General Conference with no audience

So, the Church is caught up in this phony virus controversy. No one can attend. And, churches are being asked to close up for a while. Satan is working extra hard. I wonder if something big is on the horizon. Not the virus but a lot of internal wars I can see on the horizon. Military marital law by Democrat Governors and elsewhere. Confiscation if guns by military force. Interesting times. Thank you liberal media and Democrats.

Well, President Trump just said it is not a fallacy Scott.

This is a pandemic, you got to stop listening to your right wingnuts people.

Utah Jazz Rudy Gobert has coronavirus just announced now wow what a bummer and the NBA is being suspended for the rest of season

Pandemic doesn’t mean deadly for most people. Pandemic definition is “A disease prevalent over a whole country or the world. Nothing about the severity of the disease. Every year we have a pandemic flu of some kind. By far more people die from the flu than will die from this virus.
The difference with this virus is the media and politicians have made it political. I’m not going to change my patterns of life because liberals and politicians are freaking out.

Dumb! It’s obvious that unless a person has an immune problem, it’s less than a cold. But that’s also the reason why the flu becomes deadly. Did society go this crazy for the H1N1 or the Ebola? No. Why now? Why this one?

You really are an idiot aren’t you?

When people who actually know what they are talking about are says this is serious AND the First Presidency says they believe them.

But yet Grasshopper who only source of information is Levin and Hannity thinks it a hoax.

Interesting that they are canceling stake conferences and stake leadership meetings. I’m thinking ward meetings could be next. Almost ironic how this coincides with the implementation of gospel study in the home. I would hazard a guess that you will see more of this type of activity in the future and how easily something can turn the economy on it’s head in little time.

Believe what you want. I see nothing that compares to the H1N1. I see a lot of fearmongering. I see a lot of political usage, climate change usage, socialist usage out of this. You can be the idiot about this.

That last statement is emphatically true! My point exactly! This is attacking capitalism which can exist under our Constitution and our Liberty. The Aulinsky approach to destroying our Liberty is to create anarchy. Imagine if tens of millions of jobs were lost because we aren’t able to leave our homes and go to work? Over what? A virus that for most people isn’t as bad as the common cold? In fact, it is a cold virus. That’s what Coronavirusus are.

Keep drinking the right wingnuts propaganda Scott, if you believe thier crap, you are not that smart, which I knew already.

Why is this virus bad? Because A) they don’t have a vaccine for it, B) they don’t understand how it works yet.

I have three children who all work in medical area and one that does medical research.

I believe them more than your opinion any day.

It’s you and the supposed smart people that are spreading rumors and false information. The President and Republicans are giving out proper information. It’s already well known 80% of those with the virus have mild cold like symptoms. 1200 cases so far. So 240 cases with more sever symptoms because of their already poor health. 38 deaths and two - thirds in nursing homes in Washington State. So, 12 deaths outside but still older people with health problems. 1%.
So, if a million get the virus, 2,000 more deaths. 14,000 died with H1N1. No reason to cancel games and not have fans in the stands.

Rudy Gobert was Diganosed yesterday and tod as y Donvan Mitchell has now been tested positive.

So I think you are a selfish twit who don’t have a clue what you are talking about.

Kobe Lee was sick on Monday but with the flu. The other two you mentioned are healthy strong immune system persons and will have a simple cold. Did we cancel anything because Lee was sick with the flu that attacks 10 times or more people around world killing by far more people. What has changed with peoples minds?

The corona virus is definitely something to show concern about. My sister-in-law runs a Saint Luke’s hospital in Idaho. The people most affected by it are the very young, the elderly and those with complications, like auto immune diseases or actually any health issue. Organizations are taking the appropriate steps to try and not let this virus get out of hand. I know it’s disappointing to those of us that looked forward to events that have been cancelled, but it’s the correct thing to do until this thing is brought under control. You are going to get the sicko’s that are going to claim conspiracy theories, China is blaming the US for setting this virus loose in their country and all the crazies are going to come out of the woodwork to propagate their agenda’s, but it is simply a matter of doing the best we can to save lives and lives are important, even in a care facility. News flash -all church meetings and activities cancelled immediately was put out by the First Presidency

I don’t see anything about the very young getting this. Can you point to some verifiable reliable references?

Bulletin put out by Saint Luke’s hospital

Well the church just down sacrament meetings…

Must be the First Presidency is deceived by the far left and China. Right Scott?

I should mention they mentioned this:
“We have considered the counsel of local Church leaders, government officials and medical professionals, and have sought the Lord’s guidance in these matters.”

Is that Luke Worthington’s Hospital :grinning:
It’s killing old people who have underlying medical issues and the body can’t fight the infection.

Imagine all those boarderline active members who will fall away now. And, all the missionary work that has to be put on hold since prospective members have to attend sacrament meetings.

I heard a psychiatrist on a business program explain what is happening as anxiety disorder heaped upon people that can’t cope with fear and succumb to group psychosis.

Well you have to consider the intellect of certain posters. I see now that conservative Fox News has put out the people most susceptible to the coronavirus are the elderly, the young, and the compromised. I just try and follow what the church Presidency and the apostles direct me to do and not gripe to loudly-and try to avoid interactions with the whacko’s-sometimes it’s really difficult to avoid them​:sneezing_face::crazy_face: