Football season over

The only way I see a season is if BYU schedules indys. for the month of sept-oct and hope that Others have just postponed their seasons, then finish up with the MWC otherwise this whole year is toast.

Feel so bad for Bushman, Tonga and others that came back

Wrong! Not all leagues are ending. Why are you spreading this?

If league has not canceled, they will only play in league games.

Most of the lower level team conferences has closed down.

That is why fish said what he said.

Who do you think they can play?

There are several conferences that haven’t folded stupidly I might add.
The question I have, a conference may say they aren’t playing there games. But what stops them from picking up independent games? Why can’t Utard play us?

name them?

As of now, there are 130 schools in 10 conferences. 41schools have said that they won’t play in the fall. MAC, MWC, Big Ten and PAC-12.

Sec -Conference only games
Big 10 - Conference only games.
Big 12 - 10 games schedules with 1 Non conference game allowed
Conference USA -Conference games only

Here is an article that explains what BYU options are:

If we can get 6 or 7 games and play 4 or 5 twice is fine with me. The NFL plays teams twice.

I would contact every school who hasn’t canceled FB this year. Even the Nebraska’s of
The world. I think we can scab together a decent schedule. I think this is an opportunity for increased exposure. ESPN televised games will help everything. Recruiting will be a big deal if the power 5 conf just write off the season. Good going forward if enough teams will stay to play.

This isn’t about whether players and coaches can be protected from the China Virus and their safety. It’s all about money. Money lost through potential liability and loss revenue. Nebraska makes $52 million dollars being a member of the Big 10. They aren’t going to jeopardize that. Whether someone will get sick and die is at the bottom of their worries. Same with the PAC 12 because most of those teams are in California that won’t protect businesses from liability.

Here is a look at what Conferences are doing:

Well Hopper, I didn’t speak about anything targeted in your response. You think Nebraska is making 52 million off this years’ FB schedule?? They aren’t making anything if they don’t play. I said I would call every team who hasn’t indicated they aren’t playing … then I would contact every team who voted to play and were outvoted by their league.

Schools have insurance policies and they will require athletes to sign waivers to play sports.

I think BYU will get great publicity for playing even a modified schedule. Leave no stone unturned!!

I agree that this can be huge for BYU. BYU needs to play as many games as possible and be on TV. Players will notice and so will potential recruits.

I also think it’s a health problem for those athletes who do not play and their families and friends. They are in a controlled environment which will be more safe for all involved.

Yes I agree. Much safer to be an NCAA D-1 athlete right now than just a regular student on campus! As a FB player you will be given a ton of free medical testing and info. Play as many teams as BYU can get. That is my Opinion.

Utah, like many hangers’ on to their P-5 conferences, does not have the guts to buck their money givers, their P-5 conference. Besides, I don’t Utah really cares about playing BYU.

The new AD has said in the past (Pre Covid-19) that it was important to play BYU as often as can be arranged. Because it is an in state game with a legacy of a rivalry. He would like to see it happen for many years to come.

AD Hill (the previous Utah AD) is the one that was kind of hinting that Utah does not want to play BYU.

I thought he was pretty honest about it. I know K Whitt wants to play as often. The only ones now, that I think Utah should not play BYU is some of the idiot fans that have tunnel vision.

It seems that people who live in the state of Utah want BYU to play the Utes more than people who live outside of the Beehive state. To me as someone who lives outside of Utah I do not want to play Utah anymore. Ten loses in ten years to the Utes shows how much better the Utes are than BYU. After nine years in the PAC-12 with the superior recruiting chances I think it is time that BYU stops playing Utah in football. But to me the BYU-Utah basketball games are a more even opportunity for both schools.

Why did we lose last year? We had them. Coaching. We can play with them. If we got included in the PAC12 we would have to play them every year. Silly reason not to play someone. Oh, they might beat us. Remember when we used to beat up on them? Bad reason.

I thought of that. If BYU plays a season, the games would be watched by many millions. but only if BYU can schedule quality opponents. Troy is NOT what I was looking for.

Too bad, BYU would take it to Utah this season. Utah lost so much talent and BYU is loaded