How the Big Boys Play

Today Jimbo Fisher was fired by Texas A&M for committing mediocrity and going 19-15 in 3 seasons. He was fired with 7 seasons left on his deal and gets a $75 MILLION—yes, $75 MILLION buyout. A&M AD, boosters, and fans simply have too much pride to be mediocre.

This is how the Big Boys play, and Exhibit 1 as to just how far behind BYU is right now. We won’t fire guys making maybe $1m but are ok getting completely embarrassed on national TV over and over again and chalk it up to “watching film” and “gotta fix it” and “love and learning.”

I plan on laughing like a hyena Saturday watching BYU get obliterated vs Oklahoma but then getting BYU hoops therapy Saturday night.

I completely agree! We should have fired ARod 3 games ago!

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And that was right after Tx A&M whacked Miss St 51-10.

Penn State fired thier OC right after the loss to Michagan as well (what? during the season?)
Boise State thumped New Mexico State 42-14 and what was the HC prized? He got fired for a mediocre year.

“Boise State defeated New Mexico 42-14 to improve to 5-5 on the season and 4-2 in the Mountain West. Despite the victory in Week 11, this impending move makes it crystal clear that those records are not good enough for Boise State brass.”

USC fired their DC after the Washington debacle…

So, now a days firing coaches during the season is a normal thing… Not BYU, they would rather “love and embrace” their coaches to become better.

This may be true for those schools. Not for BYU. Contracts are up in two weeks. Too many injuries to try and build something at this moment. As Matich said today, give the players and coaches some grace. What’s going on with the injuries is hurting the team more than the fans. First year in the league and we are 5-5 with 2 wins in the Big12. Just be a fan and true to your school.

Slash and burn, baby. Slash and burn.
Like I said, there is the Big Boy way to do this, and there is the “maybe if we just wait 5 years it will be ok” way to do it.
I keep seeing people say “well, it took Whit a couple years when Utah joined the P12.” Hmmm…
2011: 8-5 with a bowl victory; a couple 35-14 losses to ranked teams early and won 6 of last 8
2012: 5-7 with 2 blowout losses; won 3 of last 5
2013: 5-7 with 5 close losses, including one in OT and one by a single point
The rest is history. So yes it took Utah a couple years to become a powerhouse in the P12, but there was never a season where teams were just wiping the floor with Utah and laughing at them. Utah was COMPETITIVE from day one when they jumped to P5. Why? Because of their coach (as much as I hate him). They have a great coach. We have a coach who has been at BYU for 8 years, had two NFL QBs, and yet has only managed 8 wins in half his seasons–and come on, we all know 2020 doesn’t count. He has been average. Just average.

Kalani will get his one more year, but I doubt he gets more than that if he doesn’t get this shizz of an offense figured out. Jay Hill will get a few years at least. No DC could win with our front 7, and Jay gets a couple years of recruiting to fix that.

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Who says Hill will be around that much longer? Maybe he wants to be a HC again. The key is to win in the recruiting game. And, have better coaches for the offense.

Hill has had multiple offers to be a HC across the country including P5 schools. He turned them down because of family concerns, so why did he come to BYU? Mostly because he is good friends with Kalani and knew how to turn the defense around as well as being close to family.

Yawn. Name one single person you have not argued with on this board…just one.
Did you not hear what the little birdy told me?

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Then they better keep Sitaki.

Who says I’m arguing?

Again, who is talking about Kalani? All the talk is about ARod, not Kalani.

If things don’t improve this year (which they won’t) and things are still embarrassing next season then Sitake will be gone.

I think he will get one more year, if things remain the same as this year, then yea, he is “toast”.

Oh, many are talking about Sitaki. Most are giving him one more year. They are good for nothing idiots looking to be jerks.

It’s ironic how you and others predicted the record to be 5-7; 4-8. What was your prediction? Uh huh… so, Sitaki reaches the expectation for the 1st year in the Big12 and it’s “OFF WITH HIS HEAD!” :rofl::rofl::rofl:

We aren’t going to get as many 4 and 5 star football players as other P-5 teams unless we lax the standards and allow sexual relations of any kind before marriage and drinking alcohol. Yet, we have beaten highly ranked and successful schools in the past and this year. Mostly because our 3 star and occasional 4 star athletes play early on in the year healthy. So, how can we accomplish this later in the year after key injuries pile up? That should be the question to answer.

