How about them Jazz

1st time in Jazz history that they get a 1 seed. If Mitchell is healthy, they have a chance at the title.

Jazz news: Donovan Mitchell’s disturbing status ahead of playoffs (

And not so lucky for Lakers that LeBron James played yesterday and re-injured his ankle and yes if we play them which we will advanced. I sure hope Donovan Mitchell can play and that Mike Conley stay healthy the rest of the way.
Are you going to the game this year Chris? And yes they’re adding more fans at Delta Center (I know it is not Delta which I like it that way). And look like they are adding more fans for the playoff in our home court arena.

I believe: Jazz, one and done.

I posted a while back that the Jazz had the best team in the NBA but they wouldn’t win a NBA championship. Mitchell said it himself, nobody cares about the Jazz… except the fans. The NBA doesn’t care that’s for sure. The NBA is all about entertainment and superstar showcasing. The championship will go to a team with superstars on it. The Jazz have no superstars, they just have really good players, a good coach and good team. You old timers can go back to the days of Stockton and Malone. They had a very good team and coach but didn’t win a championship because Jordan was the showcase superstar and Chicago was the big market team…

Any notion of objectivity and fairness on the part of the league, it’s officials, etc. is incorrect. The league is all about showcasing superstar players and/or big market teams.

I’m pretty sure there is nothing wrong with his ankle.

We were all mad that Miller did not open the pocket book and get a scoring Center. Mark Eaton could not score worth a darn. Yes, Jordan was there and six 6 rings but the Jazz just needed one more guy.

This Jazz Team will go about as far a Mitchell can take them, and we have no idea how bad that high ankle sprain is

But, Elijah Bryant came back from Israel to play in the Buck’s final game. Scored 16 points with 6 rebounds in 32 minutes.
Jordan and Pippen were just better than Stockton and Malone. Better surrounding cast as well.

What does this have to do with anything? I am glad for him but obviously the Bucks didn’t care whether they won or lost the game. If he sees the floor in a close playoff game then you can let me know.

Thanks for making my point that the NBA is a game that showcases superstars and not the quality of the team or its’ effort. Unfortunately basketball is not much of a TEAM sport anymore.

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You then missed all I wrote or comprehension challenges are plaguing you again. I also said the Bulls had a better surrounding cast as well.

Why? It’s about basketball. Maybe we just think to fast for you…

My mistake which I thought LeBron James re-injured his ankle on the last game of the regular season. Last nights game against GS Warriors he got triple doubles and lucky for Phoenix Suns playing against him. Utah jazz is better off not playing against the LA Lakers for now.

Could not of played out any better. The Fakers are struggling, Le bron is maybe 75% and was lucky to get past GS. Utah was expecting to play GS but they have way to many young players and lost to a OK Memphis team. So Utah gets the easiest 1st round team of the 3. My big question is who can take down Brooklyn.

Yep, Jazz - one and done. Poor ol Jazz.

It’s just one game but what difference does it make?

The NBA has the Nets on a one way ticket to the championship. Anyone who doesn’t see what is going on is blind. Gavenman will chime in with some inane comment so I am expecting that. The teams in the West are beating each other up and wearing down while the Nets cruise along.

It’s all rigged anyway so I hope everyone enjoys the show.

Why the Nets? Who are they? LeBron is their money man and China’s too. I’d think you would stir your insane conspiracy theories to the Lakers :slight_smile:

Do you know who OWNS the Nets team? It used to be some Russian businessman, now it is a chinese businessman who cofounded Alibaba, the largest e-commerce company in China. Thanks for proving my prediction that you would chime in with some inane comment. Also, it’s INANE, not insane…

What planet are you living on? :joy:

No, insane was correct :sunglasses:

Mitchell says they finish it in Utah on game 5

Mark that down
Go Utah Jazz!!!