Gonzaga is a more formidable opponent

So I wasn’t sure I wanted to do an in game discussion or post for this game because I just didn’t feel like BYU had much of a chance. I still don’t think they do but we are 10 minutes into the first half and they are down double digits. Baxter’s first touch in the game is a dunk on a feed from Yoeli and I can only ask myself why he hasn’t touched the ball more.

One thing that stands out so far is that the pace of the game is too fast for the officials. They are MIA in this game to start. I have seen lots of travelling, some no calls on obvious fouls and a lot of leeway for GU to get away with crud so far.

Rose’s love for Nick Emery is a killer. He may be encouraging the team to play harder but he doesn’t do much on either end. His defense is not that good and his offense is non existent. Haws has been good, Childs has been pretty good but no one else can do anything. Baxter never touches the ball on offense, on defense he is helping.

It looks like another 20 point loss but I am disappointed in this officiating crew. Gonzaga is playing at a high paced tempo and the refs, because they aren’t keeping up, are missing calls and letting the Zags do what they want.

Baxter - 2 touches and 2 dunks, last one on an alley oop from Haws.

He has two dunks on two touches and that is 2 more than Luke has in his career at BYU, and he isn’t as tall.

It’s too bad he didn’t get more playing time at the beginning of the season.

Can someone explain why Emery is getting so much playing time?

BYU is playing a decent game so far but they are still down by 13 at halftime. Disappointed in the officiating, the golden goose is being taken care of again but I don’t understand why because it isn’t necessary in this game.

Maybe boosters paying big money to Dave Rose to get Nick & Luke to play more?

Is it safe to watch the game now? So far the score is 38-51 at halftime. Baxter got 3 touches already, three dunks with 3 touches? And Luke got some playing time with one offense rebound and 1 foul and that was it so far? I don’t think I can stand watching what is going on.

It is going to be tough, Nick has hit 2 3 pointers which is good but Gonzaga is really good and unless we get a few calls here and there I don’t hold out much hope.

Stats showing Yo & Gavin 3 & 2 fouls - what’s up? And Dalton Nixon playing - how was doing?
Nick 2-6 3’s - need to do better than that

As marginal as the officiating was in the first half, they completely lost it in the second half. I have no problem with Rose or anyone else getting in the officials face, screaming at them and complaining as much as they want in this game.

BYU didn’t lose because of the officiating, but the officials didn’t need to help Gonzaga and make the game a complete circus. Pathetic effort on the part of the officiating crew, they should be ashamed.

Gonzaga is a very good team and the officials couldn’t handle the hyped up crowd and environment. They completely lost their abitlity to be objective. The wcc commisioner was there, will she do anything about it? Not likely.

I agree. We had 22 fouls and they had only 14. But, we lost because we simply could not score during that 21-3 run. Our passing was very lazy. We float every pass to Childs. They finally figured it out. Where are the crisp passing?

SF Dons lost to SC. SMC is now 2nd but still has GU next. BYU, SF & smc more likely 2nd place end of regular season as long BYU win over SD. Either SF or SMC gets 2/3 seeds and BYU 4 seed. Does it really matter? Not really.

Good point dew, it doesn’t really matter.

This has been an overall disappointing season, much like the past several. The program is headed in the wrong direction. I remember a couple years ago Few going public with telling the rest of the league they needed to step up their game and start competing with Gonzaga, etc. It’s odd that the wcc had a relatively successful out of conference season and has fallen apart in the league games except for Gonzaga, which is ironic.

After watching tonights game I confirmed one thing and discovered another. Gonzaga has a really good program and team and as a result of that the rest of the conference suffers. The wcc will get one bid this season because Gonzaga is so dominant and the wcc helps them along the way.

WIth some objective and fair officiating in tonights game, BYU would have only lost by less than 20. Credit the officials for making it a 30 point plus loss. The commisioner should file a greivance against the officials who did this game because overall it will hurt the conference going forward.

