Guess I was wrong, Utah would no way

leap-frog BYU in the FB rankings. Except that U of Utah # 10 and BYU # 12 in AP poll and U of Utah 11 and BYU # 14 in Coaches poll. Drum roll for the CFP rankings.

The polls don’t mean much anymore, particularly the AP and coaches poll. The only one that matters is the CFP and then only for purposes
of deciding playoff teams and NY6 bowl games. Rankings don’t even mean much concerning a lot of the bowl games because the power 5 conferences have locked up automatic berths in some of top tier bowls and most of the mid tier bowls.

Utah is probably better than BYU right now. BYU is banged up pretty badly and played its last game without 6 defensive starters that started the year and 5 offensive starters that started the year and then Rex went down in the first half of the USC game.

No, my comment was because I suggested it a week or so ago and was told by a certain dude that that could never happen.

By the time the bowls are played on Jan.1 BYU would be healthy. Just another snub by a political CFP. No way BYU should be lower than BYU. We beat them plain and simple, had a better record against the same teams they beat basically.
UAB in the Independence Bowl. #12 ranking? Really? UAB isn’t ranked. Pathetic!

Why UAB and not UTSA who finished ranked at 25 in the AP? That is a slap in the face. Nothing to get excited about. ESPN didn’t help us much. That bowl is now bottom of the barrel.

BYU should not play in this bowl game. What is the payout in this bowl game? Make no sense to play against unranked opponent for this bowl game.

I am sure you cougarfan nation have said how unfair this CFP operate. Why allow two universities from one conference getting in the playoff and two other universities from different conferences getting in The playoff makes no sense. yes I know $$$!

Some 15 years ago I stop watching all those bowl games except BYU football and I might not watch or listen to this game this time.

There should be an investigation and possibly a lawsuit against the Ciesta Bowl. And definately against the CFP. Allowing Utard to jump over BYU

the payout is $2.2m. I also don’t know if that includes travel costs, which are around a few hundred thousand per team.

Here is why it’s important to be in the B12: BYU ranked 12 and will get about $1m to play in the former Poulan Weedeater Bowl. Kansas State finished 4-5 in conference in the B12 and 7-5 overall and will play in the $6.5m Texas Bowl.

It’s a lousy bowl game and a terrible opponent, but MANY of us have been commenting that after the loss to BSU that there was NO WAY as in NO WAY IN HE$$ that the CFP was going to put BYU in a NY6 game. Moving Utah above BYU even helps provide cover for the CFP because it knocks BYU out of the top 12 and removes any argument whatsoever. It’s exactly what we all knew would happen. It is what it is. More importantly, 1) only one more year of this independence nonsense, and 2) WHO CARES ABOUT THE CFP BECAUSE ITS BASKETBALL SEASON!:joy::joy:

We weren’t knocked out of the top 12. CFP has #12. Investigation and law suit time. Force them to go
To a 12 team playoff

All season long I knew BYU would not get in this CFP/NY6 and same for next season again. After Cincinnati won their game yesterday I never thought they get in CFP because it was supposed to be for P5 conferences and that’s what I heard last year what the committee said. Well good for Cincinnati but of course they are from the east.

And the ranking Utah took a major leap over BYU. And we all like to know why is that.

I think BYU players should tell the coaches “sorry we are done playing” and have BYU tell the bowl Thanks, but no thanks…

But Holme too much of a coward to do that,

I know i won’t be watching the useless bowl game.

You feel that way now, But when the game is on, you’ll be watching. Do what LaVell would do

LaVell would have probably have lost the useless bowl game. Remember LaVell had a losing record in bowl games. After all isn’t this useless ESPN owned bowl called the “independence” bowl for independent teams???

Crickets…we all knew it all along

Go Pope

Flpyd, You are very frustrated, as I am. And to play a team with 4 losses in the AC. But to say Holmoe is a coward is baloney…He is the MVP of all ADs.

You should stop and think about what the players want…I know I would want to play again, anybody, anytime.

Still think we should sue and stop this nonsense because we are losing out on $4 million.

We just got a very real lesson on what the powers actually think of BYU FB, even ESPN. The Y is nothing more than fodder for ESPN, to fill their lousy time slots. BYU officials now kissing rumps, kinda made me throw up in my mouth. Wonder how many rumps BYU has kissed over the past decades.


What an awesome reward of a bowl game for a team that beat 5 Pac 12 teams and was ranked in the top 20 for most of the season.

Gotta love the nonsense that has made college football what it is today. A bunch of greedy, money grubbing, politically and economically driven administrator type yahoos.

BYU was never ever ever getting a NY6 game. Remember Iowa AD Gary Berta is the head of the CFP committee and he is a bitter man who hates BYU and always has for threatening to upset his precious apple cart. With him in charge there was NEVER a chance for BYU to play NY6. Even last year if we had beaten CCU Berta wasn’t gonna let even an undefeated BYU in the NY6, repeatedly and publicly mocking BYU’s schedule. Berta also woke up pissed today because his allegedly #13 team got CURBSTOMPED and left for dead by Michigan yesterday.