Holmoe has completely mishandled this

He should have taken a page from Pete Carroll.

  1. Bronco should NOT be allowed to coach the bowl game…it’s in the scriptures: no man can serve two masters.

  2. He should have denied Bronco access to the assistant coaches until AFTER the bowl game.

Get used to hearing 5 in a row Cougar Fans. You are going to hear it all winter.

Yep, If I were betting I would bet 5 consecutive wins for the U. :angry:

And who would you want him to coach the game? Anae and 3 other assistance are leaving from the offensive side and I’m sure some from the defense may be going too. Who would have coached them? No, I think Bronco is an honorable man and will coach them to win!

Not because Bronco is coaching. The U is deeper as a team. Hopefully we can surprise them and steal a game! Next year is up for grabs. I’m sure some players may leave too.

Too bad Bronco is not taking Howell with him… that would be an improvement.

The new coach will bring his own unless he’s a DC too.

From what I can see the new coaches retains “some” coaches, while bringing in his inner circle coaches… So I think someone like Poppinga (Which has been offered a position at Virginia, but not said he would go yet) would be retained if he stayed, but who really knows…

I think we will know by early next week who the new coach is.

Holy Crap…Gordon Monson and I are on the same page. Does this mean I am completely bonkers?

Yea grasshopper,
I use to thing that Bronco was an honorable man too.
I don’t blame him for taking a higher paying job for doing the same kind of work.
I don’t blame him for taking his OC with him.

I don’t blame him for wanting to be a P5 coach instead of a G5 coach.

I think that he is being less than honorable by taking the whole heart of our Offensive Coaches at a time that we are
preparing for the most difficult schedule in our history.

I think that he will be less than honorable if he takes Tashom Hill and Jaamal Williams with him.

I think that he will be less than honorable if he lets Utah win this bowl game after insisting that he, the one that abandoned ship, shall direct the affairs of that bowl game, and after he, is the one that is pulling the significant number of coaches from that offense.

One begs the question: Is Bronco coaching this bowl game to promote BYU or is it to promote himself?

No Ben,
It means that you are more open minded that you thought you were.
I also agree with Monson on this one.

The whole coaching staff will be at the game coaching. No one is leaving until after the game. You should listen to BYU Sports Nation and you would know and understand more. By staying and coaching the game, he is fullfilling his responsibilities. And, he does want the UV to know they are getting a good coach so I believe he will do everything he can to win.

you do realize Ron that BYU has a long standing policy of giving assistant Coaches a year to year contract right? So BYU will be able to can a assistant any time they want…

So what is dishonorable about taking coaches with him? EVERY coach brings his inner circle of coaches with him… Not dishonorable about it.

So when BYU allowed WR Leslie to transfer to BYU after being at UTEP for four years, this was dishonorable? Taysom is a fifth year Senior, which means he can go any where he wants… There were rumors he might head to Michigan to reunite with Harbaugh.

You are right, Ben. Bronco should not be allowed to coach this game, even it means Holmoe himself comes in and coaches. However honorable Bronco sees it, he has already shifted to a new team, along with several of the coaches, and they all ought to be sent packing. I have always been a Bronco fan, and I want him to do well at Virginia, but the honorable thing to have been done here would have been to wait to announce this whole change AFTER the bowl game. But that would have been next to impossible, I know, so since the cat’s out of the bag, move on. I fear the team, and especially the coaches, are not going to have their hearts in the game, and thus, another loss. Sad.

They have shifted in what ways? What would Holmo do? He doesn’t know the playbook. Get real. This is the best thing for BYU going into the bowl game.

Bronco and his assistants should coach the bowl game, but not For all the reasons most of you are sniping about. It simply gives the team the best chance to win and perform to their best. That you are arguing whether Bronco is honorable or totally narcissistic is a lot of nonsense. Which one of you can clearly see into another man’s heart? I know many of you think you have that kind of clairvoyance, but from your track records that is probably disputable. I, for one, am not too concerned about the why’s , but more concerned about moving forward to the next chapter in BYU football and wish Mendenhall and all the others, good luck in their tenure at Virginia, because imo they will probably need it and Very well could all be looking for new jobs in a few years

I happen to believe more of what you say. I’m simply trying balance the attacks on here towards Bronco and the other coaches. It is honorable to do what he’s doing. Many others in the past don’t and leave the kids high and dry.
Mitch Matthews was on BYU Sports Nation and said the same thing Holmoe said that Bronco being able to not coach this game was a deal breaker had UV had not let him coach the game. That’s the second person in the know that has said this. That means money wasn’t the issue. Matthews also said that Bronco came into the room with the players to tell them and was in tears. Those that believe the main reason for him to leave judge him unrighteously in my opinion. And, as Jim would say, I’m using actual facts from those that would know more.

I agree with you SG. I think we will find out sometime next week, after a new HC is hired.I still believe that if the Navy coach is hired that he will switch his offense to the BYU tradition of a pocket QB pass oriented game. Navy plays the triple option because it works for them in their situation. BYU is a different situation than at Navy. If Ken Niu… of Navy is not chosen as the new BYU HC then it might be the Oregon State DC or the Stanford DC. If not then Tom Holmoe might have another choice that none of us have heard about.

Ron: Lighten up. Bronco is taking BYU to one last game to coach the players he has mentored for several years. Just because every other jerk in football leaves a school high and dry, isn’t it unique and honorable for a coach to lead his team in one last bowl game before he goes off to Virginia? Obviously you are hurt and aggregated by Bronco’s leaving. We will het a new HC and staff soon enough.

I think there are plusses and minuses for both scenarios: Bronco staying and coaching for the bowl game or leaving the program immediately and going to UVa. Given that he gave such short notice and the bowl game was shortly at hand, if I was Holmoe, I would choose to have Bronco stay and coach the bowl game. I guess we will just have to wait and see how I all shakes out, as we are not the decision makers. Given the overall situation, my guess is that Utah wins by 10+ points.