Headed out to the Coliseum. Scouting USC

BYU is meeting a team that lost its head coach, lost its starting QB and starting RB. but has better athletes from top to bottom. USC will come out like gain busters but will quit if BYU can get up by a couple of scores.

BYU football: Despite its 4-6 record, USC have Cougars’ full respect - Deseret News

Sounds like Sitake is fully aware of the situation.

“There is no lack of talent there,” Sitake said. “I know a lot of guys on that staff. I know how they coach, and they will have their guys ready to roll. What you see on film is what you are going to get, and we are going to get the best from them. And we are going to be prepared for that.”

So it sounds like BYU will be running a 3-8 defense just because of USC’s quick strike ability. But I surely hope that we do put heat on the new QB at times, UCLA routed USC by attacking the QB. This kid,
"Sitake said Dart, who displayed outstanding and head-scratching moments befitting a freshman in USC’s 62-33 loss to UCLA on Saturday, is a great player from a wonderful family. “He can hurt you with his arm, and he can run as well,” Sitake said. “Put that all together and surround him with a physical offensive line and capable receivers and ball carriers, and they have every bit of our attention.”

My gut tells me they will play hard for a half and if BYU can get the lead, USC will quit in the second half.
If BYU can get by this game with a win, BYU is favored by 6, Then BYU is free to dream about a NY6 game, 50/50 chance there.
Go cougs.

Perfect Recipe for BYU to lose the game. It seems BYU always loses when the “backup’s” play.

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A lot of polls have this as a very close game, 31-30 affair
USC has a lot of pride to play for, the last time they played BYU, they lost to Wilson and co.

I don’t. BYU is on a mission. They want to prove that last year was no fluke.
BYU by 10

I swear if BYU would do something different on defense… get some pressure on the QB, mix up the coverages, etc. they would totally dominate USC. It is midway through the second quarter and BYU is up 14-3 but they are letting some punky freshman QB have all day to do his job. I just don’t understand the philosophy… it is mind boggling.

QB fumbles the snap and BYU defense stands there and watches as he picks it up and goes into the endzone virtually untouched as nobody can tackle him.

This is the worst 9-2 team (to watch) in the history of BYU football. I feel like I’m watching a Utah high school title game with this USC QB from Utah being made to look like an all american.

So frustrating.

Did tiiaki actually call at three man front on third down and 1 foot inside the 5 yard line?

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I don’t know what was called because all I saw was BYU jerseys standing in the end zone waiting to welcome the USC QB.

The only genius this man has is that he still a coach in D1 football

These officials suck. Isn’t that what was to be expected? Anything they can do to help pathetic USC salvage their horrible season…

Get wrecked #6 on USC. You wanna try and tackle Wake? now go pick up your helmet… LOL!

Well I think Rex is done for the night…

We have college level talent with high school level coaching.

BYU coaches - Hey, USC can’t stop our running game so lets give the passing game a try!

USC coaches - Hey, BYU plays a vanilla defense and they will allow us to stay close even though we suck this year.

That is how the conversations go…

I don’t understand the logic of always allowing opponents, no matter how bad they are, to believe they have a chance to win the game. That is what BYU does, regardless of the opponent. It is THE most frustrating thing about being a BYU fan.

Stop it! it’s football, not compassionate service!!!

Maybe BYU has been tasked with being ministering angels to USC! :grinning:

More bad defense

the reason why tooled did not get to the QB on that play was because the USC player grab his legs tripping him.

I would like to the ref’s start calling holding on USC.

If BYU LOSES this game it is solely because of the biased ref’s

that sums up our defensive schemes. USC is running the same plays for crying out loud. Nobody runs the same play unless they know they are better

I looked up football defensive pathetic play in Webster’s Dictionary and there was a picture of the BYU defense.

That int.: the game!

The game was over when BYU couldn’t run the ball. USC has elite athletes and Hall as well as poor play calling were not up to par.

Looking forward to our annual pre christmas bowl game against a great UTSU football team…oh wait…they lost too

The DC should be fired, said again by 100 times. But that will NEVER happen after reading the feel-good article about Kalani living with Tuiaki’s family as children.