Maybe somewhere down the line Few will get caught paying his players to come to Gonzaga. Just a rumor but seems likely. How did he get all those future NBA players?
I think the loss was partially due to the SF game. We were hanging with Gonzaga but then we looked like we ran out of gas due to the SF game. I think that’s what happened in the SF game too. You get fatigued and start making mistakes and missing shots. Just an observation.

He’s getting his second chance, remember? hahahahaha


The commisioner should file a greivance against the officials who did this game because overall it will hurt the conference going forward.

The Nose officiates the game…and he is the most objective ref out there. I have 0 venom spewing out of me this go around. Gonzaga is better in every single stat you could create.

But for BYU to be leading by 14 at home and get blown up at the end of the SF game with everything on the line…it is time for a new coach to take over.

Isn’t that just crazy. SMC plays the end game around BYU when it looked like it was a done deal? Oh what a world. Fire Rose and we will see recruiting improve and these WCC nightmares disappear.

Per Wrubell: USF loss at SCU tightens WCC seed chase.

If BYU beats USD…

BYU is 2 seed if:
SMC goes 0-2 and USF goes 1-1 or 0-2.

BYU is 3 seed if:
SMC 1-1 or 2-0 and USF 1-1 or 0-2; SMC 0-2 and USF 2-0

BYU is 4 seed if:
SMC 1-1 or 2-0 and USF 2-0.

BYU loses ties with SMC, USF or both.

Wow! What did you do brother? Repent :slight_smile:

Emery gets the time because he is better at this point than any other guard than Haws. He has more experience too. Pretty simple. It’s crunch time and you play your best players.
Why would a new coach get better recruits? I thought Baxter is all world?
Also, he got Mika, Jimmer, Dastrup and many other 4 star recruits. Jimmer played all 4 years. Why did Dastrup leave then? Why did Mika leave then? It’s not Rose then.

You are as usual 99% accurate, which is better than Hoppers 3%. This board becomes doable with posters that really know something and have legitimate insights. I appreciate an informed perspective from you and others. I watched the game last night and I thought BYU played well in spurts but were outclassed speed wise and defensively. I viewed the officiating as typical of a WCC game. Home team advantage and an 8 free throw advantage is not huge, especially given Gonzaga’s quickness advantage. I saw questionable calls both ways, but felt Baxters attempted jam would have been called a foul 9/10 times but the replay showed not conclusive. Of course people see what they want to see, but I hold mostly to informed critics such as the Larimers , Thawk and of course Fish😉. After all a watermelon really isn’t a cantaloupe

In your case you are a cantaloupe :slight_smile:
That was a foul. He slapped both of Baxter’s wrists.
Yes, it looked as if they outclassed. But, the reason is their offense is far superior to ours. Their schemes create open shots and layups. Our offense creates one on one plays where most of our players are out matched. So, by the 4th quarter of the game (10 minute mark) we are fatigued and the other team isn’t when the team we play is a very good team. That’s what happened with SF too.

Come on SR, I was the one that came up with the whole melon analogy and you didn’t even include me on the list of informed critics? So disappointing…

Lol sorry unfair but you were on my mind, I just failed to scribe it to print-my bad , but you do have superior analogies

Yeah, it was definitely a foul. The guy hit the ball, but he also crashed into Baxter with both his hands and his body and he wasn’t going straight up so he had no position. The timing of the no call was bad too. A good referee officiates using the advantage/disadvantage perspective and doesn’t let the hype of the crowd or game affect him. Those clowns didn’t use any of those distinctions or skills. As a result they had the bench and Rose after them. Rose isn’t a fantastic coach but he is good and he undestands many of the aspects of basketball. It was a sham what the officials were doing. BYU is responsible for the loss, the refs were responsible for the blowout.

I also want Fish to understand that while I realize that Gonzaga has better athletes overall and is very well coached, that doesn’t give them any rights to special treatment from the officials. They should be held to the same standard, ESPECIALLY in the wcc, that every team is held to and they simply aren’t. When it matters or when a crew gets caught up in the noise and emotion of the game, they give Gonzaga the beneficial calls. It’s not right.