Grimes is leaving for Baylor

Look like Grimes is gone…
Reports: BYU offensive coordinator Jeff Grimes leaving for same role at Baylor - Deseret News

An insight into Zach Wilson:

BYU football: How Zach Wilson went from relative obscurity to a likely first-round pick - Deseret News

Interesting he was never really “active” in the church growing up. I understand that completely, because a lot of people in Utah uses the church as a social gathering, rather than a religious belief.

BYU should be OK, We could see this coming with how well BYU’s offense was running. Gimes reunites with an Coach from LSU and gets paid 10X the money. That’s why they coach don’t they. To win and to provide for their families.

Nothing different in California or anywhere else. Seems quite appropriate to give people all the opportunity to be around strong members long enough to gain a testimony. Seems to have worked with Zac. This socially distancing has warped your mind?

Roderick will be the OC and he will do fine. Question is will Mateo go also

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My thought exactly that Roderick will be promoted and the offense should be in good hands. I think Roderick did the play calling against UCF and I was impressed. If they can keep Mateos that would be good but I wouldn’t count on it. I’ll bet he follows Grimes.

Defensively you can count on the same old group, but offensively BYU won’t miss a beat IMO, in fact -they may improve. Hope Mateo stays- it’s critical to maintain a good OL

I thought Roderick did a pretty good job running the offense in the bowl game.
Then there is Fesi who coached at Weber and took them to one game of the national championship for the football group.

So yea, I think we are okay.

Don’t forget about Fesi Sitake… he took Weber State from being a bottom dweller to one game short of the national championship game (for the level Weber State plays in).

We may be ok without Grimes but what is “ok?” 6-6, 7-5, 8-4 or ?

We lose Grimes as OC
Miline as WR
Wilson as QB
Tonga as DL
Those are some pretty good losses.

Then if this pandemic does not kill next years schedule it will be tougher than this year.

But from what I hear we have some real quality QB’s coming in as well as Roderick who coached the offense during the bowl game.

So who knows?

Grimes leaving worries me less than the current crop of defensive coaches staying.

The information I have from the program is that Grimes had to go because even though he loves BYU, he could never be promoted at BYU, and will likely jump to around $1.5m/year and one step closer to a $3-5m/year job as a P5 HC. And I’m happy for him. Great job Grimes, we will miss you.

Regarding Zach, I’m told he willingly and honestly met his church and HC obligations at BYU and had a great experience in that area, going from completely inactive to great personal spiritual growth. So good for him and here’s hoping he continues to grow and mature, makes good choices in the NFL, and is a good ambassador for the church and for BYU!

Agreed—Grimes did a great job but so did Fesi and Roderick. We are LOADED at QB AND WR because of those two. When was the last time we could even dream of that?

I hope we are loaded before we face Baylor in Waco Texas on October 16 this year. Well I mean before we face Arizona, Utah and Arizona state.
Jeff Grimes knows about our defense and I mean the whole BYU football program.

Are you saying Romney will be as good as Wilson? He looked pretty slow this year.

Losing Wilson hurts the most. That type of player doesn’t come along very often.

We were only in the top 5 teams in the country on defense. People keep forgetting this. I agree losing Wilson and Milne will leave big holes. A first round QB doesn’t happen at BYU. When was the last one?

I’m going out on a limb here, but Romney is accurate with good field awareness, but doesn’t seem to have quick feet, so I’m looking to spring practice (hopefully) and see what Conover brings to the table. But I have absolute confidence in Roderick, that he will develop the qb to keep BYU rolling. Maybe Chris or Tom have the insight into the qb situation

Will either of those QBs go get training with Beck? The coaches are great but Beck made the difference in Wilson. Are either of them real students of the game like Wilson? The toughest season yet next year. And, those teams will be gunning for us as well. Teams may end up gunning for Algiers.

Depends on what they want. It would be hard to be as motivated as Wilson is and the other is talent. Wilson made throws that were elite according to Beck-NFL throws. Very few can do that. Your guess is as good as mine, but so far I don’t think of Romney as an NFL qb-maybe Conover is-I don’t know yet

You are forgetting the teams we played were that strong, most of the teams we played were lower level.