My opinion is that how we handle mission rust players needs to change. They can’t just come back and suck up even a redshirt position. That’s the first thing. Second, how we train and work 3rd and 4th stringers has to be re-thought out to make sure they are more ready to play when called upon.

Third and most important. Stop putting coaches and players in a position to be looking over their shoulders for the hook. No one should have to work with that kind of garbage.

No, they are expressing what they think is going to happen. They are not jerks, nor are they “bad” fans.

But what bothers me more is how quick you are to judge others and call them names, because their views are different than yours.

What I don’t like is when people revert to name calling and making derogatory comments towards others because their views differ than yours. Didn’t the Prophet tell us not to be that way in the last conference “be Celestial”?

I know I am not perfect, so far from it, you would have to travel to outer universe to find it, but I am trying to follow the lead of a man who I promised to follow.

Or as my grand mama use to say, “You attract more people to you with honey than with lemons”.

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No Floyd. They aren’t giving their opinions. They are falsely judging. They are using unrighteous dominion threatening people they have no leadership over. Their opinions are idiotic. They aren’t helping a thing. In fact, quite the opposite. And I’m not trying to attract honey. I’m squashing lemon heads who are without reason attacking people by threatening their jobs attempting to rile people up to a frenzy.

Please show me where I posted what my prediction of what BYU football record would be? It NEVER HAPPENED, because I never posted what I thought they would do.

What did I expect? Well, that BYU would be “competitive” in the BIG12, wasn’t sure how many games they would win, but I wanted them to show that they belong in the League (I hear a lot from Utah fans).

They beat Texas Tech and Cincinnati but looked horrible doing it.
They never showed up for the Kansas, TCU, Texas or Iowa State games (all blowouts).

You can name as excuses “injuries”, but I also may remind you that Texas, Kansas and Iowa State were all playing with rookie QB’s and had injuries themselves to key player.

I am not in the camp of the injury excuse, add to that during fall camp, all the coaches were talking about how deep and great talent they at the O-line, RB’s and receivers on the offensive side, while on the defensive side Hill specifically mentioned the safeties were hurting, but the LBer and CB’s were good. Note that as far as I know, Hill never used to the term “Great” or “Had Depth” in his comments.

WOW? This is just simply an assine comment and you should be ashamed of yourself.

You do realize that Sumantra is a 5-star athlete out of high school, so based on your comment, he must be having sex and being drunk while going to BYU right now.

The following players are 4-star recruits currently at or has said they are coming to BYU for the past three years.

2022 Class
Aisea Moa 4-star recruit - Enrolled at BYU
Cody Hagan 4-star recruit - Enrolled at BYU

2023 class
Jackson Bowers 4-tar recruit - Enrolled at BYU
Harrison Taggart 4-star recruit - Enrolled at BYU
Eddie Heckett 4-star recruit - Enrolled at BYU
Adrain Robbins 4-star recruit - Enrolled at BYU

2024 class
Ryner Swanson 4-star recruit
Still more to come.

We beat these teams because the coaches at the time adjusted their schemes to meet the talent they had on the field. ARod forces players to adapt to his scheme, he never adjusts for the players he has.

Two of the all-time best at BYU for doing this was Doug Scovil and Norm Chow.
The assistant coaches would demand better performance. Would you think Roger French would be pleased with the O-line play today?

Do you even know what BYU regiment is for RM’s? or do you simply assume things that you don’t know anything about? BYU does have a protocol in place that if the player can pass it then it they are considered ready to play. Kalani talked about it to the media one day.

I had a good laugh about all the 4star athletes. Try looking at Texas, Kansas, Oklahoma, Alabama…. Good grief. WOW! We have ONE 5 star. LOL! 2 4 stars. Hahaha.
Then the comment about our HC requirements was typical secular nonsense. As if it isn’t true. We have to win with 3star athletes that we can develop to 4 and 5 star players. But, we can’t keep the development stray withe same. From 1st to 4th stringers have to develop the same. That means leaving most return players off the roster until the rust is off. They can have goals to meet so the following year they can get their scholarships back. This is where I’d like to see universities go back to having a JV league and play Junior Colleges. I think it would help a lot.