS that burns is out of shape?

I cannot find one article on the internet that states that Burns is out of shape.
Whereas with Adams, there are several articles that says mention that he was not in playing shape.

For a so-called former coach, I would think you would know the difference between being “out of shape” and being “in playing shape”.

Watched the game, Purdue vs.Tenn. Edey plays an average of 31 mins per game…all season long. Purdue is going to push it, just to try to gas Burns a little. They are on a NC mission.

My Houston section got blown up
My Purdue/Tenn section has been perfect
My UConn section has been perfect
My UNC section got blown up by Bama

Interesting…the line for both final 4 games are a 10 point spread for the favorites, don’t think I have ever seen that.

People have eyes. The idea a kid that age can’t start playing 8-12 minutes a game for a few games is silly. He could have played some in this early games. Especially for that Knell guy everyone thinks isn’t a D1 player :rofl:

Burns played 29 minutes yesterday and looked gassed. But, against Edey will be a different story. However, his lower center of gravity will help move Edey. He played a lot like Fouss.

So, in other words, you don’t have any facts to back up your comment. Okay, just more of your myopic views of a deranged bed fellow.

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Why would it be a different story against Edey? Edey will be much harder to move, and handle, than anybody he has faced this year. He will have to resort to more physicality and will probably commit more fouls because guys like Edey get the star treatment. He took 22 free throws yesterday. Burns could do well offensively. He has great footwork and will be hard to move in the low post but defensively he will need help. Edey has great footwork and when he gets the ball down low it is over. Burns won’t be able to handle him on his own.

How in shape are you?

That’s the key with Edey. He gets the ball a lot. They play a lot of two man games with Edey. Something we should have done against Dusquene.

Nice try at deflecting from the subject matter.

:rofl: come on, he was in enough shape to play some games before league.

You forgot to mention that the NCAA and the officials seem to want to kiss the collective rear ends of UConn every game so seriously, who else has a chance? I saw a pathetic Illinois team claw their way back from a horrible start to tie UConn at 23 late in the first half only to watch the officials basically say to Illinois “no you don’t” and rattle off 3 straight calls and a terrible out of bounds call all in favor of UConn to end the half with UConn up 28-23 and then start the second half in similar fashion kissing UConn’s rear ends for the first 4 minutes or so and it was game over. Illinois, for being such a great offense, completely lost their minds and the mental aspect of it and then couldn’t throw a pea in the ocean and got blown out. It was all mental. When you watch the officials throwing body shots and jabs at key points in the game it can completely take you out and it did for Illinois.

Now, having said that I don’t care what team you are nobody wins every single game they have played in the tournament the last two years by double digits. They are good but they aren’t that good. Only when you have the officials in your corner the entire game do you pull off a double digit win EVERY single time. So yeah, when the NCAA rigs it for one team, and it is pretty obviouis that is what is going on, the only thing that can stop UConn from winning is Vegas and the sports betting. College basketball is only one step behind the NBA in that regard and everyone knows the NBA has been rigged for a long time with all their behind closed doors ping pong ball and envelope lottery picking shenanigans.

Have fun watching a rigged “its all about the story we can create” NCAA tournament. Nobody west of the Mississippi should care… in fact nobody west of Connecticut should care. The coaches for UConn and Purdue are two of the biggest whiners and bully’s there are in college basketball and they will complain their teams to victory if that’s what they think it takes as well.

Do you think the NCAA rigged it for UCLA when they had Alcindor (later Jabbar)? I think there were a few years there where they won every tournament game by double digits. Sometimes you have teams that are very dominant. I don’t think UConn is as good as the Wooden as tthe Wooden coached champions of 67 and 68 but they are plenty good.

With Illinois playing a guy who should have been suspended for sexual assault I didn’t feel
sorry for them and was happy to see them destroyed.

You claim it was all mental for Illinois to go on a 0-28 run. You have quite an unusual ability to know the minds of players and exactly how outside influences affect them. Karnack the Magnificent Mentalist. You could make millions!

Who wins? Meh. Hard to get excited about it. So I’ll do it in terms of which team I want least to win.
#1 Conn. Can’t stand 2 time winners and the arrogance that comes with it. And hey, they’re in the North East.

2 NCstate Triple yuck. They will get curb-stomped in semis Another title for the ACC? No thanks. And hey, they’re in the South East.

3 Purdue. After living in the Midwest 30+ years, I came away with only liking Michigan football. Nothing else. They are not from the west so, Boo Pur Doo Doo.

#4 Alabama I’m picking them as my least disgusted by. I HATE the SEC in everything. But it’s not football, so a little wiggle room in the hate department. I actually liked watching them a couple of games ago in a very close one. Their 6’ 11" guy was impressive. Even though they are from the deep South, I will go with Alabama as the least detestible of the 4 and my National Champion!

No idea where the bold and caps came from. Sorry

Nonetheless, you got my attention with them!

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