Found this article about BYU ticket pricing

BYU football: Season ticket renewal process frustrating for many fans - Deseret News

Some of the comments that the article uses is revealing:

  1. IF you join Cougar Club for $60 you will get preference over a 40+ year ticket purchasers who is not a member of the Cougar Club.
    " ‘Let me get this straight, any random fan can donate $60 today and they will be able to select their football tickets earlier than me, who is going into their 40th consecutive season?’ They said yes, that is correct."
    Shiloh Lloyd

2.Those mostly affected was the sideline ticket holder (higher price for seats), while the less expensive seats (end zones) were protected
" I pay more money per ticket and I don’t get first right of refusal on my tickets from year to year. Yet, end zone season ticket holders, paying less per ticket, can keep their same seats year after year after year.” Paul Stokes

  1. Long time fans who have bought tickets for 20,30, 40 years, Don’t matter to the AD’s office.
    " After 40 years of the same basketball seats, the Cougar Club sold my seats. I was offered seats 20 rows further up in the stadium. I quit attending BYU basketball games. …

“If our donations to BYU scholarship fund, law school building and law school scholarship funds had gone to the Cougar Club we may have priority to keep our stadium seats. Maybe time and energy as alumni board president and Cougar Club board member do not warrant consideration."
M. Byron Fisher

  1. The best of them all, BYU AD office does not keep thier word:
    "Last year my wife and I were called to serve a senior mission. I called BYU and told them and they said I could put them on hold for one year. I did not use them last year. Even though we have six months left to serve, I called to purchase for the upcoming year. I was told they were no longer my seats. "
    Robert Combs.

So for those that still think that BYU ticket policies were about “Getting better coaches, players, and joining the BIG12”, think again. This is nothing more than BYU AD’s office being all about the $$$$

Too treat fans that have purchased tickets for up to 40+ years this way, says alot about how BYU has changed over the years. Loyalty does not matter, what matter is bolstering the Cougar Club coffers and making more money.

If BYU is getting a 33 million share of the BIG12 profits (TV deal, etc.) then why raise the ticket prices on long time ticket holders?

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There seems to be a disconnect between the understanding of how much it costs to run a top P5 athletic program (all sports) and keeping the status quo of our past. Getting better coaches, players (NIL) playing competitively in the Big12, best facilities (in all sports) is all about the money. Not just short term, but long term. Long term fans may die of old age tomorrow. The AD has to think long term.

Now, if their actions result in less money and (NIL) deals, then their actions will be proven to be the wrong decisions. But, it’s not your job that is on the line. You can be upset about it. But, it is what you all wanted, P5 prestige and acceptance for the spreading of the gospel.

Based on what Floyd posted I am leaning toward some poor decisions by the AD office on some of these situations. I think they can do better and still accomplish their goals.

It appears there were some mistakes made.

Sounds like sour grapes. The people wanted their cake and eat it too. I’m sure they feel bad. But, choices of consequences. Instead of wanting to be accepted by the big teams, we could have said let’s stay in the MWC and so we can keep our great butts in great seats. That’s not what the fans and athletic department wanted. I don’t see what could have been different.

Spoken like someone who has never paid for season tickets to BYU for 40 years.

that says about it all.

Doesn’t matter one bit. The people including you wanted inclusion to the top tear of college athletics. Change always comes with consequences. The good and the bad together. The bad is the additional costs. Why is this so hard to understand?

If you don’t understand what I am saying and why I said it then I guess we are back to square one and you are up to your old tricks again of disagreeing just for the sake of it.

If the situations Floyd shared are even remotely true, which I think they are, then it is absolutely true that BYU could have done better in how they handled those situations.

It was weak on their part.

I’m not playing any games. I honestly know it’s about the money. The cost to be in the Big12 and to pay players and coaches is huge! The fans wanted this and now they have to live in it or get out. That’s their choice if they stop being fans. The seats will sell out. You can’t have it both ways. It isn’t about being weak. It isn’t about trying to make everyone happy. It’s about the money. Why is this so difficult to understand?

