Final thoughts on end of the regular season

Ok it’s the end of the season and I just witnessed another gut-wrenching loss to Utah. Hard to take but the defense ran out of gas and there was a few questionable calls on offense and Utah made the inevitable push everyone expected they would. No whining or blaming the refs. We choked-simply played not to lose. Several notes that all of you will probably all hate

  1. Utah has better fan support than BYU. The place was electric and the players responded after deservedly being booed at the end of the half. I don’t really know what happened to BYU fans-they used to fill the stadium and were rabid supporters.
  2. BYU won the amount of games most “logical” fans thought they would, losing unexpected ones and winning against Wisconsin.
  3. BYU probably would have won a couple more if Wilson would have started game one. His skill set is so much greater than Mangum’s.
  4. The coaches really don’t do a great job of inspiring their players. It’s been noticable in several games when they just came out flat and never recovered
  5. Bushman is a stud, but didn’t get nearly the throws and time he should of
  6. The defense improved during the year, but imo, they are too predictable and bland
  7. The offense will improve greatly in the next two years under Wilson and an improved OL and wide outs
  8. Sitake will have brought us to a bowl game, so I can’t see him getting fired, but the defensive staff needs overhauled
  9. It seems that nobody is inspired in Provo anymore. Having attended both BYU and U of U, it seems that they have just totally reversed themselves and it shows-8 straight losses to Utah. It’s going to take something major to turn this program around and it starts with the athletic staff. For Utah it was Urban Meyer and continues with Whit. Like it or not-that place rocks
  10. Lastly it begins with coaches who can inspire and recruit. Are the parameters set too high for a head coach at BYU? I consider Sitake a good guy, but a mediocre head coach. If he is going to be successful he needs to hire great assistants like Edward’s did
    Just my assessment of the year and btw-you saw what happened when BYU played a decent team at home in Houston-same old story. Another program that needs some work done on it. Good luck to all of you, it’s getting tougher to be a fan, but I have hope for BYU next year with a great kid playing QB in Wilson
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Where does Tom Holmoe fit into this equation of improving the coaching caliber and other items you listed?

Tough to be a cougar right now that’s all the inspiration I’ve got. It wouldn’t be bad if her program was getting beat up by lotta points. What’s really sad is we’re losing games we should win and that’s what hurts

If you want to smile go watch Tyson hill play for New Orleans

The Saints have become one of my favorite teams👍

We had no business losing to NIU, Boise State and Utah. Either tighten up the ship or get some coaches that will

The Holmoe issue has to be revisited also. I have watched 3 teams in the last two weeks who were ranked in the MWC that were ranked-yet we were too good for the MWC?


Someone has to light a fire under this program, if that’s possible

On whether Utah has better support than Byu that’s debatable.
If Byu were playing for a conference championship and a possible invite to the national championship game our place would be electric too. Win and the fans will come back in mass

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On a positive note we get to see Zack Wilson win a lot of games for us in the future and too bad Romney and katoa were injured last night we could’ve use them

Hopefully you are right, but I haven’t seen that kind of atmosphere at BYU in a long time. The Utah fans were the 12th man in that game and I’ll lay bets right now that Utah loses in Seattle next week without that support base, because offensively they aren’t that impressive. That BYU consistantly loses home games in FB and BB is an aberration that shouldn’t happen

Wilson is the best BYU prospect in a long time and in injury to Katoa hurt

Tom Holmoes credentials to be hired were what? That he played in the NFL? Remind me again of why he was hired? In his only head coaching job in football … what was his record?

Fish… or Cal!

The BYU fan problem is one that has come about because the school has tightened down the academics so much that you really have a much higher percentage of grade geeks attending the school than ever before. The average grade point is 3.9 for incoming freshman. Lots of the kids study all the time. They just aren’t that well rounded and are not into sports like the 70’s,80’s and 90’s. The kids that would come out and support sports and are more well rounded are located in Rexburg… where the sports program was shut down

BYU is the product of being left out of the PAC. So long as BYU is not in a P-5 conference, or even a G-5 our players have little to play for once we get a loss or two. We can’t afford to pay for top line coaches without P-5 television money. I could see this coming. BYU doesen’t have the depth like a P-5 program. That was very predictable once BYU left the MWC and Utah got into the PAC.

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The Pac12 Playoff game will be in Levi’s Stadium, Santa Clara, CA (49ers Stadium).

Thank you-that evens it up a bit -Washington still wins on the strength of their offense

I’m just really depressed. The 2016 Big 12 invite debacle was devastating. The past two seasons have rubbed salt in the wound. It sucks to be a BYU fan, knowing that the BOT do doesn’t care about BYU Athletics unless the athletes do something to hurt the Church’s image.

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Agree to a “T”… hawk. Why doesn’t grasshopper ever post anything like this? All he can say is things like “Rice is a better team than Nevada”… or “I’m not worried about BYU at this point”… Sometimes fans see things so differently.

I don’t agree that they don’t care. That’s a cheap shot. What they make clear is that BYU is owned by the Church but that doesn’t mean the Lord intervenes in games and therefore the BOT should get involved with the athletics department. What they do care about is whether the program is helping bring souls into Christ especially with the youth. That includes the players who get baptized.