Grimes is leaving for Baylor

Although the long term may be bright for BYU, I believe that next year and the year after will be difficult. Can’t lose the talent that we lose and not lose stride. Then there is the quality of opponent this year versus the quality of opponent scheduled for next season.

Maybe, but we didn’t just play weak offense minded teams. Our defense were one of the top 5 defensive teams. Can’t take that from them.

Yep! The QB will be the key for next years offense. Defense will be sound.

I’m hearing the staff believes Conover will be a star and can be one of the great ones. They love Hall but his hip has never healed and he is also playing baseball. My bet is he quits football to focus on baseball. They also love Sol-Jay but Conover apparently throws smoke like Zach. My money is on Conover to win the job.

Can Conover move like Wilson? If not, Romney will be the QB against 7 power 5’s. What do you think?

Here a few views of his talent:

Hope this helps answers some questions you might have.

So, he’s not very big? What does that mean? 5’8”??? 160 lbs? Wilson was listed 6’3” and bulked up over the off season.

I doubt it has as much to do with Grimey as it does losing Wilson to the NFL. just sayin.

Neither was Detmer and look at how that turned out?

He is 6 ’ 1" around 205lb right now.

Because of the whole Convid stuff, he started as a walk on (scholarship issues at BYU) and been working with the QB’s this year.

The quote from Grimes got my attention:
“I never saw him make a bad throw, not one throw was outside the normal catching radius of what you would expect to receive in a catch. I was just really impressed with his accuracy, but even more impressed with his personality and how he related to everybody that was around him."

I would think that Romney has the inside edge as he has the most experience. You can go back 50 years and when BYU has an experienced QB, they win big. Let Conover and these talented QBs learn from a veteran.

I said a while back that Wilson had the best arm BYU has ever seen and nobody made a peep, I guess everyone agrees? Wilson made those throws because he committed to play and train like a future NFL draft pick. Wilson has one flaw, he tends to hold the ball too long and eats major yards once or twice a game, he can fix that easy. But when the pressure was on this season, even in the CC game, Wilson was a stud, it was our D and receivers dropped balls that cost us that game. Or should I say TUIAKI…

Tom and I are on the same page when we talk about NFL talent. BYU went from having a couple of guys in the last 5 years to NFL talent on many positions on this year’s team. That is proof Sitake has the ship righted and headed up. Now if my dreams could come true of the CFP gets booed out of town and a fairer playoff gets implimented and 2, BYU gets an invite to the P5. I would be a happy man.

Roderick said Conover reminds him of some of the quarterbacks who have played at BYU over the years with his playmaking, like Max Hall.
“You know how competitive Max was and how great of a leader he was, and he has the accuracy of John Beck. I’m not saying he is going to be as good as those guys, but he is up there with those guys in Arizona history and what he’s done in high school.”

I personally feel that while Zach improved greatly this year, his numbers also are due to the fact that we had an experienced O-line relatively injury free this year. As well as some very talented receivers who improved much this year. And lastly, a very talented Tight End (Rex) who made some of us think “Bushman who?”…

I love the hype about Wilson, but I think a lot of things fell into place this year for him to succeed.

One reason I did not comment on Wilson arm, is because I think saying the “Best ever” is a stretch in my opinion and extremely subjective. Not all things are equal to make a logical comparison.

For example, We saw what Wilson did for two years before this year, then all of sudden everyone this year is talking about his arm strength this year against weaker opponents, Why?

Don’t get me wrong, I think Wilson is good, but I don’t think he had the arm strength of Jim McMahon or Marc Wilson who both had good NFL careers.

Sorry Floyd, this is the last thing I read on this thread so you get the reply to it. I think Wilson has as good an arm as any QB BYU has ever had, if not more strong. He made HUGE improvements this past season and can make EVERY throw there is. He makes it look effortless and totally natural. He can go deep 60+ yards, back against his momentum, long cross field, he has touch, he can shovel, etc. It just seems too easy at times actually.

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No problem Jim… I think he has good arm strength, but my main complaint about how good of an arm he has still stands, how would he have done if the scheduled games had been played?

We will never know, because Wilson is leaving for the NFL (well unless he did not hire an agent and he withdraws him name before the draft).

I think of the best arm strength QB’s has ever had was the man who taught Wilson, John Beck.

It is really hard to compare arm strength and decision making when all variables are not the same.

Very good points, Yes, our receivers are up for many well earned awards. I think Rex is our most likely NFL receiver. And not playing against a USC or Utah inflates our numbers, no doubt. But Wilson made throws, incredible throws that only a NFL arm can make so yes, that would be a long debate on who threw it best, Wilson earned the right to be in the dicussion. Going to miss him

6’1” may be enough. A lot of batted down throws. Time will tell. He better take trips to California to get coached by Beck.

Enough with the attacks on Tuiaki. The 5th best defense in College football this year. That’s better than Lavel teams.
The dropped balls killed drives. The offense cost us that game.

Arm strength and accuracy doesn’t depend on who he’s playing against. The speed and accuracy can be computer scanned and can precisely figure that out. The question is can he release the ball quickly for NFL defenses. I think Wilson is such a student of the game that he will. I would like to see him not have to start his first year and learn behind a pro QB like Young and Marc Wilson did in the NFL.

It’s about the type of throws he can make not the competition. That’s what NFL experts are measuring, among other things. Some qbs have great arms, but can’t put the ball where it needs to be. Others have great arms but can’t read defenses. Some have terrific arms but slow feet. I think what everyone is trying to say is that Wilson has the entire package, but still there are no guarantees

Jake Heaps comes to mind. A 5 star recruit with a gun for an arm. But lacked touch, accuracy and slow feet.

Against weaker teams, not against teams that are on or above the level BYU is at right now.

That you can not escape.