Here comes the defense!

Well, everything started out well. But, mistakes and poor tackling and effort is showing up. BYU must stop making mistakes on offense as well.

Bronco is laughing at Tuiaki

We went away from the run

So, we just got back from our ward Halloween party, and I was stunned to see offense from us in the 1st quarter. But, now, the momentum is shifting, and it’s how I thought the whole game would be.

Sheesh! Down 31-35, and counting.

Now is when we see what Sitake/Roderick and Hall are made of against this “weak” Virginia defense. They need to stop the bleeding against the Virginia offense, and start inflicting offensive damage of their own. One quarter is not enough.

I can’t stand listening to this game with easy TD for UVA.

And now what a comeback before halftime BYU TD

Man that Tui D is heroic . . . oh wait . . . whait???

How do you like that 3 and 8 D now???

Tui, Tui, Tui!!! What would we do without his fabulous D

No it’s not. 4-3 defense. What is obvious is the effort and reaction of BYUs defense is horrific. We knew Virginia’s offense and QB were elite and did not prepare for this. Slow reactions poor tackling.

Well, everyone was saying how boring BYU games are. I would say 42-38 at halftime isn’t boring. BYUs defense is slow and no -reactive.

One other thing, why have we gotten away from the run game? We are trying to keep up with their passing attack. We aren’t keeping them off the field long enough.

Well maybe we could win-just a thought-tui tui tui

I must have predicted only one half of the UVa score. My prediction revised in UVa 90 and BYU 41.

??? You got that right stuff. In the second quarter UVA and 4 consecutive scoring drives? Meaning they scored 4 consecutive plays every scoring drives - Ridiculous!!!

and now we run the ball to the 10 and pass 3 times

I hate Siri typing for me

I missed the first half and my kid gave me a summary by text. His last text before halftime had two words “BYU defense” and with it was a GIF of a dumpster on fire. When he told me the halftime score I thought he was yanking my chain. Then I watched the first 5 minutes of the 3rd quarter when BYU took the lead back held and then totally blew a chance to go up by 10 by passing inside the 15 yard line after running the ball down the field on the previous drive and that one.

I feel like I’m watching a pop warner game where the kids haven’t learned how to tackle yet and coaches running gadget play after gadget play because they don’t know how to do the basics. They should move the game underneath a tent that has 3 rings inside of it because that is what this game looks like…

Sitaki is getting out coached.

I could outcoach either one of these ring leaders… clowns running the asylum.

The refs are as bad as the teams.

What is going on in this game? This is one of the most bizarre games I’ve ever watched.