Your lack of comprehension extends beyond the borders of the cougarfan site. I’m not sure why there is this chasm of a disconnect but it just is what it is.

Based on what Floyd posted, a lot of it was copied and pasted, I think the athletic administratioin could have done a better job of handling the various situations. It certainly appears that some people who deserved better didn’t get it and some people who didn’t deserve perks got them without expecting them. That is a problem. It had nothing to do with MONEY and everything to do with customer service.

That is called reading 101, not that complicated and no need to assume a bunch of things you don’t really know.

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Believe what you want. All you want to do is argue. You are wrong. It’s business 101. They didn’t go through each person and decide if this dude is a good guy or needs to go. It was a wholesale move of specific seats. Crybabies.

So you work for the athletic department in ticket sales…

Mr. Business 101


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I guess I just understand big business better than you apparently do. We wanted big time athletics and now we have it. Welcome to the big boy’s room.

Not really, since Jim actually runs a company. Your problem is that you will never accept the fact that BYU does anything wrong.

Jim doesn’t run a company. And it was a small local business. I, on the other hand, am a Regional Vice President of a S&P400 company on the NYSE.
I was talking about this subject after EQ meeting Sunday. The lesson was on the Prophet for our time. We got talking on how members will question today’s prophet based on what a prophet said decades ago. People sometimes allow policy and traditions supersede what is needed today. Same thing is happening with this topic. You people just can’t give up your seats for the needs of today :rofl:

What does that have to do with BYU?

The “Prophet of our time” has made it very clear that BYU is not the “Lord’s University”.

Another “Prophet of our time” a member of the 12, said “The Gospel of Christ is perfect, the Church is made of imperfect humans who sometimes makes wrong decisions”.

BYU would fall in that latter group.

I really didn’t think you were that slow. Honestly. The analogy was perfect. I even explained it and what the connection is between the analogy and need for change in the athletic seating.
“ People sometimes allow policy and traditions supersede what is needed today. Same thing is happening with this topic.”

Has nothing to do with our discussion. Stop trying to elevate yourself above others in an effort to legitimize your opinion. What you said about “understanding big businness” better than someone else also has nothing to do with the specific point being made. You can still run a big business and handle the specific situations in a better way. Everyone wins in that scenario, which is something you apparently don’t understand.

Floyd is correct, I used to help my Dad run a small engineering company that was successful at what we did. When he retired I decided I wanted to do something more personally fulfilling so I work with kids who have moderate to severe disabilities. I feel successful with my current endeavor as well so there you go.

How successful do you feel as a regional vice president of a S&P 400 company on the NYSE? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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Good for you Jim, those who work with people with disabilities gets extra kudo’s in heaven.

I was called to work in special needs mutual for five years and love it. Even today, a decade later, some of my “scouts” sees me and yells my name and comes running up to me to give me a bear hug.

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My son did the same for three years in Sandy area. And he loves it!

You missed the target and the boat on your response. You completely left out the post that Floyd made. My response was directly related to this and the topic. Such as Floyd attempting to say I have no experience or knowledge running large businesses and you do. Yours was a successful very small business. Nothing compared with the company I’m in. Trying to please everyone cannot be done and keep a business successful when major changes occur. The inclusion into the Big12 is a major change and yet people who think sitting in a seat for 30 years gives them power and protection against the needs of the business. Like I said, if you believe this then BYU should stay in the G5 zone and join the MWC again. Costs are going up and this means money has to be raised and people who can afford higher ticket prices get your seat.
I’m glad you have found meaning in your professional life. There are a lot of adults who seem to have mental disabilities over this change in BYU. You can assist them. But, you aren’t by enabling their resentments and not helping them understand the reasons. The Administration and AD are trying. Those that understand the financial situation are trying but still have responsibilities to keeping the school financially strong. If they could have kept people in their seats they would have.