How are you Sports Fans doing?

Without any sports, anyone climbing the walls yet? Share your anguish and feelings. Could be good for group therapy :slight_smile:

I have done good so far to Saturday. I am getting anxious. To me the NCAA is chicken liver.

They should have immediately followed the NBA and postponed the tournament until May. Not cancel it completely.

I miss college basketball tournaments and the March Madness excitement. But here’s a very weird angle…I live amongst the Ducks and I’m secretly glad that UO Women’s or Men’s teams won’t win the National Title this year. I know that sounds horrible. It’s just a small positive look by me.

I’m glad the NBA has been halted. I’m so tired of those players, their possies, the coaches, the pandering media, etc. Let the NBA be done forever. I will miss whatever MLB we miss as I love that.

Haven’t missed it. I do miss watching Baseball (both the MLB and BYU), but I have been pretty busy trying to figure out how to telecommute from home.

I miss March madness. I enjoy the NHL. If the NBA went out of existence I wouldn’t care one bit. I liked it in the Bird/Magic years and I followed the Jazz in the Stockton/Malone years and haven’t watched it much since except the year Dallas won. I haven’t watched baseball in years. When I was a kid I loved it. I played it all summer long, little league, sand lot, whatever. I collected thousands of baseball cards that my mother gave away around 1970 when I was in college. They would be worth some money today. I completely lost interest in baseball in the late 90s.

Maybe the virus will be in decline by the end of summer and football will be played. We can only hope.

I think it will be sooner than that… Either that or the 2nd Coming.

Since I cut “Cable”, I have been able to watch much sports anyways. I try to catch BYU when I can, but can’t watch the Jazz or MLB because of my decision to get rid of cable.

I use to work for DIRECTV for 9 years and I never understood why so many channels and high prices. Lucky me for free cable all this time but when I stop working for them I drop cable which was no big deal. I use antenna on my local channels and Internet streaming which we are happy. There are too many commercials on cables today ridiculous!

I’m in total withdrawal. Like a drug addict, cold sweats and everything.

hey at least they hired a new RB coach (Unga) :laughing:

That’s a good hire…

Unga is one of my all time favorite players. When healthy, he is the 2nd best RB in the history of BYU. Here are the top 5:

  1. L Staley
  2. H Unga
  3. J Williams
  4. J Willis
  5. M Bellini - more of a pass catcher but was awesome. He’s a small tick above Curtis Brown for me.

It’s too bad Jamaal wasn’t injured as much. He was special.
How come no Todd Christensen? He had the best NFL career of them all.

Yes, he was awesome. Wasn’t he more of a Fullback who didn’t touch the ball much? He was a little bit before my time as I didn’t see him play at BYU. But one of my BYU buddies knew Todd through Todd’s adult life. Todd was in the Bishopric of my friends’ singles ward. Todd was always very compassionate to my friend even well after he was released. My friend has always had some issues but is a good guy in his core. Todd mean the world to him.

There were a couple other great RB’s that didn’t last that long. Brian McKenzie and Ronney Jenkins. Late 90’s, I believe. Both were very talented and did some great things. BYU has actually had really good RB’s over the years.

I like your top five in that order but I take number 5 Lakie Hamuli sp? in the 80’s

He was the lead blocker for Staley.

Opened some good hole for Luke.

I was at the 2001 BYU-Utah game as home. We won…24-21 I believe. Staley took a pitch from Doman 40 yards to the house with about 90 seconds left. Then our defense hung on. I was there with my brothers on a guys trip and we all stormed the field. Totally awesome for some guys in our 30’s and 40’s to experience that together. Do you remember that game?

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Todd was the half back. He had no moves to either side. He just lowered his head and ran over people. He had great hands and runner after the catch. Everyone knew Dallas should have made him a TE. The Raiders figures it out and he made history there.
Jenkins played at a local high school here. He once ran for 600 yards in one game. I used to go to a ward building in Oxnard to watch games. His mom, dad and grandmother would be there watching. They were so happy he was at BYU far away from his homies and girl friend. But, she visited him and that was the end. Too bad…

Oakland Raiders was my second favorite team in the Bay Area and I do remember Todd C. days. I think Marc Wilson and Todd were in the same team at the same time good memoriesu